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Ford Motor Company Files Trademark Application For ‘Thunderbird’

Ford Motor Company has filed an application to register Thunderbird as a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Ford Authority has discovered.

The automaker’s May 11th, 2016 application is assigned serial number 87032503 and specifies that the mark will be used for “Motor vehicles and parts and accessories therefor”.

Ford Motor Company Thunderbird Trademark Application USPTO

The Ford Authority Take

The filing suggests that Ford is either planning or considering relaunching the Thunderbird name. The last model to carry the legendary name, which was initially launched in 1955, was the eleventh-generation Thunderbird. It was discontinued in 2005. The most important question now is what kind of a vehicle a modern-day Thunderbird could be.

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  1. Tim Schwab

    I would like to see Ford bring back the Thunderbird as a personal luxury car again. The industry isn’t giving enough coupe options on automobiles anymore.

  2. Walter Cleary 3rd

    I would like to see the 4 seat 1964-1966 Thunderbird returned to production.

    1. Steve


  3. Donald Little

    If you do, make it a styling clone of the baby birds. Maybe a tad bigger, but just a tad.
    If not, you are wasting your time and money

  4. Dick Ferguson

    Redesign the Glamour Bird and you’ll have a winner!

  5. Jerry Caroprese

    I would like to think that this move for a trademark is in reality Ford thinking positive toward making another Thunderbird but I hope they aren’t toying with us. This is an iconic name in the automobile industry. Yes, the 55, 56, and 57 are classics in the true definition of the word, but the retro left much to be desired. If they come back with the nameplate it will have to be a bigger more stylish vehicle and I agree with Mr. Cleary it will have to be four seats. If history repeats itself they will sell two to three times the number of retro’s sold. Here’s an idea, a flairbird, with a retractable hardtop with an optional tonneau cover for the rear seats for when you want to drive a two seater. Oh yes, and one other thing, they shouldn’t over price it like they did with the retro. That car was supposed to retail for between 28-32K. When it finally hit the dealers it was a 40k car, Please Mr. Ford, don’t do that again to us. My bucket list still contains an item I need to check off, the purchase of a brand new Thunderbird, please give me that opportunity. Just my two cents, Thank You.

  6. Sherry

    I love the THUNDERBIRDS! My 1980 was a special car, very plush! Then came my ’95, loved it! Would love to see a similar one, back real soon! The ’80 was designed perfectly, bring some of that back!

  7. sam

    how about something as a muscle car instead of a mustang ,seat four but performance styled ,like the dodge challenger ,Chevy Camaro ,but with more luxury than all of these ,how about some real fins like the 57 bird ,and two tone colors ,make it affordable too no more square box cars

  8. Donald Little

    I can see a distinct generation spread here. I’m for a 56 clone now and a 57 next LOL

  9. John

    If ford keeps the price in the middle class it will sell like crazy. If it’s 40 k it will flop again.

  10. Gerald

    Maybe a luxury 4 seat coupe and convertible unique to Ford. It would be interesting if that coupe was on the Continental platform with the AWD vectoring and a engine slightly below the Lincoln, perhaps the MKZ 2.7. If it is a halo car, make it loaded and price it as such. Halo cars don’t need volume. if it is the four door, an interesting g twist would be a half “suicide” door for access to the rear seat. That pays homage to both keeping it a coupe without the 4 door coupe” that the Germans especially like to do, but a half door allows the rear access in a real coupe format and the suicide hinge pays homage to the few four doors that although were T birds, we’re not the essence of what a Thunderbird was. No performance versions, just capable elegant personal luxury.

  11. Stephen

    I would love to see a new modern Thunderbird in four door coupe fashion. A better CLS if you will, but under $40k of course. Then Lincoln can have a platform for a new Continental Mark V, no?

  12. Alexander Carabitses

    How about a legitimate Corvette rival, in lieu of Ford’s new performance binge. Remember, the original T-bird was meant to take on the Corvette.

  13. Donald Little

    It seems that the opinions on a new Thunderbird run with the generation of Bird that is most associated with your age group. I, having been there for the launch of the original Baby Birds 55-56-57 think of course this is the one.
    Many will disagree but the real icon of Thunderbirds are the first three.
    The intro in 2002 of the so called retro Bird was a bust. They had an immediate interest that quickly failed.
    The square Birds have a following, the 61-63’s, 64-66 and so on. Had a new 1973 big bird with 460 engine. Beautiful. Had a 1997, a totally different car but nice to drive.
    I guess Ford who is footing the bill will have to call it but if you left it up to me, it would be a 2 seat roadster as a 1956 or 1957 . I only know if they try to compromise and suit everyone, it will be a bomb that few if any will like.


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