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Ford Fiesta Driver Almost Makes A Ferrari Crash At The ‘Ring: Video

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Germany’s Nürburgring is the ultimate destination for any lover of speed, largely because it’s among the most notoriously difficult road courses in existence, and largely because, while it isn’t playing host to professional racers and factory test drivers, it’s often open to Joe Everyday and his unmodified road car.

That’s why the track occasionally ends up with massive, potentially dangerous speed differentials like those you might get when a hot shoe in a Ferrari 458 runs into a light foot in a Ford Fiesta.

Exactly this scenario can be seen in the video above, where a blue Ford Fiesta decides to cut slowly left across the track at a left-hand corner just as a white Ferrari 458 is rounding the previous turn at speed. The encounter almost ends in twisted metal, but thankfully, the Ferrari driver is able to brake in time and cut left onto the grass, narrowly avoiding a life-threatening (or wallet-ruining) crash with the Ford Fiesta.

The Ford Authority Take

If you read the comments on YouTube, you might be led to the conclusion that the Ford Fiesta driver is, in fact, the devil incarnate. That driver is certainly deserving of the blame in this almost-crash, but we suspect that there may be more going on here than sheer stupidity.

Looking at how the Ford Fiesta driver is signaling right as (s)he enters the frame, and waiting for traffic to pass before making a beeline for the grass on the left, we suspect that (s)he suffered some sort of mechanical failure, panicked, and looked for the first wide open space available to pull off. The driver likely found the shoulder on the right too narrow for comfort, and saw an opportunity in the grassy runoff area on the inside of the corner – if only (s)he could get to it safely.

Again, we’re not saying that this Ford Fiesta driver is blameless; just that he or she might have had more to contend with than meets the eye. The real Satan is most likely still out there somewhere, dropping a Chevy small block in a Cobra.

(Source: Carscoops)

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Written by Aaron Brzozowski

Aaron Brzozowski is a writer and motoring enthusiast from Detroit with an affinity for '80s German steel. He is not active on the Twitter these days, but you may send him a courier pigeon.

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