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Poll: Which Historic Ford Nameplate Do You Most Want To See Resurrected?

Ford Motor Company has employed a number of great nameplates throughout the years: Galaxie, Torino, Thunderbird, and many more. All three of these have since been discarded, of course, the first two being retired in the mid-1970s, while the last survived all the way up until 2005.

If you don’t count its 4-year hiatus after 1997, that is.

But with the revelation that the storied Ford Bronco SUV might again roll through the realm of the living by 2020, and still more recent news that Ford had again filed for a trademark on “Thunderbird,” we can’t help but wonder what other, defunct nameplates the Blue Oval could resurrect. (Note that Ford’s “Thunderbird” trademark application does not necessarily imply that the “personal luxury car” will live once again.)

Which discontinued Ford nameplate would you most like to see return to the North American market? Vote in the poll below.


“F-100” was the standard name for Ford’s half-ton pickup trucks from 1953 until 1975, when the half-ton F-150 was introduced as a light-duty with a heavier payload capacity. They were sold side-by-side until 1984, when the “F-100” name was dropped. How the nameplate might be used today is up to your imagination.


The Ford Galaxie was a full-size sedan, available with two doors or four, from 1959 to 1974. There was also a station wagon variant offered from 1968.


You may have noticed that “Pinto” doesn’t appear in the poll above, because, well, come on. It’s a great name, but it leaves far too sour a taste in consumers’ mouths for us to imagine Ford ever bringing it back.


The Thunderbird was the original “personal luxury car,” initially available only as a two-door convertible from 1955 to 1957 before a coupe was added from 1958, and a landau sedan from 1967. It then went to a coupe-only body style from 1972 until its demise in 1997, before being brought back as a coupe or convertible from 2001 to 2005.

Torino/Gran Torino

The Ford Torino was an intermediate (mid-size) car available in a variety of 2-door and 4-door styles from 1968 to 1976. It started off as a more upscale variant of the Fairlane, before “Torino” became the primary model name in 1970. Apart from being a rear-wheel drive family car, the Torino went on to represent Ford in NASCAR, spawning several sporty model variants, some with the automaker’s mighty, 7.0-liter “Cobra Jet” V8.

Aaron Brzozowski is a writer and motoring enthusiast from Detroit with an affinity for '80s German steel. He is not active on the Twitter these days, but you may send him a courier pigeon.

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  1. Joan Saldana

    I would like to see Fairlane and Fairmont come back. They could be used kind of like Taurus/Taurus X, with Fairlane being the sedan and Fairmont being the wagon/crossover?

  2. Joe fleck

    The THUNDERBIRD should,always be the unique car in the Ford Line. Keep the two seat motif. Make it unique with multiple color interiors less dependent on black. Colors of,exterior should be outside the normal palate of other Ford cars. Bring UNIQUE back to the Ford nameplate. I only have two but would love to add another to my garages.

    1. Anthony

      I like all the Ford cars TBird. Taurus Probe Fusion All the Lincoln’s n even Mercurys Alot of nice body styles they should bring BK Sedans I miss I’m not a Suv guy Bring BK cars

  3. G T

    Darn, I don’t see Falcon!!!

  4. Joe Fleck


  5. D B

    I really, really wish to see the Ranger come back. Best small truck ever made, in my opinion. Owned Ford trucks since 1974, but my last one was a Toyota Tacoma since Ford didn’t make a small truck anymore. At least there is hope. I heard they are bringing the Ranger back in 2019. I would love it if they made it with the older style twin I-beam suspension instead of the later front-end used on the Ranger, and also would love to see a diesel engine in it.

  6. Phil Wilkinson

    The UK Ford Capri with updated suspension and a cool V8 suspension would be a devil

  7. philip tilley

    I’m waiting for the Crown Victoria, Sedan and Wagon to come back, also the Ford Excursion.

  8. Al

    Would LOVE to see the name THUNDERBIRD used again on a Ford SPIRITED vehicle that would be exciting to drive & own. Great name šŸ‘šŸ».


  9. Sharon Young

    I would love to see something like the little falcon come back. We had one when I was young. We loved that car! Also the ford escort. Sometimes people can afford to drive. I do like your new Maverick very much!

  10. Byron s anderson

    I would love to see the third but if so use the name with thunder under the hood

  11. Erik Hardin.

    The F100 in it’s true form. No ecoboost no dohc, But a 7.3L V8 derivative. Smaller cubes same design (DI) of course. No more DOHC. We need more of the true to life KEN MILES CARROL SHELBY type of power plants IMO. Put it in the F100 reg cab short box configuration 2 & 4wd. W/O all the FED Imposed BS. ABS AIR BAGS BACK UP CAMERA THIS ALL YOU TRULY NEED. Make it in the 73-79 body style “BEST LOOKING F SERIES EVER”! Yes put today’s tech in the chassis, DO upgrades to the body but stay with in the lines of the true body. Many things can be accomplished if the mind is tasked to do so. Remember less is more and the New Bronco has IMO RUINED THE TRUE FORM OF THE ORIGINAL DESIGN.
    If you bring back the name plate, you then need to bring back the original design with slight tech upgrades. Not a butchered up version of some other platform that is failing!!!!!! Needs a full frame like the 2015-20 F150. Needs the HD 9.75 Locker rear end with only 3 options for gears. 3.55 , 3.73 , 4.10. A 5 spd manual or 5spd auto. Mechanical shift transfer case for the 4wd model with current front axel system engagement. Interchangeable parts from 2wd to 4wd suspension with the true to form FORD 5 lug pattern wheels. Only 2 options for interior vinyl and rubber or cloth and carpet. Cruise a must, truck style Mirrors. It is a truck right? 3 engine options all of the 7.3L design.
    A 5.0L – 6.0L and the 7.3L.
    This set up will SELL SELL SELL. NO EV Version offered!!! PERIOD!!!!!!.
    Remember less is more, simplicity is sometimes very complicated!

  12. HarleyRich

    But this time make it a Luxury Muscle Car, not some FRUMPY ugly thing you all resurrected in early 2000’sā€¢ā€¢ā€¢ā€¢ā€¢ā€¢

  13. Dennis



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