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Another Ford F-150 Owner Claims The Rear Window Shattered Despite No Impact

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For some time, a number of Ford F-150 owners have alleged that the trucks rear window glass is susceptible to breaking with no obvious cause. Recently, the suspected defect found its latest victim: Patricia Jones of Houston, Texas.

Houston ABC affiliate KTRK reports that Jones was on her way to school recently in her 2016 Ford F-150 when, out of nowhere, the rear window shattered. “All of a sudden we heard a big bang and the glass shattered and we stopped,” Jones told KTRK. “[I] got out to look to see if anything had hit us and nothing. There [were] no marks, no anything, just shattered glass.”

Both Ford Motor Company and Jones’ local Ford dealer dispute her on that; after examining the truck, they claim there is evidence of an impact that caused the glass to break. Despite the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration receiving several other complaints just like this one for the 2016 Ford F-150, with dozens of similar claims stretching back to the 2010 model year or before, the automaker has never issued a recall for the alleged defect.

Many of the complaints out there seem to note that the rear defroster was activated at the time of the glass breakage, and Jones says that when she encountered the issue, she smelled something akin to burning electronics.

For the time being, if you have a newer Ford F-150 and the rear window glass breaks without any obvious provocation, make extensive note of the circumstances surrounding the breakage, keep all receipts and other documentation from any repair work you need to have done, and file a complaint with NHTSA.

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Written by Aaron Brzozowski

Aaron Brzozowski is a writer and motoring enthusiast from Detroit with an affinity for '80s German steel. He is not active on the Twitter these days, but you may send him a courier pigeon.

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  1. Stopped at red light and heard what sounded like a gunshot. Defrost was on. Rear window just shattered. Could cause someone to have a wreck, I thought I was being shot at. Read many other exact complaints but apparently the Ford company is a piece of crap and won’t own up to their responsibility. Hope it happens to one of your family members.

  2. I was a proud owner of a 2012 Ford F-150 until a particular incident. Prior to owning my Ford, I had only ever owned Chevy vehicles, after I bought my new Ford truck I was so happy that I made the switch. While driving my truck this past week, 5 min. after I turned on my auto defrost, my back window shattered. I happen to have a cap on my truck, so I know that there was nothing that could have caused the window to break. I usually don’t use the back window auto defrost, because I to have a cap on the truck, but due to the substantial amount of snow that Wasilla, Alaska had received the past few days the was a build up of snow that had been able to get between the small amount of space between the cab of the truck and the cap. I am assuming that because I do not use the auto defrost in the back window often is why this may not have happened sooner.
    I was concerned, and did not understand why the window just shattered like that, and at a time when I had my children in the truck. I then decided to look it up online to only discover that there have been numerous cases of this happening in the lower 48 states. I then proceeded to contact my local Ford dealership to see if there were any recalls on the faulty auto defrost with no help really given. They told me that the window was not recalled and that my truck was no longer under warranty. I then proceeded to contact the Ford dealership where I bought my truck in the lower 48 and I was as well told that there was nothing that they could do for me except call the Ford customer service. But he also told me that they have had a few other cases of the same thing happening at there dealership that have come in for repair.
    I then proceeded to call the Ford Customer service and was told by them that they know there is a potential problem with the auto defrost but there is no recall on it at this time. They from there proceeded to tell me that there was nothing that they could do for me. I then asked if I could speak to a manager and she refused to let me speak to a manager.
    I am extremely frustrated with the customer service at Ford and and lack of care to solve my problem with the faulty auto defrost. I don’t know if I will ever purchase a vehicle from Ford again.

    • That sounds really frustrating. I’m interested in hearing more about this. I’ve been investigating this issue and it seems crazy
      more hasn’t already been done. Please send an email if interested in telling me more about this. Thanks so much! [email protected]

  3. This just happened to me too. 2011 F150 Supercab, i was driving down my road and heard what sounded like a gunshot or a LOUD pop, no one at all near me and was only driving about 35 miles per hour. I looked back and the right side of my passenger side back window was shattered. It literally exploded for no reason that I could see. I called my local Ford dealer and they told me that this wasn’t something Ford will fix under warranty. WTH!? A window can just shatter on it’s own and they don’t consider this a defect that should be covered under warranty?

    • Unfortunately I too am a victim of what is probably a defected window. While riding down the street on Nov. 15th 2019, I heard a bang as if someone threw something at the window. That day was the first freeze so the defroster was on. The back passenger side window was shattered but still intact. The Ford dealership said it would cost $900 to replace the window. Their price is several hundred dollars more expensive than other companies. With as much documentation, there has to be something we can do.

      • I had the same thing happen as I posted on this site a few weeks ago. It happened early November. I put plastic over it as a temporary thing. I just happen to be in the grocery store parking lot and the service manager from our local Ford dealership came up to me in the truck and asked if my rear window “just blew out” for no apparent reason. He took pics of my vin# and told me to stop down at the dealership so he could take pictures. (As it was dark when he came up to me) I went down, they took pics and submitted to Ford Corporate. I just got a call from him, he said Corporate will put $500 towards it, then he said don’t worry about the remaining $800 that they would take care of it!!! So do 2 things. Go to your local Ford dealer and ask them to do the same thing. Also report it to NHTSA. Good luck My truck is a 2010 F150 extended cab with 45,000 miles on it. Yes 45,000 miles. It was the passenger side also

  4. Ford isn’t fixing this because they don’t have to. This problem needs to go viral and cost them more money in sales than they’d lose in replacing the windows before they’ll do anything.

  5. 30 minutes after parking my truck my rear window popped and shattered just sitting in the driveway. Ford refused to fix it. Their customer service has always been poor. They earned the one star out of five rating. Will probably try a Chevrolet next time.

    • Ford doesn’t care. They’ve known about this for years and have neither fixed the design nor took care of their customers. If you ask nicely they might be willing to sell you a new truck. I or one am not fixing mine, I’m leaving it there and when people ask about it I’m telling them the situation and warning them about buying an F150. I think I’m going to go so far as the out white lettering on the unbroken side warning others as well. When Ford loses enough sales maybe they’ll do the right thing.

      • Nice don. I’m waiting for the window to fall out and replace it with plywood and duck tape and paint on the wood “FORD SUCKS” with this web address.

  6. Happened to me last night getting off the innerstate
    In traffic. Very scary. Fords Lucky my kids wernt in the back seat.

  7. Our 2017 Ford F-150 was in our garage yesterday morning (5/3/2018) and had been there all night. My husband put a some small items in the backseat and shut the door and back glass shattered.

  8. Today 5.7.18 I had new hire orientation, when I put my back pack into the passenger side and closed the door, my back window just shattered. I am in Pecos, Texas and the temperature was about 85….for no reason this happened. The dealership here doesn’t replace glass. The closest place is an hour drive and $800 – yes FORD needs to fix this – —-Or my next car will be from another …and I will tell everyone I know…..

      • I figured that from reading everything posted here – really sad since I do love my truck but this just really hacks me off…..Thanks and sorry it happened to you as well…..

          • My rear window in my 2011 Ford Raptor just shattered two days ago while parked. It seriously sounded like a gun shot. I jumped out and smelled electrical burning smell the gasket around my window was on fire! I went straight to the dealership. They clearly seen and smelled where the fire had been. And acknowledged the window shattered from the rear defroster. This is clearly a defective defroster that Ford knows about and in neglecting any accountably on this matter. This clear defect has the potential to kill people. Thank god my three year was not in the car seat under the shattered window at the time. There is currently no recall. Unbelievable. I got a call today saying ford will pay some of the repair cost. And they want me to pay the remaining $900.
            NOPE. i just contacted the local news outlet about running a storing warning ford owners about this. More to follow.

          • Love any assistance you can offer. Just happened to me last night (1/27/21) and was a crazy experience. Sounded like a blown transformer or gunshot! Thanks!

  9. And it happened to me. First incident was with the middle slider window on May 25th. It shattered. Got it fixed, insurance paid. Today June 16th went out to my car to move it in the driveway, got in, shut the door and boom, the middle slider was fine but the rest of the rear windshield shattered. Ford needs to pay for this. Something is seriously wrong with this window.

