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Ford Motor Company U.S. Sales Decrease 11.7 Percent To 188,813 Units In October 2016

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Ford and Lincoln dealers in the United States delivered 188,813 new vehicles in October 2016, an 11.7 percent decrease compared to October 2015. The sales are coming in a day late due to a fire at its World Headquarters on Monday, which interrupted power to one of the firm’s main data centers that handles sales reporting and tracking. As such, October reporting was extended to 8 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, giving U.S. dealers an opportunity to report month-end sales.

Sales of the Ford brand were down 12.5 percent year-over-year to 179,744 units, while Lincoln sales were up 6.9 percent to 9,069 units.

“High customer demand for our new Super Duty, including top-trim-level pickups, continues to boost transaction prices,” said Mark LaNeve, vice president for U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service. “New Super Duty is turning on dealer lots in just 18 days, and Ford’s average transaction prices are up $1,600 versus a year ago – far outpacing the industry average of $600.”

October 2016 notes (vs. October 2015, except as noted):

Ford Motor Company:

  • Cumulative Ford Motor Company sales, which consist of Ford and Lincoln sales, decreased 11.7 percent to 188,813 units:
    • Retail sales declined 7 percent to 143,145 units
    • Fleet sales, including daily rental, commercial and government segments, were down 24 percent, and represented 24 percent of total sales. This is consistent with FoMoCo’s plan to front-load fleet sales in 2016, prioritize Super Duty retail customers, and pause Transit Connect sales to address the previously announced door latch recall.
      • Sales to daily rental companies declined 36 percent for the month.
  • Ford’s overall transaction prices were up $800 versus September. By comparison, industry transaction prices were up $460 compared to September.
  • Truck sales remained positive for the automaker, with F-Series retail sales up 2 percent on strong demand of the Super Duty. High-end series Lariat, King Ranch and Platinum pickups represented 75 percent of retail sales. 2017 Super Duty was 36 percent of overall Super Duty retail sales in October.
  • Overall incentive spending was up roughly $180 compared to the same time period a year ago. This compares to an industry average of $390. Compared to September, Ford’s overall incentive spending was down $570.
  • The company’s days supply for October was 90 days. The automaker states that it has “been taking actions to match production with demand, as outlined during the company’s third quarter financial results”, making it “well positioned for Black Friday and year-end sales events”. The company’s previously-announced fourth-quarter North American production guidance of 700,000 vehicles remains unchanged.

Ford Motor Company Fleet Sales Summary - USA - October 2016

Represented as a percentage of total FoMoCo sales
Fleet Sale TypeOctober 2016October 2015
Daily Rental7%10%

Ford sales decreased 12.5 percent to 179,744 units:

Lincoln sales increased 6.9 percent to 9,069 units:

Sales Results - October 2016 - USA - Ford

MODELOCT 2016 / OCT 2015OCTOBER 2016OCTOBER 2015YTD 2016 / YTD 2015 YTD 2016YTD 2015
C-MAX-39.70% 9691,607-14.71%16,118 18,898
E-SERIES+13.78% 4,5924,036+3.98%44,787 43,072
EDGE-19.45% 8,06410,011+5.13%111,140 105,720
ESCAPE-4.91% 23,50524,719+0.21%258,269 257,731
EXPEDITION-0.79% 3,8933,924+43.49%49,372 34,407
EXPLORER-14.09% 16,10618,748-5.39%180,019 190,276
F-SERIES+0.06% 65,54265,500+4.96%661,198 629,951
FIESTA-6.55% 3,3813,618-26.61%42,188 57,486
FLEX-24.34% 1,0661,409+9.89%18,100 16,471
FOCUS-42.96% 9,36816,423-17.12%149,417 180,287
FUSION-21.05% 18,68623,668-10.19%229,148 255,143
HEAVY TRUCKS+34.57% 1,121833+62.94%12,284 7,539
MUSTANG-46.37% 5,41410,096-12.84%92,672 106,321
POLICE INTERCEPTOR SEDAN-6.27% 792845-4.02%7,958 8,291
POLICE INTERCEPTOR UTILITY+26.13% 2,4911,975+30.97%27,003 20,618
TAURUS-18.41% 2,2872,803-12.16%29,265 33,316
TRANSIT+8.98% 10,2029,361+28.67%122,809 95,446
TRANSIT CONNECT-61.46% 2,2655,877-15.66%36,018 42,704
FORD TOTAL-12.51% 179,744205,453-0.76%2,087,765 2,103,677

Sales Results - October 2016 - USA - Lincoln

MODELOCT 2016 / OCT 2015OCTOBER 2016OCTOBER 2015YTD 2016 / YTD 2015 YTD 2016YTD 2015
CONTINENTAL* 1,222**1,997 *
MKC-3.33% 1,9161,982+2.39%20,702 20,219
MKS-29.04% 325458-21.05%4,647 5,886
MKT-45.61% 248456-17.41%3,192 3,865
MKX+4.11% 2,2792,189+43.98%24,989 17,356
MKZ+3.12% 2,4812,406-0.10%25,343 25,369
NAVIGATOR-39.84% 598994-11.48%8,634 9,754
LINCOLN TOTAL+6.88% 9,0698,485+8.56%89,504 82,449

Sales Results - October 2016 - USA - FMC Totals

BRANDOCT 2016 / OCT 2015OCTOBER 2016OCTOBER 2015YTD 2016 / YTD 2015 YTD 2016YTD 2015
FORD TOTAL-12.51% 179,744205,453-0.76%2,087,765 2,103,677
LINCOLN TOTAL+6.88% 9,0698,485+8.56%89,504 82,449
FMC USA TOTAL-11.74% 188,813213,938-0.41%2,177,269 2,186,126

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