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Ford Motor Company Files Trademark Application For ‘E-550’


Ford Motor Company has filed an application to register E-550 as a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Ford Authority has discovered.

Filed on June 14th, 2017, the application is assigned serial number 87488294 and specifies that the mark will be used in conjunction with “motor vehicles, namely, vans, cutaway van chassis, and their structural parts; exterior insignia badges for motor vehicles”.

Ford E-550 Trademark Filing USPTO

The Ford Authority Take

Ford currently offers a three-pronged lineup of Econoline, otherwise known as E-Series, vans:

  • E-350 SRW (single rear wheel) priced to start at $30,445
  • E-350 DRW (dual rear wheel) priced to start at $30,695
  • E-450 DRW (dual rear wheel) priced to start at $32,920

The vans are offered exclusively with the 6.8L Triton V-10 2-valve engine mated to a TorqShift 6-speed transmission and only in 4×2 drive type. Three wheelbase lengths are offered – including 138, 158 and 176 inches.

Model Engine GCWR GVWR Payload
E-350 (SRW) 138" Wheelbase 6.8L 18,500 10,050 5,100
E-350 (DRW) 138" Wheelbase 6.8L 18,500 11,500 6,327
E-350 (SRW) 158" Wheelbase 6.8L 18,500 10,050 5,038
E-350 (DRW) 158" Wheelbase 6.8L 18,500 11,500 6,213
E-350 (DRW) 158" Wheelbase 6.8L 18,500 12,500 7,213
E-350 (DRW) 176" Wheelbase 6.8L 18,500 12,500 7,203
E-450 (DRW) 158" Wheelbase 6.8L 22,000 *14,200/14500 8,988
E-450 (DRW) 176" Wheelbase 6.8L 22,000 *14200/14500 8,981
  • *14,200 lb GVWR options (derated springs)
  • All weight in pounds (lbs)
  • GCWR = Gross Combined Weight Rating
  • GVWR = Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

All three models are offered exclusively as cutaways, allowing up-fitters to place whatever a customer desires behind the cab, such as a utility truck, hicube, box truck, bus, ambulance, paramedic or firefighter container unit, dump truck, and more. As such, the E-550 filing would suggest that an even heavier-duty model of the Econoline is on its way to slot above the E-450 DRW. Ford offered an E-550 in the first decade of the century, but the model has been discontinued for a few years.

Stay tuned as we follow this topic. In the meantime, check out out Ford E-Series news and other Ford news right here at Ford Authority.

2003 Ford E-Series Econoline E-550 Super Duty Cutaway

2003 Ford E-Series/Econoline E-550 Super Duty Cutaway


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  1. Stan Imboden

    Our company would love to see a Ford E550 cutaway again with the 7.3 gasser at 550 ft lbs longer wheelbases and heavier axles with 19.5 to get just under the 26000 thresehold, make it happen!!!!


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