  10. This same event occurred to me in 2016. I have a 2011 F-150 Fx4. I was on my way to the dealership to get a routine oil change when this happened. In the couple of weeks leading up to this, the rear defroster was being temperamental. I would press the button to turn it on, sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t, sometimes there would be a few second delay before the button would light up to indicate it was working. This particular morning I pressed the rear defroster to see if it would work, it didn’t so I pressed it again under the assumption I was disengaging the function. A few minutes later I was sitting in the McD’s drive-thru and I happened to look in my rear view mirror and I noticed a trail of smoke outside the vehicle that was rising from underneath the passenger side rear window. I looked down at the rear defrost button and the little light was on, so I immediately pressed the button again to turn it off. I turned around to look at the smoke with my own eyes and as I’m looking at the window, “POP!”. The whole passenger side rear window “spidered” out as I was looking at it. You could even see within the pattern set of cracks in the broken glass that it definitely started from the area where the smoke was coming. I pulled into a parking spot to look at it from the outside, and as I checked it out there was a stream of brown “goo” that was coming out from underneath the black trim that is around the window, and it was also right in the area where the smoke and the spidered glass started. I immediately called the dealership about it since I was on my way there, and notify them about this incident. The service man was a baffled when he saw it with his own eyes. Recently my rear defroster stopped working again and I am do for another oil-change, so I’m a bit leery about the whole situation. I didn’t run this through insurance, if I recall correctly the dealership did not charge me for the labor to fix everything but I did have to pay for the cost of the new window.

  11. I have a 2-month old brand new 2018 F-150 Super Cab (and have been a FORD [Ranger] driver for the last 25 years). The other day i got up, opened the passenger door and put something on the seat. The instant i closed the door, the smaller rear side window right next to me (on the small swing-out door) EXPLODED inward, sending glass shards all over the inside of the truck.

    It totally fragmented. Most of the glass was inside the car with some on the outside. I talked to two different FORD service departments and even the Service Manager where i bought it and they all said FORD will NOT cover it (it is a lease with full bumper-to-bumper warranty). They claim that since the glass blew INSIDE, then it had to have been due to something hitting it from the outside. Of course, the truck was OFF and i was merely standing outside having just closed the door. But their argument was that something (or someone) had damaged the glass which caused the damage (the door closure merely “triggered” the final event.

    Since any evidence is now obliterated into a billion pieces, i can’t say one way or the other. HOWEVER, i pointed out that whenever you close the door, there is a GREAT DEAL of flexure of both the front door and the smaller swing-out door to which the window is attached (this happens on both sides of the truck). I suppose that is due to using aluminum instead of steel for the frame without adequate reinforcement in the doors. I also pointed out that the seating of the smaller swing-out door in about 1/4 inch more inset than the door on the other side. The service people seemed unmoved by any of these observations.

    Anyway, i had them take some pictures and register a claim. I heard back today that they are NOT going to cover any of the cost. Needless to say, i am a bit miffed that they will not cover the damage (on my 2-month old NEW truck AND for a long time FORD customer). I am also now a bit paranoid about this happening again (if someone were inside the truck when this happened, they would have been pelted with thousands of glass slivers – it is safety glass, made to shatter, but not laminated to attempt to retain the pieces).

    If it happens again, will they again refuse to fix it?! Sadly, FORD has now lost a lot of points with me.

    • More noise needs to be made about this problem. Ford is selling trucks that clearly have a problem. No one should have to shell out the money for their overpriced vehicles only to be told that we’r eon our own when things start blowing up. Come to think of it, Ford has a long history of things blowing up on their vehicles and not doing anything about it. I just replavced one of their windows out of pocket when my rear window exploded. I think if this happens again I’m going to my states consumer advocate and file a complaint there as well.

  12. I recently 9/12/18 happen to my 2016 F150 Roush truck with 16,900 miles on it. It popped and shot glass at the back of my head and all over the back seat of my truck where my two small dogs were. Smoke rolled out of the truck and it smelled. I called 911 and had the fire and police departments at the scene. It has been at the dealership for about a week. Oh, and two days before the incident I had it towed for smoke rolling out of the back seat area. Ford told me it was plastic bags on the exhaust system causing the smoke and the smell.

    They will not cover the cost to get it fixed. Ugh.

  13. Turned backwindow defroser on in my King Ranch F150. Sounded like a gunshot. Stoppd on highway. Thought someone had taken a shot at us. It was the right back passenger side that shattered. Window replacement man said he has replaced a lot of these. He said keep receipt when there is a recall on this problem.

  14. I was driving into work. Had started the automatic truck starter so the truck would be warm so that the windows would defrost quicker. I headed down our street and started smelling smoke. Turned around called my husband (all this happened withing 3-4 minutes). Pull in tell my husband my truck was smokey and smelled funny. He stuck his head in to smell and the back window exploded. Interested to see what their answer will be. This is a 2016 Ford F 150.

    • I pitched a fit. I told them that my truck was under warranty. They began by saying it might not be covered because it was a window. But they put it in as a short in the defroster which was covered. Keep fighting. I didn’t accept no as an answer.

    • I pitched a fit. I told them that my truck was under warranty. They began by saying it might not be covered because it was a window. But they put it in as a short in the defroster which was covered. Keep fighting. I didn’t accept no as an answer. Ford F 150 2016

  15. Seriously frustrated. This just happened to my 2016 Ford Edge. Went to get something out of my front seat last night and when I closed the front door I heard a pop and crumbling sound. Rear window had a big hole in the middle and glass was shattered around the edges. Called the dealer this morning and they saying they can’t do anything about it. Complete BS that Ford is not covering this or doing anything about this problem. Seeing lots of posts and pics online about this happening and nothing is being done!

    • I posted above with a similar problem with my truck. I sent multiple links to the Ford dealership I was working with about this similar problem and stated to them that I was going to report it to the NHTSA. The next day they provided me with a rental car and had sent someone to Chicago to pick up the glass…it was replaced at no cost to me within one day. I encourage you to keep talking to people. Good luck!

  16. 2013 f150. I was sitting in my driveway, and BAM! Shattered back window. No cause. Ford will not pay. They suck, I will never buy another ford. Period.

    • My 2002 Ford F-150 was sitting in the driveway and my rear window shattered in a million pieces for no reason. If my grand kids were in the back it would have done some serious damage. What do we do about it.

      • This happened to me also, 2014 xlt , had just left for work about 4 AM, still dark and no one around, thought someone had shot at me.. when I got to work it was still dark due to the tent I could not see it from the outside. When I looked in my mirror I seen it was shuttered. Driver side.. this is crazy.. Ford you need to do something about this!!

  17. I just had my 2016 f 250 rear window blow apart while the truck was parked, last year I had the half window blow apart while driving both had no impact at all and has not been covered by ford.

    Huntsville Ontario

  18. CALL IN to NHTSA and make a complaint. I did, They said they need more to make it a recall! We can get reimbursed.

    My Defroster broke my rear window on 13 f-150. Ford blew me off. NHTSA said to encourage others to complain who expierinced this problem.

  19. Same thing happened to me on my 2016 Ford f150 rear window exploded just sitting in drive way Ford said not there problem. Well I’ll never by another Ford. If they dont stand behind there vehicles newly purchased the hell with them.

  20. Well I thought my wife was going crazy. She was out of town with my son at an ROTC event when she claimed that the rear window shattered and thought someone was shooting at her but after inspection there were no signs of impact. I took my other Ford in for a service and asked them if the whole rear unit needs to be replaced or just the window that broke. They said the whole window and said it’s normal caused by the rear defroster that over heats. My wife confirmed that she did turn the rear defrosters on….. confirmed!

    Smells like a recall!!

  21. I have a 2018 ford F1 50 sport the exact same thing has happened to me in Orlando sounded like a gunshot my defrost was on because of some morning dew and the whole window shattered had to have the window replace now I only have 4500 miles on it I wonder if the dealer is going to reimburse me the money I spent on my window these are horror stories

  22. My rear window broke on my 2013 F150 last week when I turned on my remote start. Brought it into my local dealer for service today, The Service Advisor said he has seen this before and it would be covered under my extended warranty. He stated he has seen this over a dozen times already and that’s just him.

  23. Happened to our 2017 Explorer last night, sounded like a gunshot, my daughters were shaking!
    Stopped at gas station, people got out of their cars to see if everyone was okay!

  24. Now the dealership is telling me they needed a picture of the original decal on the old glass to make sure that I did not change my room window out and they are now talking with Ford now to see if I can get reimbursed $874.00 so if it did happen take as many pictures as you can you’re especially the back passenger-side in the back right hand corner and keep all your receipts

  25. November 14, 2018, We have a 2017 Ford Explorer and we were driving down the road and the back window blew out. It was 28° and the rear defroster was not on. The car had been used 2 hours earlier and the rear defroster had been used at that time. This sounds like a recall situation.

