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Ford Opens A Smart Mobility Office In London

Ford Motor Company last week opened its new “Smart Mobility Innovation Office” in London, England, which will focus on the near-term development of mobility technologies with a focus on the particular needs of Europe’s urban centers. Sarah-Jayne Williams, who was named Ford Europe’s first-ever Director of Smart Mobility last August, will lead this new office.

The new Ford Smart Mobility Innovation Office’s location at London’s Here East digital campus gives it valuable proximity to potential future partners: tech companies, startups, and established academic institutions. It also puts the office close to some of the company’s existing partners, like research partner Loughborough University. As with Ford’s Palo Alto Research and Innovation Center here in the US, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the automaker sees the location of the facility and the resulting ease of access to other firms in the tech industry as key.

“London is not only one of Europe’s biggest mega-cities, it is also one of the most progressive in its openness to new ideas and new partners, as we work together to create smart vehicles for a smart world,” says Ford President and CEO Jim Hackett. “Here East is the perfect location for Ford’s European smart mobility hub with Plexal’s incredible talent pool and start-up diversity right on the doorstep.”

Aaron Brzozowski is a writer and motoring enthusiast from Detroit with an affinity for '80s German steel. He is not active on the Twitter these days, but you may send him a courier pigeon.

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  1. Ace Diamond

    Two Huuuge problems with existing Self Driving Tech direction:

    1. Electric Cars….so….Lots of cancer causing EMF…
    2. Technology relies on Radar…so….more EMF….although orders of magnitude less than powerful electric motors.

    I get banned a lot, and not for profanity or homophobia. Let me give you an example of what a site like Electrek will ban almost immediately:
    (this is months old…so real old news)

    ” I don’t know why we ignore the truth. Take EMF for example….thelonger we ignore its effects on our brains and health, the more people and children will suffer and die….and the longer it will take us to design around it.

    It’s the same thing with North Korea. The only peaceful solution is to accept the truth. Everyone involved knows that NK is just an arm of the Chinese Army. Everyone knows that NK has nukes only because of China. Everyone knows that China is using NK as leverage to get all that oil and gas from the South China Sea…enough to fuel all of China 100% for two centuries.

    So, lets accept this truth. Lets arm Japan and South Korea to the teeth. And lets point all the missiles at China. Finally, lets buy a thousand of those beautiful bulletproof RD-180s from Russia and strap a MOAB to each one and set the GPS path to China. That’s the peaceful solution…”China…we know Kim can’t fart without your permission….we know he got all his nukes thanks to you….YOU OWN HIM AND YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS ACTIONS….AND ANY AGGRESSION FROM NK WILL RESULT IN 1000 MOABS LANDING IN CHINA….FOR STARTERS…..and oh yeah….if you don’t get your forces out of the South China Sea by the end of the year….we will seize all your assets….everywhere…..oh and one more thing….we recommend you change the wording of your contract with Russia for oil and gas by increasing the amounts ten fold, because the world will not let you steal Oil and Gas from the South China Sea….especially when you threaten everyone with NK….or you could just go solar…” Thst’s the peaceful solution….no need to fire a single shot.

    See…the truth shall set you free. Lets accept the truth about the harmful health effects of EMF and start designing things around this unavoidable truth….better sell your TESLA stock.”

    By the way….I’m the guy that keeps blocking TESLA in states like Connecticut. I’m the reason Georgia killed it’s BEV subsidies.

  2. Ace Diamond

    Finally, although Elon Musk is convinced that he is stuck in a virtual reality simulation, he is cognitive of the fact that his TESLA experiment on American Children is very wrong and could be very real.

    So what does Musk think about how he fools parents into having their children sit on top of electric motors more powerful than 400 swimming pool pumps, exposing their developing bodies to carcinogenic EMF? Well….let me just quote him directly:

    “If you buy a ticket to hell, it isn’t fair to blame hell”…Elon Musk

  3. Ace Diamond

    Hey….I’ve got a better quote…..from Talulah Riley’s parents…..describing Musk as….”Evil itself”

  4. Ace Diamond

    Perhaps this is why the Chinese government is rolling out the red carpet for Musk….they could use his evil ways.

    By the way, I hope China got the message not to send a woman to do a man’s job…not that it will make a difference….Jeh had several opportunities and failed miserably….but I’m just tired of running away from and being nice to intimidators….AND THE ONLY REASON I WAS NICE WAS BECAUSE I HAD REASON TO BELIEVE THAT THEY COULD HAVE BEEN SENT BY OUR GOVERNMENT….THINGS ARE MUCH DIFFERENT SINCE JANUARY 20, 2017….THE CABINET IS FILLED WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE….SO I KNOW THE INTIMIDATORS WILL HAVE NO TIES TO OUR GOVERNMENT. Now if China sends another woman, I will have to be nice again even though I would be 100% certain of her intentions…and that’s not very entertaining.


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