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Jay Leno’s Ford GT Cost Over $500,000

None of here will likely have the pleasure of even attempting to secure a 2017 Ford GT. Ford’s exhausting process singles out only those it deems are most worthy of the car. Besides that, one must also have a bank account to support such a purchase.

Jay Leno certainly has no issues with either requirement, but a Reddit user has found out just how much the supercar set the late-night talk show host and gearhead back: $505,750. Fans will note that’s quite a bit more than the Ford GT’s already-lofty $453,750 base price.

So, what made up the $55,000 in options? Leno chose the Equipment Group 404A package, though what it includes isn’t known. That made up the majority of the extra monies at $25,000 just for that package. The black body with orange stripes, as Leno outfitted the car, also cost an extra $10,000. Additionally, the 20-inch carbon fiber wheels finished with a gloss hue, titanium lug nuts and the orange brake calipers bring the additional options to another $12,000.

Leno was only 500 individuals to be selected for the first round of Ford GT production. 250 cars will be built this year, while another 250 are slated for production in 2018. In total, Ford has committed to four years of GT production, though it hasn’t said how many cars will be built in 2019 and 2020. We have a feeling they won’t be large sums, however.

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