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Latest Rumor: Next Shelby GT500 Mustang Will Have A 7.0L V8


With all the talk of supercharged 5.2L Voodoo motors regarding the (yet-unconfirmed) future Shelby GT500 Mustang, we’d gotten rather cozy with the thought that that’s exactly the motor the new super-‘Stang would get.

But now, a new rumor has surfaced: that the forthcoming Shelby GT500 will be powered by a brand-new, normally-aspirated V8 displacing 7.0 liters. However, be sure to take the news with a grain of salt, as it comes from a site we’ve never heard of called “SpeedTwitch,” which has made some other dubious claims in the recent past – e.g. that the 2019 F-150 Raptor will be powered by the same 7.0L V8, and that the 2017 Ford GT would have “the best power-to-weight-ratio [sic] of any car, ever” with 630 horsepower and a 2,890 curb weight.

Not only are both figures inaccurate, but there are quite a few cars with better power-to-weight ratios (Porsche 918, Ferrari LaFerrari, etc.).

Yet, to SpeedTwitch‘s credit, Ford is indeed reportedly planning to announce a new 7.0-liter V8 to replace its aging 6.8-liter V10 (according to Automotive News). We have our doubts as to whether such a mammoth truck engine could be made to fit neatly into the S550 Mustang, but SpeedTwitch claims an insider told the outlet: “Ford’s new 7.0L V8 variant will be built in Canada, and the short blocks for the motor will be sent to [Ford Performance Technical Center] in Concord for the addition of ‘go-fast’ parts.” The insider also reportedly said the Shelby GT500’s V8 “will feature direct injection, and some seriously high-flowing heads and upper intake assembly.”

We won’t hold our breath.


Aaron Brzozowski is a writer and motoring enthusiast from Detroit with an affinity for '80s German steel. He is not active on the Twitter these days, but you may send him a courier pigeon.

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  1. Eric Knipp

    The 1969 boss 429 mustang had a 7.0L and that was a pretty big engine for a small car and that was in 69 the must has increased in size dramatically so fitting a new 7.0 L engine wouldn’t be that hard but really I’d like to them bring back the boss 429 that’s my favorite of all the mustangs

  2. vbondjr1

    If this is true, I’m excited because this means Ford is finally going to do something right for a change. Just hope they bring back a 5.8L Mach 1 to sit between the GT500 and the GT350. If this happens it will be a very good time to be alive for modern muscle car fans who appreciate real cars with real engines!

  3. BigMike

    Make no mistake, the 7X engine is coming. There is no denying it, Ford is building it. What it might land in, now that is an all together different ball of wax. But keep this in mind: The 7X (whether it is a 7.3 or a 7.0 as some have speculated, internally its officially the 7X) is scheduled for delivery to the public as 2019 Model Year. The 2019MY would make the 50th anniversary of the Boss 429 Mustang. 429 cubic inches is, in fact, 7.0 liters. “There’s no way a modern pushrod 7.0 liter engine fits in any factory S550 Mustang” ~ Well, no probably not. But keep in mind that the 429 didn’t fit in a factory 1969 Mustang body either. Ford actually sent 1600 cars to KarKraft to have the shock towers relocated so that the 429 would fit. No, I don’t think that Ford ever intented to put this new 7X motor into the Mustang, but the same was true of the 429 motor back in 1969. Put all of this together, 50th anniversary, the potential for 429 cubic inches and the opportunity to resurrect one of the most important Mustang variants of all time, the Almighty Boss 429…..and you can’t tell me that there isn’t someone at Ford, right now, making a strong case to do this and a number of willing executives who see this as the right opportunity for a COPO Camero fighting low production high horsepower Mustang……. It may never happen, but if it were to, then this is the time, period. Just my 2 Cents

  4. man

    It would be nice to catch the cubic inch difference up in Fords performance lineup with GM and Mopar without having to bolt a power adder on the current 5.0 to makeup the torque advantage they have until you get to the higher rev’s were the 5.0 shines.

  5. BOSS 302

    A big bore 7.0 could fit, the deck height could be the same or even less than a Coyote, clearing the hood, but the engine bay would need to absorb about 3 to 4 more inches of length, something that is doable in the current body style. A V10 was once shoehorned into a SN95 I believe, with low 12 second quarter results in 2002 or 3 by Ford engineers as a test case.

  6. Mike

    LOL. Ford is in no way going to use the short lived- unproven 5.2 in a supercar mustang. And, since the GT500 is not built in Las Vegas, it’s not a Shelby. It’s been a SVT car since it’s return in 2007. Shelby will not be in the name and Cobra will definitely be in it. The engine will most likely be a detuned Cobra jet 5.0 which is a Twin turbo. And will be in the range of 740-780 hp. And unlike the Demon which is 90% track car, stripped to one seat and two speakers, making 840-850 hp using 110 octane race gas, 792 hp in 91 fuel and 808 hp on 93, the future super mustang will be a confortable, loaded, production car, that on 93 fuel will handily run down a Demon on the street if a Demon owner is dumb e5to drive it on the street. I’ve seen stock 13-14′ gt500’s stripped down, on slicks and a highly prepped track run 9.9 sec at 137 mph. But a 7.0 V8 will not go into any future mustang as it would add lots of weight. Something Ford does not want to repeat. Besides, gasoline vehicles will be outlawed for sake in the US by 2025. It’s already a law in France set for 2024. Tesla and Google want to take away our privilege and enjoyment of driving ourselves, so we might not be able to even buy a new car by 2022. Just saying. That’s the direction we are headed. Enjoy the next 3-5 yrs because it’s the end of humanity and our driving ourselves and give in to big companies and big brother.

    1. Rick

      Yeah,no gas cars,never gonna happen,stop watching alex jones,lol

    2. Al Donelson

      I do not think so. 7 Years from now, we will still be driving ourselves in gasoline powered vehicles


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