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Chevy Tempts Mustang Owners With $2,000 Discount On 2016 Camaro

Ford Motor Company’s cross-town rival, General Motors, has recently launched a promotional offer for its Chevy Camaro pony car that targets owners of the Ford Mustang.

The offer in question provides $2,000 in GM bonus cash towards the lease or purchase of any 2016 Chevy Camaro exclusively for owners or lessees of the Ford Mustang.

Notably, Chevrolet is not requiring customers to trade in their current vehicle to take advantage of the incentive, and the offer can be transferred to members of the same household.

The Ford Authority Take

Ford Mustang sales are significantly higher than those of the Chevy Camaro, with the Mustang outselling the Camaro (and Dodge Challenger) at roughly a two-to-one clip. As such, not only does Chevy’s incentive to bring some Mustang owners back into the Camaro fold make sense, it was even expected.

Coincidentally, $2,000 is roughly the difference in price between the sixth-generation Camaro and Mustang, which we believe to have been a major factor in declining Camaro deliveries and rising Mustang sales. For its part, Chevy has been hinting that the higher price of the new Camaro is an intentional by-product of a business strategy that seeks higher per-vehicle profitability, but those sinking Camaro sales are tough to look at when the ‘Stang is running away with the sales crown, especially by such a wide margin.

Camaro vs. Challenger vs. Mustang Deliveries - Jan 2016 - Aug 2016 - United States

MODEL YTD 16 / YTD 15 YTD 16 YTD 15
MUSTANG -6.85% 80,829 86,769
CHALLENGER -4.02% 45,443 47,346
CAMARO -14.81% 47,958 56,298
TOTAL -8.50% 174,230 190,413

In all, we’re curious to see how all this will play out in September sales figures. But something tells us that the Mustang will maintain its position as the best-selling car in its class this year, with or without Chevy’s incentive.

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