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The 2018 Ford Expedition: Five Things We Like

The all-new, 2018 Ford Expedition SUV broke cover earlier this week, and among the myriad changes that have been made between the outgoing and forthcoming models, there’s plenty to appreciate. Here are our picks for the five things we like best about the redesigned Ford Expedition:

Aluminum-Alloy Body

Yes, the Ford Expedition’s diet of aluminum alloy was a tad predictable, given the F-150’s transition for 2015. Even still, we feel it’s worth mentioning, as it enabled Ford to cut down on the Expedition’s curb weight by up to 300 pounds, even while the full-size SUV grew in both length and width, and picked up a slew of new technological features. Moreover, the switch communicates that Ford is ready to embrace the lightweight stuff for additional models in the future.

But speaking of the Ford Expedition’s size…

Larger Size

The 2018 Ford Expedition has picked up a few inches in both length and width, and for a bona fide family/gear hauler, that’s never a bad thing. More space means more storage space when you need it, or more legroom when you don’t. The new Expedition’s seats can also fold flat at the push of a button, instantly increasing its hauling ability – enough to transport 4′ by 8′ sheets of plywood, according to Ford.

Power Galore

Get this: the 2018 Ford Expedition boasts a total of four 12V DC outlets, six USB chargers, and a 110V AC plug, distributed throughout the cabin so that every occupant can charge their devices on the go. The SUV also gains a mobile WiFi hotspot, so the aforementioned devices always have a network to connect to.

Sharp New Looks

The current, outgoing Ford Expedition has been around since the 2007 model year, with naught but a mild refresh for 2015. While the redesign isn’t what one would likely call a radical departure from that third-generation SUV, we still find it to be an appreciable improvement. Most importantly, it no longer looks like an F-150 that’s simply had the cab extended over the entire length of the frame.

More Terrain Management Modes

Last but not least, the 2018 Ford Expedition now features seven distinct driving modes from its advanced Terrain Management System, where the outgoing SUV offered just four. Namely, Eco, Sport, and Tow/Haul modes have been added, and while those first two might seem like a joke in any vehicle weighing well over three tons, it does have the performance of Ford’s second-generation 3.5L EcoBoost V6 and new 10-speed automatic transmission to back it up.

Aaron Brzozowski is a writer and motoring enthusiast from Detroit with an affinity for '80s German steel. He is not active on the Twitter these days, but you may send him a courier pigeon.

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