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‘Regular Car Reviews’ Tackles The Fox Body Ford Mustang: Video

If there’s one iteration of the Ford Mustang from automotive history that people absolutely love to hate on, it’s the Mustang II.

That hate is perhaps well-earned. But coming in a close second, we imagine, is the third-generation “Fox body” Ford Mustang produced from 1979 through 1993.

That hate, Mr. Regular might argue, is rather misplaced. He just reviewed a pair of Fox body Mustang examples in the latest episode of Regular Car Reviews: a 1987 with a normally-aspirated 2.3L I4, and a 1993 with a Windsor 5.0. While he concedes that it’s “probably the least-Mustang-looking Mustang that ever Mustanged,” and that “it clings to prejudiced solid axles and tribal, low-revving motors,” and other performance-limiting hardware, “when it all comes together, we don’t care, because the execution is brilliant.”

Granted, the Fox body Mustang already has a plenty-enthusiastic fan base, and with a performance parts aftermarket as large as that of the Fox, why wouldn’t it? It may not be the car that most readily springs to mind when one thinks about Ford’s quintessential pony car, but it’s arguably truer to the ‘Stang spirit than any but the first generation.

Be sure to check out Mr. Regular’s full review above.

Aaron Brzozowski is a writer and motoring enthusiast from Detroit with an affinity for '80s German steel. He is not active on the Twitter these days, but you may send him a courier pigeon.

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  1. 1LE>GT350

    Outside of performance people, people are clueless about the fox chassis. A chassis that went from 1978 Fairmont to 2004 SVT Cobra. You could build a bolt in without modifying a 1979 Fairmont with 4.6 supercharged DOHC SVT motor, T56 Transmission, and complete IRS. Use 2005 mustang GT wheels to suck the offset back under the fenders. Upgrade the interior with 1985 dashboard, door cards, console, and SVO steering wheel. Only weigh a tad over 3000 lbs. I built a 1989 GT to a 1993 Cobra R spec with a few more performance goodies. With a huge aftermarket and even larger used aftermarket they are affordable to build. Everyone had built special ones from Saleen, Roush, Steeda, Ford Performance SVT group had 1993 Cobra and the rarer Cobra R. Even the FBI had special black SSP coupes, so did the Air Force with the stealth bomber, State troopers all over the US had SSP models with no limit speed limiters with factory speedometers up to 180 mph. The fox dominate vehicle for budget drag racing and mostly LSX motor swaps. It is a bit different in Fox land, Coupe are higher value do to the stiffer chassis, Cobra’s would come next, SVO’s, convertibles the special units chrome yellow and green, then hatchback GT’s, 1979 pace cars. I love the fox my first was a 1985 SVO, then 1995 GTS (stripped down GT), 1988 Mustang GT, 1985 GT (last carb), 1979 Indy Pace car 302, 1989 GT, 2001 Cobra. Now I drive a Camaro, but I keep my eye on the fox market.


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