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The Facelifted, 2018 Ford Mustang: Hot Or Not?

Okay. Judging from some of the comments we’ve seen on YouTube and our own website, the appearance of the refreshed, 2018 Ford Mustang GT – revealed yesterday in a leaked video – is rather detested by at least some of the more vocal car fans with internet access. That fact threatens to make our “Hot or Not?” poll here a bit redundant.

Still, we’re wagering that some percentage of our readers quite like the look of the facelifted Ford Mustang. The 2018-model-year pony car isn’t a huge departure from the 2015-’17 model, after all, and that car’s styling was generally pretty well-liked. The aesthetic differences are mostly limited to the front end, including some sharper angles, a lower-to-the-ground bonnet, reshaped lower grille, and new sickle-shaped inlets.

Plus, since yesterday’s video leak, Ford has released a small gallery of official 2018 Ford Mustang photos, which are appreciably more flattering to the car’s revamped front-end styling. Maybe the new sculpture works better from some angles than others, or perhaps the video quality was too lackluster to do the new design justice.

Regardless, we’re curious to see if the styling of the refreshed, 2018 Ford Mustang has garnered any devotees. So weigh-in using our online poll below, and feel free to tell us what you like/can tolerate/detest about the pony car’s facelift in the comments section.

Aaron Brzozowski is a writer and motoring enthusiast from Detroit with an affinity for '80s German steel. He is not active on the Twitter these days, but you may send him a courier pigeon.

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  1. Ed

    I’m liking it! It’s no 2009 RS 5 but at this price point it’s good with me.

  2. Jeff H

    The ’15 nose looked too much like a Fusion; ’18 looks like a Focus. Mustang simply should NEVER look like Ford’s fleet cars.

    Glad to see the ubiquitous giant fake brake ducts are gone…but why replace them with the “vents” from a Toyota Corolla? The yellow “eyeliner” under the headlights is plain stupid, especially with turn signals just a few inches below. And what’s with the taillights in the shape of triple parentheses?

    I think GM must have a plant in the Ford Design Studio to boost Camaro sales.


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