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Ford Owner Suing Over Dual-Clutch Transmission Performance

A class-action product liability lawsuit filed against Ford Motor Company is gaining some momentum, targeting the performance of Ford’s PowerShift dual-clutch transmission. Plaintiffs in the case allege that software updates have done little to improve what they claim is a fundamentally dangerous and flawed unit.

Automotive News reports that one of those plaintiffs, Northern Kentucky University graduate student Kory Magee, has had three accidents with his 2013 Ford Focus, all allegedly relating to the dual-clutch transmission. Mr. Magee claims that these accidents were a direct result of the Ford PowerShift dual-clutch transmission’s tendency to “surge” unexpectedly.

“Every time it changed gears it stuttered,” said Magee. “At about 30 mph, it really acts up.”

Upon bringing the issue to the attention of a mechanic, Kory was told that the car required a software update. Despite this update, he incurred his first accident in early 2014. He’s had two more accidents, and has since had to replace a clutch, and undergo four more updates.

According to Automotive News, complaints relating to Ford’s PowerShift dual-clutch transmission are nothing new. In order to address the unit’s shortfalls, the automaker has tweaked all six gears, resulting in faster acceleration in first-gear, along with more uniform shifts in gears two through six. All that has paid-off in significantly fewer customer complaints.

Still, for those with PowerShift dual-clutch transmissions from years prior to 2014 – when Ford started tweaking the gears – the handful of software updates to have come along don’t seem up to the task of solving the issue. Kory Magee, for one, isn’t impressed. “I haven’t had any accidents with other vehicles,” he said. “I had a clean record. My car is not safe to drive.”

Aaron Brzozowski is a writer and motoring enthusiast from Detroit with an affinity for '80s German steel. He is not active on the Twitter these days, but you may send him a courier pigeon.

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  1. Neil b Hopper sr

    As an owner if a 2011 fiesta dual shift transmission and h@ving found and cured the problem on my car.Plus fixed a couple others. Let me state that ford is just chasing its tail as far as their patch to the problem gives. It will not fix the problem just prolong it! I have a letter fro: ford motor company tells no me they they do not want to discuss my findings, plus an e-mail fron fords partner new ideas tells no me the same thing. I fixed mine for $50.00 in parts yes fifty dollars yes that’s all it took! And all you people are driveing around in cars that potentially can get you killed! curing mine it shifts good, shudder I’d gone mileage came up ten percent and it’s a joy to drive!

    1. Fix

      Can you reveal your fix, please?


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