  26. November 22 2018 Rear window glass shattered on my 2014 platinum f150. Started with remote start to warm up. Ran approximately 5 min didn’t notice if the defrost was on or not outside temperature about 45 degrees. Started to back out of drive and heard loud noise like something hit the truck, scared the [email protected]# out of me. Got out to see what happened, no one around didn’t notice anything wrong. The next morning I noticed the drivers rear window was shattered. Now I know why and it sounds like I’m not the only one it’s happened too. Calling dealership tomorrow and filing a complaint with Ford.

  27. Just happened to a friend of my daughter. They have a 2010 F-150 and had rear defrost on as well. It was about 45° here when it happened. Ford needs to get their [email protected]# together. Definite issue going on if it’s happening with multiple years.

  28. I’m relieved that I’m NOT crazy, and have other stories to prove my point. I had the same EXACT thing happen to me. Just this last week. I was walking out the house, initiated the remote start on my 2014 F150 Limited. truck started, my husband and I heard a loud pop. We had NO CLUE where it came from. Didnt notice anything at first until driving and looked into the rearview mirror and at first I thought there was ice on the rear driver side window panel, but quickly realized it was the glass.. SHATTERED! but intact, due to the tint holding it in place. Not a mark, or indication of any impact. Absolutely a clean window. I’ve been quoted $590 before labor, and taxes. Contacted the dealer, they had no explanation and apparently it’s not covered even after just purchasing the truck less than 3 days before. It would be wonderful if Ford Recalled them, and reimbursed all of us for the money spent on repairs.

  29. Just happened to me this morning, 0 degrees out rear defroster was on and bang …. scared the crap out of me. Rear driver side window. 2014 F150 Lariat.

  30. Same thing I guess happened to my husband, he was taking our daughter to school, and heard a loud bang and whole rear window is shattered. No impact, just shattered. It’s inside the glass so window is still intact, hopefully we can get fixed before whole thing collapses. My husband says the rear defroster wasn’t on. We live in Maryland and temp this morning is 44 degrees. Called our local Ford, they want us to take pics, note mileage VIN and year of vehicle and send to them so they can email Ford. Let’s hope we can get this recalled!

  31. Just happened to my 2010 FX4 same thing. Big Bang about a minute of Turing on my rear defrost. Looked around to see wtf happened and passenger side rear window was spider webbed. This problem go back to 2010 models and ford has no recall. Bad business Ford. Shame on you. Not buying a ford again …EVERY!

  32. same thing happened to me this morning. I was stopped at a red light and heard a loud pop. rear passenger side spider-webbed out of nowhere. rear defrost was on. I am calling around today but it looks like Ford will not replace. pretty ridiculous.

  33. Same thing just happened to our 2011 Ford F150 Platinum. 2 weeks ago heard bang like gunshot, smelled a little smoke, but couldn’ t find anything wrong. Don’ t drive it everyday, took it out today and after a couple of miles noticed rear driver’s side window shattered! We are loyal Ford buyers, but maybe no more – Ford has a serious problem here.

  34. Same story here. Rear defrost on, driving for car for 10 minutes , loud pop, nothing hit vehicle, driving on smooth road when it happened. Rear passages side window. $640 fix. Ouch ford.

  35. Same here with myself. Remote started my 2013 Platinum. It ran for about 5 minutes, got in and simply backed out of the garage. Half way out I heard the loud bang. I thought someone threw a rock or something. We are out in the country with no one around. Drivers side rear window shattered. Never used the defroster. It was about 50° in the garage and 28° outside with no wind. Owned the truck all these years. How could this happen?

  36. Same situation….heard a loud bang. Confused…I finally looked in rear mirror and thought was ice at first on window but noticed was all spidered. It’s the solar tint and no more than I thought well it’s all in one piece yet….the bottom portion fell out. I don’t have the defrost either….how can this happen to so many people and nothing be done about it?

    • I’m thinking my rear defrost was on since it defaults to being on until I change the settings. I’m sure to not even have it on at all and risking having to pay out of pocket again for fords negligence. Hopefully if enough get reported we can get our money back.

  37. Just happened to my 2015 f-150. Rear drivers side. My son was taking it to get washed. As he was driving down the road, he heard a loud pop and looked in the rearview and saw that it was shattered. Stopped looked around and nothing around to indicate an impact.

  38. This morning used auto start and after 5 mins got into my 2014 F-150. While pulling out of my drive way (at 5:30 am) I heard a loud bang. The rear driver side window was totally blown. What total BS. FORD wants 950 for replacement. Can’t believe how many people have had this problem.

  39. Used remote start, 2014 F150 Super Crew Cab FX4, after about 7 min of warm up, drove to get coffee, then BANG, like a gunshot, the rear driver’s side small window exploded. It was 47 degrees outside, so no frost or anything. I have a shell/topper in place, so there was no way that any “impact” could have caused it.

  40. Just happened to me. Defroster on and “boom” like a gunshot. Entire rear window shattered. Spoke to Safelight and they said it’s fords malfunctioning defroster. (My truck is a 2105 Platinum) They see it many times a year. Technician put weather wrap on window and showed me the burned wiring. I can’t belieb the NTSB hasn’t recalled these.

  41. 2014 f150 lariat. Turned rear defrost on, 10 minutes later sitting at a stop sign an loud pop look in rear view mirror and see driver side back glass busted. Contact ford an was told that doesn’t just happen

  42. I own a 2016 Ford F-150. While on a road trip, we smelled something burning. Moments later there was an explosion. Upon stopping to investigate, we found the rear glass shattered from side to side.
    December 14, 2018

  43. I have a 2013 ford f150 raptor and it has happened to me twice on the same truck. Defroster was on both times while it was cold outside.

  44. I have a 2013 Ford F-150 and while driving to work, with my rear defroster was on I heard a loud pop. I was following a school bus, but didn’t see anything come from it. When I go to work I noticed the back glass was shattered. I called For Motor Company and they said because of the year and mileage they couldn’t do anything about it. After reading previous posts, looks like it has been a problem for a while. Not very happy at this point! ??. We have not driven anything else but Fords but maybe it’s time for a change!

    • Please see my response a few comments below, try calling Ford Customer service 800-392-3673.. after getting run around from our local ford, we called ford customer service and issue was handled the very next working day

  45. After getting there run around from a Ford dealership here in MD (and believe me we got the run around), another Ford dealership told us to call Ford Customer Service… 800-392-3673. We called them on Fri (12/14) and received a call from the ford dealership who was giving us a hard time on Monday… today is Fri and it’s in getting entire back windshield replaced!!

    • I did call number, I didn’t have window replaced at local dealer because they told me they don’t do window installs and they subcontracted out for this. I went whom my insurance goes through(whom I would had called regardless safelite) and had repair done. I now have to bring truck in to have a diagnostic done to see what caused the break apparently prior to moving forward.

  46. Update… Well we finally got entire back window replaced even though it was just the drivers side portion of back window that spidered. Ford used Safelite who came to the dealership to fix. We had to pay $100, rest was covered by Ford. Just keep on them guys.

      • Warren, we were told from dealership in Ohio, where vehicle was originally purchased that every FORD dealership has money set aside to fix issues that occur, each dealership is only allotted so much per year, therefore making payment vary per customer. We are in Maryland and the Ford dealership here (which is where vehicle was worked on) was the one that was giving us the run around. After that call to Ford Customer Service was when the ball started rolling. I will tell you that we did have to call Ford Customer Service twice, the first time the rep was very helpful and helped us, the 2nd time we called, the person was not very helpful. BUT in the end, Ford in Maryland did replace the entire back windshield (only the rear drivers side was the one shattered). Hope this helps!

        • Thank you Heather,
          I’ve had no assistance from anyone at this point. Had to pay a 1000.00 to replace window. My dealership offered no help.
          Called customer service to no avail.
          Again thank you.

  47. Remote started my 2013 F150 yesterday morning. Put the truck in gear a few minutes later and the drivers side of the back window shattered. Sounded like a gunshot. It happened right in my driveway without anyone else around. Fortunately my insurance covers it. Safelite says it’s very common on the Fords and that it’s caused by the defroster. The tech said he never remote starts his ford truck because of this exact reason.

