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Ford Windshield Patent Wins ‘Stupid Patent Of The Month’ From The EFF

The Electronic Frontier Foundation – a nonprofit committed to “defending civil liberties in the digital world” – has awarded Ford Motor Company “Stupid Patent of the Month” for the automaker’s design patent on a windshield.

Design patents, the EFF explains, are the lesser-known sort of patent. Most people, when they hear the word “patent,” think naturally of utility patents, which cover new, functional inventions like devices, parts, materials, processes, etc. Design patents are more akin to copyrights, except that instead of protecting written works, music, and the like, they¬†cover the non-functional, stylistic aspects of functional things.

So for instance, if you were to create a new piece of software, you might seek a utility patent on the algorithm that makes the software work, and a design patent on the graphical user interface.

Ford’s windshield design patent doesn’t describe some new means of, say, embedding an antenna within the windshield, or of bonding¬†the constituent layers of glass differently to lend the part greater resilience to cracking; it only describes the overall shape of the windshield. That shape is now a protected piece of intellectual property, meaning that no third party can legally create a replacement part so long as that design patent stands.

Hence the patent earns the EFF’s “Stupid Patent of the Month.” The nonprofit suspects that Ford’s design patent is nothing more than an attempt “to control the market for repair,” keeping aftermarket companies from being able to offer a less-costly or otherwise superior repair part.

There is currently something resembling a war quietly waging between the producers of goods and end users/third-party companies, over who is allowed to repair and modify purchased products. By granting Ford this windshield design patent, the US Patent and Trademark Office just tipped the scales ever-so-slightly toward allowing producers to shut out private people and the vehicle aftermarket.

Aaron Brzozowski is a writer and motoring enthusiast from Detroit with an affinity for '80s German steel. He is not active on the Twitter these days, but you may send him a courier pigeon.

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  1. Pete

    Speaking of windshields. Why can’t ford get the radio antenna off the hood of the F150’s and either internal or windshield. Hate those large in the way look like crap antennas.

    Great website for the ford news. Know you’ll be the first to get the new numbers on the new coyote V8.

  2. Dave Mathers

    ‘defending civil liberties’!! As soon as you read about some self-appointed group purporting to defend ‘civil liberties’ you know there is going to be trouble. D’oh.

  3. TheRetiredViking

    I wonder if Ford has a patent on their door latches for the Fusion and MKZ? Or, the wiring harnesses for cruise controls?

  4. Azzouz

    Yes, I have a comment.
    SOMEBODY, should put talent, effort and resources, to ELIMINATE the windshield wiper…ALTOGETHER!!
    It’s been around for over 100 years, yet, here it, same ‘ol same ‘ol….come on people, we re ‘s our American Ingenuity, huh.
    Sure, if it ain’t broken…etc etc, but, won t be cool to ….”Hey mom, look, no wipers”.


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