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The UK Gets A Hot, 700HP Ford Mustang From Clive Sutton


For the American Ford Mustang GT owner looking to extract gobs more power from the factory Coyote V8, firms offering comprehensive supercharger upgrade kits seem nearly as plentiful as the stars: Hennessey; Roush Performance; Shelby American; and the list goes on.

Ford Mustang enthusiasts in Europe don’t have quite so many choices.

Fortunately, as Autocar reports, British supercar dealer Clive Sutton has come along with a range of aftermarket tuning options for the V8-powered GT pony car and its EcoBoost-propelled sibling. At the very top end of these packages is the Ford Mustang CS700, which adds a Whipple supercharger, intercooler, and a quad-tip exhaust to boost peak power output by 55 percent, to 645 horsepower.

Ford Mustang CS700_03

The Ford Mustang GT CS700. Photo: Clive Sutton

An extra 55 horsepower can be had in the Ford Mustang CS700 by opting for bigger injectors, a larger throttle body, and a different supercharger pulley. The total cost for all of the CS700 performance components is £15,660 (about $22,920 US), on top of £38,495 ($56,340 US) for the Ford Mustang GT itself.

A more affordable option for the Ford Mustang GT is the CS500 package, which increases peak output to 440 horsepower by using revised intake and exhaust components. That’ll set the buyer back £4,990 ($7,300 US). An identically-priced CS350 package for the Ford Mustang EcoBoost takes output up to 330 horsepower using similar upgrades.

To compliment such significant power upgrades, Clive Sutton has put together a few chassis options for Ford Mustang buyers, as well. Chassis packages for the CS350 and CS500 Mustangs lower each car by 25mm, at a cost of £950 ($1,390 US), while the CS700 chassis kit comes in at a whopping £6,090 ($8,910). That princely sum goes toward KW coilovers and 20-inch alloy wheels, along with a 30mm lower ride height.

The Ford Mustang GT CS700. Photo: Clive Sutton

The Ford Mustang GT CS700. Photo: Clive Sutton

Finally, Clive Sutton is offering brake and appearance packages, costing £1,975 and £3,240, respectively ($2,890 and $4,740). The latter includes plenty of carbon fiber.

The new, sixth-generation Ford Mustang – available in right-hand drive for the first time in the pony car’s history – has proven a runaway hit in the UK, with demand far exceeding supply. As of April, British buyers faced a minimum 6-month wait, with some having to sit tight for well over a year.


Aaron Brzozowski is a writer and motoring enthusiast from Detroit with an affinity for '80s German steel. He is not active on the Twitter these days, but you may send him a courier pigeon.

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