  48. I Valet park vehicles and same thin happened to me. Hopped in put it in drive and hear a lot pop. I had no clue what it was until the customer called and said his rear window was shattered. It was about 8 degrees out so it makes sense it’s the heating element inside the window, must come on to hot and to fast.

  49. Last Saturday January 5th around 8 PM I autostart the the F150. When I want on to the truck I smelled something burning then out of a sadnes an explosion. The hole back window is shattered. And since I have 75k on it. I am struggling between the dealer and ford customer support.

  50. This morning my husband remote started his 2013 F150 before we left the house (mid 30’s outside) and when we got in 10 minutes later before we got out of the driveway we heard a loud pop and the back window behind the driver’s seat was shattered. The tint film held it together, but it was completely shattered. It shattered on it’s own – no puncture to the glass from inside or outside. After reading here it sounds like a problem that should be recalled, but that will likely just cost us.

  51. its 1-11-2019, yesterday I woke up, started my truck 2013 FX4 with 61k miles, staryed out my driveway, drove up about 4 feet and my back window shattered. It’s a powered wi dow, with heat. No I did not have my rear defrost on, No it doesn’t come on when I remote start my truck, and No there isn’t any Mark’s as to anything hitting it. I feel there needs to be something done legally about this. its 1500 to fix, or claim it on insurance, with a deductable, you might as well just pay for it out of pocket.. oh, and the temp was in the mid teens for tempature..Thisnis bullshit. and yes, my window was on the drivers side

  52. Just had this happen to me this am! Started truck to warm up and when I went back out back right side is shattered. 2012 F 150

  53. Same thing happened to us this morning. Remote started our 2018 F-250, got in the truck to leave for church, the middle sliding window shattered out of nowhere. The truck has less than 5000 miles on it. I hope Ford covers the replacement!

  54. Just to add to this post, the same thing happened to me in my 2011 Ford F150 FX4. I remote started my truck the other morning and when I came out to leave the passenger side of the back window was shattered. It was parked in the driveway and nothing hit it or came close to the window. Luckily my insurance is covering a new back window for my $100 deductible. Ford needs to take care of this issue as someone is going to get hurt by this issue. So I am guessing the solution is to turn off rear defrost when using remote start?

  55. Mine just happened last week. Same thing, I live in PA and it has been cold here in the mornings and I use my auto-start. I got in to go to work and started down the road and went to put the rear defrost on and the light would not come on showing that it was working. I depressed the button several times but no light. It’s dark when I head into to work so I could not see the back window very good. After work I left to go home and again went to depress the rear defroster button and it wouldn’t come. When I looked in the rear view mirror, I could see that the drivers side portion of my rear window was shattered. It was still in place but there was a million fractured pieces I’m assuming being held in place by the tint film. With the window still in place I could clearly see that it had not been hit by anything. There were no markings on the outside of the film as it was still in one piece.

  56. just bought a 2019 ford 250 king ranch , a week latter the back window exploded. have been driving around with duck tape over back window for a month now until the dealership can get a new window.

  57. This just happened to my 2013 fx4 while sitting at a traffic light. It was the rear passenger window and the other 2 pc of glass not affected and you could not tell from the outside. My rear defrost was not on at the time it shattered. I did file a complaint with the NHTSA.

  58. Yes make sure to file with nhtsa. The reason why ford isn’t doing anything is because they don’t have to. A lot of people have window replacement or a small deductible and never report.

  59. Just happened to me this morning, while driving. I heard a loud pop, my passenger looked back and told me my rear window was shattered. My truck is a 2014 f-150. Glad my kids werent in the truck. Dealer ship says that it’s not they’re problem as warranty is up. Definitely think it is they’re problem. I have a canopy on the bed so there is no way anything could have hit it.

  60. January 28, 2019 Rear window on our 2013 Ford F150 shattered when sitting in driveway warming up. Never knew of none of this until looking for replacement window. Maybe it was a bad idea to buy a Ford.

  61. On Saturday Morning Feb 3 2019 I had the rear defroster on for about 10 minutes. I stopped the car turned off the rear defroster, got out of the car to talk with my friend. I was standing next to his truck when I heard a big pop. My son was still in the back seat of my 2016 F-150. He heard the bang and thought someone shot at him and got out of the truck. That is when we noticed that the rear window exploded.

  62. I joined this group in August 2018 and submitted my F-150 story that happened back in 2016. I’ve been surprised to see how many similar occurrences others have had. My rear window is the 3-panel style with the electric sliding center glass, and I’m curious if this is the same style for most others that have had this issue. Since I had it replaced back in 2016, both the electric sliding feature and the rear defrost have stopped working again, but I’ve been holding off from replacing it… again. The last time I was at the dealership for an oil change I looked into ordering another window and the employee at the dealership admitted that when 1 of these features goes (defrost or electric slide), the next usually follows and that the whole unit has to be replaced because they can’t be fixed individually.

    • Hi Robert! In response to your message above, my husband had same thing happen a few months ago to his 2013 Ford F-150. His is the 3 panel, electric sliding window as well. Our local Ford replaced the one window that shattered (driver side rear) after much harassment from us and calling the Ford customer service and thankfully getting someone that went above and beyond for us!

      I’m curious as to the responses as to which style and which glass it was as well!


  63. Literally happened to me today. I have a 2012 F-150 FX4 supercab and the driver side panel (3 panel window, electric slider) shattered. Was just sitting in the driveway this morning warming up, having been started with remote start. Got in and noticed it is completely shattered. I too have been having intermittent rear defogger problems where the button is slow to light or doesn’t light at all. I had read stories of this problem when I started researching the rear defogger issue earlier this winter. Was hoping I’d get lucky and and not have this happen.

  64. This has just haopened to me an hour ago but I drive a 2017 Ford Explorer. Was driving and heard a big bang, I thought it was a gunshot. I looked around me and all regular cars, no trucks, no ice on the cars. My back window shattered but it held in place. Definitely a defect and Ford has to fix it!!

  65. This happen to me, 2014 F-150 w/ power slide window while up in the So. Calif mountains. We parked for about 1 hour it was 32F outside/light snow, got into truck, turned on rear defroster to clear windows and just when we started to drive, POW – we thought an ice ball or rock had been thrown at us only nobody was around. A while later I noticed the spider cracks of a shattered window on the drivers side fixed glass – fortunately it stayed intact. No signs of impact site or starting location for the shattered window.

  66. I have a Ford truck 150 three panel electric slide windows warming up the truck in the yard went out and the passenger side was shattered

  67. I experienced the same today. 2014 F150. 3 Panel Window Power slide for back window. Rear defrost on, sitting outside of school waiting for daughter when heard a big pop. Rear Drivers side window completely shattered. Called a few glass shops for quote since local Ford dealer wouldn’t help me out. All glass shops said the same thing. This happens a lot. They replace plenty of them. Can’t teplace just the one pane. The complete window needs to be replaced. Glass shop mentioned this has something to do with the rear defrost. Considering telling glass shop to leave defrost disconnected.

  68. I experienced the same today. 2014 F150. 3 Panel Window Power slide for back window. Rear defrost on, sitting outside of school waiting for daughter when heard a big pop. Rear Drivers back window completely shattered. Called a few glass shops for quote since local Ford dealer wouldn’t help me out. All glass shops said the same thing. This happens a lot. They replace plenty of them. Can’t teplace just the one pane. The complete window needs to be replaced. Glass shop mentioned this has something to do with the rear defrost. Considering telling glass shop to leave rear defrost disconnected. Rear defrost seemed to work off and on anyways.

  69. Yep, This happend to me to. This last friday while i was at a funeral. Truck was parked behind the hurse With the truck not even running. My oldest daughter got into the rear seat and i got in on the driver side. Closed the door and as i was trying to get the key in the ignition i heard the pop sound like everyone else and asked my daughter what that noise was and she started crying telling me the window just shattered and she has sone glass on her clothes, she was ok thankfully. Like all of you i was looking for why it shattered and could not find one. I did bot smell anything burning and the truck had been parked for over 3 hours. Mine is a 2011 lariet 150 crewcab with the 3 section power defrost slider window.

  70. Has anyone had this happen to their Explorers??? Last Wednesday, February 13, 2019, my husband went into the garage to get my 2017 Explorer out and the rear window had blown out of it! Glass Everywhere!! Had the window replaced on Thursday and today, I remotely started my car from my office window and when I went out to get into it, the rear window, once again had exploded out. A couple of my co-workers happened to be outside when it happened and seriously thought that they were being shot at! I am getting a little worried that this is going to be an on-going problem.

