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Ford Mustang Sales Fall Slightly To 12,563 Units In March 2016

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The Ford Mustang accounted for 12,563 U.S. deliveries in March 2016, a decrease of 0.79 percent compared to the 12,663 units delivered in March 2015.

By comparison, the Mustang’s direct rivals — the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger — recorded the following sales performance:

  • Chevy Camaro sales increased 15.5 percent to 6,879 units, selling 5,684 units less than the Mustang
  • Dodge Challenger sales dropped 12.13 percent to 5,369 units, selling 7,194 units less than the Mustang

The results make the Mustang the best-selling American car in its segment in March, continuing the pony car’s trend of excellent global sales performance.

Sales Numbers - Mustang vs. Camaro vs. Challenger - March 2016 - United States

MODEL MAR 16 / MAR 15 MARCH 16 MARCH 15 YTD 16 / YTD 15 YTD 16 YTD 15
MUSTANG -0.79% 12,563 12,663 +1.09% 30,136 29,811
CAMARO +15.50% 6,879 5,956 +7.28% 18,581 17,320
CHALLENGER -12.85% 5,325 6,110 +1.07% 16,128 15,957
TOTAL +0.15% 24,767 24,729 +2.78% 64,845 63,088

About The Figures

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Written by Alex Luft

Ford Authority founder with a passion for global automotive business strategy.

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