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Service Centers Will Need Upward Of $30k In Upgrades To Service Ford GT

The new Ford GT is a high-price, top-tier supercar unlike anything that Ford has ever created before. It stands to reason that it ought to require special service and the utmost care.

And require it does; according to a dealer document acquired by website AllFordMustangs, dealers will need to spend some $30,000 on service center upgrades before they can even think about performing so much as an oil change. Additionally, each service center certified to work on the new Ford GT will need to observe strict guidelines relating to routines, care, and storage, some of which require the intervention of Canada’s Multimatic – the company selected to build the new GT on behalf of Ford.

Seeing as sales of the Ford GT will be very limited in number, we expect there will be only a handful of certified service centers in the country.

Unlike most Ford vehicles, the 2017 Ford GT will require a “clean room” work area, to which access will be limited to the certified GT service technician and GT sales representative whenever one of the cars comes in for servicing. An enclosed car trailer ($30,000) must also be purchased for transporting the Ford GT safely, and dealers are required to pay for pickup/delivery for any warranty repairs. Special wheel lift dollies and a rolling dolly rack ($1,200) must be on-hand to raise the Ford GT enough to fit the hoist arms underneath, along with a special transmission jack adapter (price unknown).

There’s still plenty more beside. Requirements that the Ford GT never be parked outside, that it be covered when not being worked on, and that any removed body panel be wrapped and protected seem like common sense for such an expensive car. Other mandates – e.g. that dealers pay for a “fly-in doctor” from Multimatic for complex non-warranty repairs, or that the most advanced repairs require the car to be sent back to Multimatic – are somewhat less intuitive.

But then, many of the Ford GT’s service requirements are rather par-for-the-course for super-high-price exotics, which often have highly-specialized tools and procedures dissimilar to those known by the common technician. The new GT is a super car, deserving of a superb level of service.

Check out the report by AllFordMustangs for more.

Aaron Brzozowski is a writer and motoring enthusiast from Detroit with an affinity for '80s German steel. He is not active on the Twitter these days, but you may send him a courier pigeon.

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