  71. Same thing for me. 2011 FX4 crew cab. It’s been cold and snowy here all winter (Nebraska) and the rear defroster light has been not working intermittently. I’ve been using the remote start every morning, and two days ago I noticed the back drivers side section was shattered. No impact marks, just a perfect shatter from edge to edge. Mine is also the 3 section electric slider. I bought this truck thinking I would be so happy with it, but it’s literally been problem after problem since I got it

  72. As my wife and I live in Houston TX there is no need for a rear defroster so I am unsure if it has been failing. However today my wife’s 2014 3 section back glass driver side has shattered for the second time within a month. It was the same glass and both times she heard a loud bang like something hit the truck, once while driving and today as she was walking to the truck from remote starting. I will be filing a complaint with the NHTSA to hopefully have ford fix this problem, or pay everytime it breaks as I have a 2016 with the 3 section back glass and cannot afford a truck note plus a $650 back glass every month. If they dont fix or pay soon I will trade in my trucks and never look back as a ford fans.

  73. This happened to me about a month ago. 2011 F-150 FX4. Cold morning, turned on the rear defrost and a few minutes later POW!!!! Passenger side of my rear window shattered! The Local Ford dealer and Ford Motor company both acted like they’ve never heard of it happening before, and said they can do nothing for me.

  74. Im the owner of a 2012 Platinum ford F150. On the morning of Friday February 22, 2019. I left the house at approximately 1045 and had to be at work at 11 AM. Turned on the truck like I normally do to warm it up. The weather was OK, not too cold/warm.
    As I arrive to work and parked my truck. I heard a loud noise sounded like somebody threw a rock at the truck.
    I absolutely freaked out since I was the only one in the parking lot…thinking that somebody had shot at my truck with a BB gun or threw a rock. Since it was quiet I noticed that the back window was shattering as I was sitting there in complete shock watching it.
    I called my husband who is out of state in complete panic mode. He calmed me down and advised me to call the police if I felt scared…otherwise for me to get out of the truck and see what was going on.
    I got out to examine, and realized there had been no signs of a hit of any kind .
    I took pictures and went into work called the insurance company n filed a repair claim. WHAT IF I GAD MY NIECES OR DOG IIN THE CAR? ??
    Safelite called me today to confirm my appointment that Geico set up for me for February 27 at 12:30 PM. Talking with the representative at Safelite and explaining to him what happened, He advised me that he has repaired several back windows that have busted on ford trucks.
    I asked him if I should call Ford To advise them of the issue, he told me I would be wasting my time because this has been ongoing for a number of years and Ford has not done anything about it.
    Absolutely unbelievable!!??
    I will take further action and contact my attorney. Not fair for Us Ford truck owners to have to deal with this. What makes it worse is the fact that Ford is ignoring!! It?

  75. Had my 2013 F150 warming up as it was 23 degrees this morning and when I got in it, I heard a pop and the driver side section of the 3 part slider shattered. Very unhappy and $700 and some change later. Safelite will replace the whole window. Ughh!

  76. Just happened to me for the second time! 2011 F150 FX4. Had used the remote start as I walked by the truck to get something out of the garage… two minutes late…BANG!… window was shattered. I have never used the rear defroster manually, thinking maybe the remote starter automatically turns it on when its cold out? Insurance deductibles suck ( if they will even pay a second time?) and it will probably happen again. Anyone know if you can delete the rear defrost from the powered slider?

  77. I just had this happen to my 2017 Ford Explorer XLT on Friday, March 8th. I was visiting my grandparents and before leaving their house, I remote started to warm up. The suv was running for about 10-12 mins before I left the house. As I was walking toward my SUV, I heard a loud bang. Once I got closer and examined the back window, I noticed a hole in my windshield around the wiper blade. Contacted Ford on Monday, March 11th and was told that it isn’t covered under warranty because we are over our KM (warranty was up at 60,000km). Luckily enough, no one was behind the SUV when the windshield exploded or else this could be a whole lot worse. I’m so beyond mad that they are saying that this is a warranty issue when there are so many cases of this happening.

  78. This just happened to me this morning with my 2010 f150 fx4 supercrew. It was -6 this morning and windows were frosted so I turned on the defrost so I could see through the mirrors and rear window. Made my way into town and was parked at a red light as a sound like a gunshot rang out. I looked all around and noticed my drivers side 3 part slider was shattered. Instantly jumped out to see if a rock was thrown or what could have happened. No impact signs anywhere and that’s when I noticed the defrost was still on. I think the window got overheated and expanded to much and exploded.. the defrost should be on a thermostat not a timer just incase the button was to be pressed in the summer time when it’s alreasy hot… not a great way to start the day

  79. This morning while coming back from dropping my kids off at school I had my rear defrost and front defrost on. Had it on full blast but then started smelling a burning plastic smell. I turned the intensity off along with the radio off and any other electrical things I could. As i pulled into my driveway and put my 2014 F150 in to park to check the dash of anything that might have possibly slide down, I found nothing. I sat in my drive with the vehicle running and nothing electrical on for about 3 minutes when I heard a loud bang sound. As if a golf ball had hit the top of the cab. I got out to see if something had dropped onto it or a bird hit it. No damage was found. As I sat back into the vehicle I heard a crackling sound. To my surprise the back window, that would have been behind my daughters head, was shattered. There was nothing in the vicinity that could have hit the window. This is definitely a default and needs to be addressed and fixed.

  80. Same here. Just bought this used 2012 F150 FX4 and today was the first day I used the rear defroster. A few minutes later in traffic and POP. Rear driver side window was shattered. Filed a complaint with NHTSA already. Hope they create a recall for this.

  81. this happen to me 2 times. the second time was back in January 2019, with a cost of 700.00. the first time I thought someone must have thrown something at the window. the second time I was driving the truck. it makes a loud noise like a gun went off. ford needs to make this right.

  82. This just happened to me 2 days ago. I was driving to work in the morning when I heard a loud bang. I thought maybe someone either shot at my truck or threw a rock at the window. Got out and the right passenger side rear window had shattered. There were no marks that anything had hit it. I did not have my defrost on however. Temp wasprobably around 32°. I keep my truck in my garage Garage temp is usually around 52°. I was only a couple miles from home. I have a f150 lariat 2010.

    • Did NHTSA ever do anything about this??? See SO many comments on here about similar situations and I’m not happy! No rear defrost on or anything, but we shouldn’t all be getting stuck with the bills!

  83. I had this issue this morning. My truck was parked and I was warming it up with the defrosters on. When I came out after a couple minutes I smelt an electrical burn smell and shortly after the rear windows shattered as I was doing a 360 around the truck. I did file a report.

  84. Just happened to me 2 nights ago, remote started, jumped in truck, did not move yet and heard loud Bang. Passenger side of rear window shattered. 2013 F-150 2 days and not getting anywhere. Filed report with NHSTA and Ford main service and 2 dealers.

  85. Saturday April 6, 2019
    I was driving down the highway and took my off ramp and when I came to I stop I heard a big thud and I look behind me and my rear driver window on my 2013 f-150 was smashed. I hopped out and looked around and I didn’t see anything, cheacked my bed and didn’t see nothing in there either. I’m super irritated that ford knows about this problem and will not fix it

  86. 2016 Crewcab , Friday April 5th ,6:30am, it was about 38 degrees. No Frost and and my defrost was not on. I was taking my normal route to work on Wixom Rd to I-96W. It sounded like a shotgun went off inside . I drove to work and couldn’t believe what happened . It looked like someone was inside my truck and shoved both fists through my back window. No glass inside , it all went outward . Ford paid for it this time because of warranty. What about next time.

  87. This is so crazy! This just happened to me yesterday. I had my two kids in the car and was taking my older son to school. We were stopped at a light and I heard a loud bang. My infant in the back started screaming and the rear window above him had completely shattered. I pulled into the parking lot of my son’s school and there was nothing to show it was hit by anything. No one was around us either. I did have the rear defroster on. I have made a report with the pictures to the NHTSA website

  88. 2017 Ford F-150 Limited. Truck sitting in garage for a few days, 50-70 degrees. Open front door to grab something. When closing the door the rear window exploded. The center slider was the only thing not affected. I filed a complaint with NHTSA because Ford dealership blew me off acting like they never heard of this before.

  89. 2013 f150 . Just happened for the 2nd time. Rear defroster burned the trim and glass. Make it right ford.

