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This 1969 Mercury Cyclone Somehow Finds Itself In Norway: Video

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Automotive enthusiast channel Petrolicious just released this gorgeously-shot video, profiling Norwegian man Alexander Brevik, who – through some mysterious, gray market means or another – has come to own and drive a 1969 Mercury Cyclone with a 351 cubic-inch Windsor V8 and a 4-barrel Holley carb.

Of course, younger generations might well be completely unaware as to the true significance of the Mercury brand; in its final years, the badge came to signify the inexpensive, faux-luxury side of Ford’s portfolio. But back in its heyday, Mercury produced some of the coolest, most imposing muscle cars on the road.

One such model was the Mercury Cyclone.

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The gorgeous, mint 1969 Mercury Cyclone featured in the video above isn’t Alexander Brevik’s sole car. Instead, he seems to keep a fleet of three or four projects stowed on his property at any given time – a man after our own heart. But the Mercury Cyclone is the only of Brevik’s automobiles to see regular use because, simply put, “when I get bored of working on my cars, I can always drive that, because that’s in good shape. I don’t have to work on it.”

“Good shape” is selling this 1969 Mercury Cyclone rather short.