  90. This happened to me this winter. 2011 f150. Driving down the highway early morning and though some one dropped a rock on my roof from the sound! Right rear window shattered, but in place. Thin horizontal line across the middle of the window where it actually bowed out a little. No outside impact. Rear defroster was on.

  91. My wife closed the front floor of my 2015 F150 and the back window disintegrated along all edges and several large pieces fell out. Temp was in the 60’s.

  92. Just happened to me this morning. Turned on the heat and rear defroster and 5 min latter “pop!” And the whole damn rear window shattered. Sitting at Malloy Ford now…

  93. This happened to me last winter in my 2011 Ford Taurus now its happened to my husband this morning in his 2013 F-150 both times the rear defrost was on. My car was on the driveway his was moving. This is ridiculous! Ford needs to issue a recall!

  94. 2016 Ford F-250 window blew out driving down smooth road last June, ford wouldn’t do a thing for me. also rust in the corners of the windows in the first year they wouldn’t do anything for that either next truck won’t be a ford just because they don’t stand behind their product. Customer service is lacking

  95. 2013 F150…rear drivers side window shattered in place due to the defroster this February …no recall yet??

  96. 2014 Ford F-150 King Ranch rear driver window just shattered in place! There was a loud boom and we thought someone was shooting at us or maybe something was thrown but there was no impact! Shame on Ford! Recall this!

  97. It happen to me today jump in to leave closed the driver’s door and the back window broke it was sitting in the shade had not even started it yet
    Maybe there should be a recall.

  98. I have a 2015 F-150 Super Crew Cab P/U. Today 6-26-19 in mid-afternoon with temp in the low 90’s degrees I went an got in my truck, shut the door, and heard a pop with stuff moving around. I had not even started the truck and it was sitting in my driveway where had been since Monday noon. I looked backwards to where the sound had come from and my whole rear window had exploded and was in a million pieces. I contacted the local dealer McLarty Ford in Texarkana, TX and told them what happen and was told a service adviser would call me back. That never happen. I then left a message on his answering service, still no reply. I called back and the lady I talked to this time said they would be happy to replace it and asked if my insurance would cover it. She acted like this was something new. I told her it’s not something new, just read posting on the internet. It’s not new and been going on for a while. She they could do nothing but she would be glad to give me Ford’s number. I just hung up. Looking at getting a new truck and I’ve had several ford p?u and this is the first time this has happen. However, I doubt McLarty Ford will get a shot at my business.

  99. We’ve had our 2017 F250 super duty for a year now. It was brand new only 300 mile to it from tet drives etc. We love it, it’s been a great truck! It drives so much smoother than our previous truck, 2005 F250 SD.
    But today this happened! Out of the blue! Husband got in closed the door and boom blew out. The remaining glass is bowed outward. Went to the dealership here and they said it appears the seal is what gave out/wore out. They did their part to get warranty approval started and it was DENIED! This truck is still 100% covered head to toe top to bottom under warranty. Said something about it was due to the vendor. This is an extreme safety hazard, thank goodness our boys were not in it at the time or they could’ve been covered in glass. Ford Trucks what is the deal with that crappy service?!

    For anyone reading this have you had this happen before to you or heard of it happening?

  100. My husband owns a 2016 F-150 Super Crew Cab. This happened to my husband; he went in to get his garage door opener and closed the door and boom! His back window shattered. We have contacted Ford and all they could do is refer us to road side assistance service and advised that we needed to visit the dealership we purchased the truck from. This a safety hazard and we’re so glad our children were not in the truck at the time this occurred. Sounds like Ford needs to step up their game and issue a recall, like ASAP.

  101. I run a maintenance repair shop and my tech was coming back from a road call when out of no where the back window blow out. Most of glass was on the outside of the truck. I have a 2013 Ford F350 regular cab. Couldn’t find any evidence of anything hitting it.

  102. Our neighbour heard a bang around early morning. There my 2016 Ford fiesta have rear right window door shattered. I thought it could be someone that did it. But another neighbour said that some glass shattered randomly. So I then started to search if this is true. Then I ended up in his forum. Oh my lord. I like Ford, but after this, I will not buy another Ford unless they do something about this and fix it. This is a problem. And Ford customers will soon loose loyal customers.

  103. This very same thing happened to my 2014 F150 XLT yesterday. Driving down the road and it sounded like a rock hit the top of the cab! I noticed in my rearview that my rear glass was totally spider web cracked on the driver side. No impact that caused it. I didnt realize this was a problem until i got online today and found this out. I intend to keep all my receipts and file a complaint as recommended on this site. Glad my dog and kids werent riding with me!

  104. I think I have discovered why this is happening. I caught mine in self destruct mode and the evidence was there.

    My guess is that this is happening to trucks with small power window within the larger rear window. The power for the small rear window defrost is located in a small black plastic cover or tad attached to the window. It’s a bullshit design.

    Well when you open and close that window that black tab gets pulled across a cloth handle in the back of the back seat. Over time the plastic tab pulls off the window OR the copper connections within it move. They move to a point where they are touching.

    NOW when you turn on the defrost you create a mini welder. Because it’s designed for defrost the fuse is super high amp. What’s happening is that it is welding a very small point in the window. Eventually, and even though the point is small the window will explode. The colder the window the faster it will explode. Thing is even if it’s 100 it will eventually explode.

    If anyone doubts me take a piece of glass or a windshield and hold a small welder or cutting torch to a single spot. It will explode.

    In my mind there is nothing wrong with the defrost. The problem is with the engineer that designed the ignorant electrical connection.

  105. Just happened today. The rear defogger and heated mirrors weren’t working either. Got into my 2014 F150 FX4 , shut the door and boom…center/sliding portion exploded. I’ve never owned anything but Ford trucks. The more I read about this issue and the way it ISN’T being handled is making me rethink my brand loyalty.

    • This is a huge problem and techs will admit the the design of the sliding power window and the attached defroster positive and negative is a total ebgineering FU.

  106. I feel strongly that this is a design flaw in how the wiring is connected to the small rear window defroster. If you have a small power window in the middle the large rear window you will see a small plastic square attached to the window.

    Inside of it are the positive and negative to operate the small windo defroster. Inside that black plastic piece you will find a small copper stamped piece. I’ll give you the outcome so my explanation makes sense. The positive and the negative come together and create a mini welder a small super hot spot is created. The glass will shatter.

    The reason the positive and the negative come together is that when the window traverses back and forth the wires catch on something and pull the connections together. It most likely catches on a small nylon strap that is use to pull the back of the back seat down.

    Now if your lucky that whole plastic piece attached to the windo gets pulled off. If that happens when you turn on the defroster you will ignite a small electrical fire that produces smoke. I say lucky because if you’re driving you will stop, and shut the truck off.

    I was one of the lucky ones. Only smoke. 2016 f150 is at the dealer now. They tell me they have to replace the entire rear window which seems crazy. Right now they are telling me it will be paid for in full, but they keep calling me with questions from Ford. They still haven’t authorized the work and it’s been 4 days.

    The engineer that design this connection should be fired.

  107. This happened to my 2018 f150 today. The back window blew out when I had just got in and closed the door. The rear defroster was not on. I hadn’t even put the key in the ignition yet.

  108. 9/11/2019
    My 2016 F-250 Lariat
    The heated mirrors and rear defroster are activated by the same switch. I use this function regularly to remove the condensation from my mirrors. However this week the Rear window defroster, became so hot it started smoking and shattered my
    Window. The dealer told ford and now I’m waiting for a response. I’ll let you know what I find out.

  109. I have 2011 f150 the rear windows has not exploded but the rear defrost will not come on. You can tell it has a connection issue in the rear power sliding window because it works sometimes when I hit a bump. Ford this is going on alot of trucks and it sounds like there is more happening by the day. Why will you not recall this issue. If the rear defrost issue got fixed I dont think these windows will he blowing up on people.

  110. Driving at 6 am in the morning. Had defroster on back window just blew out. I jumped out of the truck to try and find someone to blame this on. I was so upset!!!!! My brain went into freak out mode. When I looked at my back window from outside the truck it was smoking down by the rubber gasket that holds the window in. It was so hot down there that the window gasket was melting. Ford motor company doesn’t care. I warred with the guy about my issue to no avail. I thought that ford would be concerned that my window just blew up behind my child’s head.

    • Same…sounded like someone shot at me! It was a chili morning not too cold had defrost on and then it happened. My wife has a 2011 Taurus and same thing happened in her car one morning! So that’s 2 in 2 years! Ridiculous!!


  111. Just happened to me yesterday passenger section busted while stopped at a light. I was using the rear defroster at the time. I have a 2011.

      • This has been going for way too long. Evidently it’s not on the radar.l and probably won’t turn into anything, however I’m sure Ford sees this posting/issue.

  112. We have a 2014 F150 King Ranch and yesterday the back glass on drivers side shattered as we were backing out of the drive for no explained reason. We contacted the dealer where we bought it, Empire Ford of Abingdon, VA. We checked for any coverage on our extended warranty or recall issues, they say they never heard of it.

  113. I am to another victim in Galveston. On Tuesday 9/12/19 my left rear window shattered while the defroster was on. Safelite will only replace the entire back window, not just one.

  114. Maybe we all need to hit there FB page up with our complaints. We shouldn’t have to go around with busted out windows or even pay for new ones cause they can’t get there engineering together.

  115. 11/14/2019
    This morning got in my 2012 ford f150 on the way to town cur on defroster for back window 5 mins later her a noise like something frying then the back window broke. Had to be because of the defroster shorting out. Calvileer ford said not covered. Ford said not covered

  116. It happened to me in Ohio on Nov. 12th 2019. In the process of getting it fixed. It’s sad to see that this is a reoccurring problem. Perhaps we need to start a lawsuit. I think I just might.

      • I have had two shatter on my 2011 F150 here in Nova Scotia. Insurance went good for the first one (minus deductible) but won’t cover the second. I didn’t realize it came on with the remote start, or that I could have turned that feature off, kinda bummed out about that as I had decided not to use the defroster after the first one broke. I put a couple of layers of heavy clear packing tape inside and out to hold the window together, instead of forking out $900 +tax, and I am hoping Ford might step up and make this right. I am not holding my breath though.

  117. This just happened to me this morning.in my 2017 F150. Used my remote start and went outside to put some bags in the back seat and I could smell something burning, smelled like electrical wires burning and then my back glass shattered. I can’t believe there isn’t a recall on this. My truck is out of Factory Warranty but I have an Extended Warranty. We shall see how this turns out. I’ve always loved Ford . This is not good Ford

  118. This just happened to me this morning.in my 2017 F150. Used my remote start and went outside to put some bags in the back seat and I could smell something burning, you could see smoke and smelled like electrical wires burning and then my back glass shattered. I can’t believe there isn’t a recall on this. My truck is out of Factory Warranty but I have an Extended Warranty. We shall see how this turns out. I’ve always loved Ford . This is not good Ford.

  119. This happened to my 2010 Ford F150 on a drive to Loyola in Maywood by Chicago. Weather was snowing and freezing. I turned on the rear defroster and not long after we heard a loud explosion. Rear window on passengers side shattered. This is not good

  120. A coworker walked over to his truck today to find his rear window had shattered as it was in the parking lot with no known cause. Sounds like this is an issue Ford needs to take care of. Temperature has been in the 30s to 50s here. I’d be interested in knowing if anyone had this issue in warm weather.

  121. My rear driver’s side window just popped(BANG) on my 2014 Ford F150. No rear defrost was on. I have had several quotes ranging from 680.00-910.00. Ford needs to step up on this. I have only owned Ford Pickups my whole life, not even one car.

  122. 2013 F150 Raptor: back sliding window shattered while driving home Sat night. heard loud bang like a rock hit the roof. looked at body, roof when i got home but found nothing. Next morning when i pulled truck out of garage, noticed back window shattered. Defroster was not on during the drive home sat night. WTF

  123. This morning I turned on my 2017 Raptor with the remote start. 5 minutes later I opened the passenger rear door to put some stuff in the back seat and smelled something burned. Didn’t see anything obvious and continued to get into my truck. I drove off of my driveway and parked in reverse, got off the truck and while standing by the tailgate I heard a loud pop. While looking around to see what that pop was I noticed my rear window was shattered. I looked around and didn’t see anywhere where anything hit the rear window. I looked inside and noticed the defrost wires were broken, smelled burned and were detached from the window. Since it’s still under warranty I Took my truck to the dealer, waiting on a response.

  124. December 28th. 2019. Wisconsin. Back rear right window shattered into 1000 peices from doing nothing. The truck was idling and I had the rear defroster on. Suddenly heared a big bang. Looked around and noticed the window broke. 2012 Ford F150 3.5L. It was about 32 degrees outside.

  125. Just happened to us this morning in our 2011 F 150. Had rear defroster on and heard a huge bang and looked around. We found the passenger side rear window had shattered. Ford needs a recall.

  126. Happened to me today.. I have a 2013 Ford F-150 Crew.. Turned the defroster on and bam!! Driver side panel, rear glass shattered.. There is an obvious burn mark on the glass from the defroster.. Calling the dealership tomorrow..

  127. 12/2/19

    2013 f150 Raptor
    Drivers rear shattered.
    6:30 in the morning and just pulled out of driveway.
    Had loud bang and noticed the glass broke.
    Thought something threw a rock at the window. Rear defrost wasn’t on because it doesn’t work because of the connection points on the sliding window.

  128. Everyone that has posted on here, needs to report it to the NHTSA. It’s the only way Ford will be made to do a recall. With over 100 plus this past month. Let alone the hundreds or thousands that have not been reported. Let’s all try to do this and get action for a recall

  129. I got back to my yard form working and started my 2014 f150, after I left I noticed my rear left window panel had shattered. There was no impact marks and I couldn’t figure out what had happened until I saw this post. Now I know!!! $900 for a window???? Thanks ford for looking out!

  130. Same just happened less than an hour ago… drove to drug store up the street, parked, hit lock on key fob, big bang, walked around truck, found nothing until I got in to drive back home. That’s when I saw the window shattered! Crazy!

  131. This just happened to me, I turned on the rear defroster and after a few seconds heard a sizzling sound. Then I heard a bang, and it was the glass shattering.

  132. This happened to me today. We was driving down the road when the back window had a loud bang. When I looked at back window the back window had shattered.. just got the truck 3 weeks new!! F-150 2019…. Sylvia Soliz

  133. My rear glass also shattered 3 min. After turning on rear defrosters scared the crap out of me and I almost went off the road. Called dealership to see if he’s ever heard this or if there is a recall and you can tell he was just acting dumb saying he’s never heard anything like this. Immediately asked me if anything could have impacted it and I said how could it, I was driving forward and I have a topper on anyways. Way to go Ford. NOT!

  134. Just woke up this morning and my 2019 Ford f350 king ranch dually back window was shattered for no reason ,it was fine last night ,what to do now !!!

  135. My husband just got home from work (5:04pm January 16, 2020) he was sitting at a light waiting to turn, when all of a sudden his rear middle window (small window) in his 2016 Ford King Ranch F-150 Pickup just shattered into a million pieces…….He did NOT have his rear defroster on! Something is not right!! Scared him to death! He thought someone was shooting at him!! Ford you NEED to do something about this!

  136. Well I am with all of you, I was backing out of my driveway and heard a big crash, and put my pickup in park, got out to see what the heck it was, when I seen mine back window was shattered, I have no ideal what happened, never hit anything, looked all around no dents where anything hit, it just broke on its own, I am still puzzled to what happened, but now I have to have it fixed, I did not have rear defroster on, and like I said had only backed up probable 100 feet, no one around, so my son came out and taped it all up so it would not fall out, so I can at least drive it till the WHOLE window gets it to get fixed.

  137. The same thing happened to 1/3 panes of rear window glass on my 2013 F-150 Lariat ecoboost. I heard something like something might have struck my rear window. After inspection there wasn’t a nick or scratch, just a shattered window. It didn’t fall out due to fact of having custom window tint in place. It’s going to cost a small fortune to get it repaired. Is there anywhere to obtain this piece of glass? It is located on the driver’s side. That is the only piece I need preferably with defrost wires.

  138. My back window shattered this morning on my 2015 F-150 Crew Cab no apparent cause based on what I see here Ford has had this problem for years. Chevy here I come

  139. I have a Ford 2014 F150 FX4, and when I went outside on the morning of Febuary 7th 2020, I thought the back window on the drivers side of my truck was covered in frost. Nope, it was all pebbled up and broken. No signs of it being hit. I have pictures if anyone needs to see.

    Contacted my Ford dealership. They said its not their problem, but obviously it is.

    Come on Ford, stand behind your product.

  140. This just happened to me for the second time. Last night my 2017 f150 rear window blew out when I got in it and shut my door. My wife has a 2017 edge and hers did the same thing after we closed the hatch. The hatch is mechanical, we just hit the close button. Shattered.

  141. Well I guess I can join in on this. I have a 2018 F150 King Ranch. I really don’t know when it shattered, but went to lunch it was all right, headed back to work and hit a bump in the road and heard stuff falling in the back seat. Looked at rear view mirror and the whole back glass was shattered. Happened 2 hours ago. No use of the rear defroster. Need the truck, guess I’ll eat the $650 bucks to fix. Can’t wait on ford.

  142. fulton Bayer. september 9 2020. just got into my f150 ford truck closed the door and bang, the back window just exploded. parked in front of my garage and not driven for 3 days. temp was 60 f. truck not running. dealer saids not covered. stinks

  143. John Crissman September 12 f150 in driveway around 8 am55 degrees, truck not running. Got my golf clubs out of back and closed drivers door. The back window disintegrated with cracks everywhere. Took 150 to Roy Obrien St Clair Shores, pictures taken to send to FORD. Return “this glass no warranty” $820 repair for a defective part. That was it, no recourse, the Gods had spoken

  144. 6:00 Am in Toronto, Canada . Just started my F150 and all of a sudden i hear a noise of glass shattering behind me. My rear window just blew out for no reason, i mean it was parked in my drive way ready to go to work, what is going on with ford.

  145. Just had this happen to me. 2018 F150 4 door crew cab. Got home parked in the driveway, Later got in moved the truck into the garage. When i got oput and closed the drivers door I heard a weird noise coming from what appeared to be the bed area. I looked under the truck saw nothing. the next morning when I got in and shut the door, I hear the same noise. A mor thorough investigation resulted in me finding the rear window shattered and the noise was the glass falling between the bed and the cab. There was never any impact to the rear window.

  146. Happened to me also went to truck and glass was broken I have always been a Ford man but I don’t understand how this isn’t getting fixed

  147. I was driving home yesterday and had some snow on the rear window between my F-150 cab and the cap on my bed. I turned on the rear window defroster and after about 10 minutes I heard a very loud bang. I looked back and my rear window behind on the drivers side shattered. I just had to make a claim for my windshield a couple of days ago because a rock flew off a plow and cracked the glass. I thought I was having very bad luck with glass this week, but it wasn’t making sense. After reading this I feel much better knowing I’m not the only one. Do I make another claim with insurance or my extended warranty or what? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks

  148. Just happened to my 2018 F150. 12/25/2020. I got in my pick-up shut the drivers and rear window shattered. It has no opening window in it. I also have canopy on pickup that does not touch it.
    Nothing touching on inside either.
    So off to the dealer tomorrow and see what happens.

  149. 2013 F150 – Sitting in my truck, in my driveway, and the rear driver’s side glass shattered. There’s no visible signs of impact inside or out. 37 f degrees at the time, heat was on, but not the rear defroster.

  150. Last night, 1/27/21, I was driving in Reno, NV and heard a HUGE BOOM, thinking maybe a transformer had blown. Got home and saw my rear window of my 2015 F-150 had completely shattered (not the auto middle window, but the two side pieces of glass). Anyone else have this and how they rectified it???? I’m NOT happy, of course!! There is no indication of impact (i.e. rock, bullet, etc) Advice is more than welcomed on this situation!

  151. 2016 F-150 King Ranch with 57k miles on it. This evening 1/28/2021, out of Illinois, at 6:55pm I was on my way to a friend’s house who was on the phone with me at the time. I pulled into a local shell station to refill. The vehicle was stationary and parked, with the engine still running. The temperature in the cabin was set to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. It was cold out but not that cold for Chicago. Clear night, the defogger WAS NOT turned on. The thermostat was set to Auto at 72 degrees. I have the 3 panel Rear window with powered middle glass, and defogger. All of a sudden while still on the phone BOOM! I jumped! Super loud! My friend who was on the phone heard it. I got out of the vehicle, there was no one else at the gas station. I called the gas station and am trying to get surveillance video of this happening. I submitted the claim to NHTSA already. Glass around all out side edges completely blown out and broken, right under the third brake light, completely broken out. Both sides completely broken out. Middle sliding window looks in tact, but the rest of the window completely shattered. Glass on both the inside and outside of the vehicle. Immediately smelled a nasty burning, like an eletrical burning smell coming from the back window area, I suspect the rear defogger or something.

    All i thought was, had my kids been in this vehicle at the time in their car seats in the back, they could have been injured and certainly would never want to ride in dad’s truck ever again. This is terrible!

    I just purchased this truck less than a month ago on Dec 29th 2020 to be exact out of state. Less than a month, I don’t even have the new in state title and registration back yet. There happened to be a Ford dealer directly across from the Shell Station, granted their maintenance department was already closed, I brought it over the and the owner of the dealer happened to be in. They came out and said “Holy hell! I’ve heard of this before but I’ve never seen one! Look it’s still freshly coming out of the window!” They want me to bring back over in the morning, but i doubt they’re going to replace this without trying to charge a fortune. This is ridiculous.

    Additionally after researching and finding this page, i’ve contacted my attorney. I can’t believe there are so many people who seem to have this issue and yet nothing has been done about it. This is a lawsuit people. I am really hoping the surveillance cameras at the gas station picked this up.

  152. My husband has a 2010 F150 Lariat – he had the defroster on this morning when the window shattered. There is a burn mark in the bottom corner where the defroster clearly shorted out.

  153. Same thing, 2016 f150, taking kids to school with cold temps and defrosters on when heard a load bang and the entire rear window shattered, just happened in January 31 2021, by the time I got kids to school entire back window was pretty much gone and kids had to finish trip in the front seat.

  154. Rear defrost was not on. I backed out of my driveway, went about 30 feet and boom. It sounded like a shot. I could not figure out what happened, then I saw the window, shattered. Nothing hit it, it just shattered.

  155. These exploding rear windows are NOT “claims”, they are real as I experienced in my driveway without starting my 150. FoMoCo denied honoring the 36,000 mile warranty, never again……………….

  156. I used my auto start on my 2013 f150 to warm my truck and defrost the windows, I go and get in the truck and see in my rear view mirror that the back left fixed panel was shattered I checked the window to see if it was hit by something but there was no impact damage window just shattered on its own, which really sucks cause it seems like you can’t just get the panel replaced you need to replace the whole unit or buy a panel that glues over top the broken panel, let’s just say I’m not happy

  157. Just happened to me as well. Auto start to let warm up, get in the truck and the shattered window falls out when I close the door. Garage kept truck so not likely caused by someone breaking it.

  158. Our rear window on 2017 Ford Transit campervan spontaneously exploded yesterday while I was laying down (it about gave me a heart attack). Luckily we have custom magnetic window blinds because my face was about a foot from the window. Ford has been incredibly irresponsible about covering the replacement of the defective window, even though we provided pictures and a video shortly after it exploded with the sound of the glass continuing to crack.

  159. 2013 f150 crew cab. March17 my rear window drivers side just blue up with no warning. This is very dangerous, could have caused an accident.Ford should take care of this problem,but won’t. That’s ok I will buy Chevy from now on.

  160. Sorry to hear of your experience. It was definitely an artery hardner for us.

    2017 Ford Transit 250 48k miles campervan. Rear door window blew up while my wife was laying in the back and we were parked on some BLM land. We thought we had been shot at but there was no one around for miles. We promptly took a video of the window in tact and pictures as it was still making crackling noise. Followed instructions of for customer service to take to a Ford dealership to verify wether it was defective. Upon arrival service manager identified it as defective, so we should have been covered by Ford. But we ended up paying for the window next day (window shop verified there was glass to metal contact which is likely why it spontaneously blew up). Long story short we spent another week being bounced around different Ford home office staff (terrible experience) various stories on why they won’t pay. So we escalated to the BBB, attorney general and the federal highway board as Ford is lucky that we have custom blinds that kept the glass dust from my wives face as she was less than a foot from the window when it exploded (otherwise would of been more serious than a scare). Then we finally got them to pay for the cost of the window. Make sure you get a good service manager at a dealership because he gave us his internal writing communication that was denied at home office which was based on our number to number warranty being expired. A defect is not a warranty issue, it doesn’t matter how many miles your car has, a window should not spontaneously explode (not an insurance claim either because the defect caused the damage not a collision ect). Hope this helps

  161. On April 21, 2021, at 09:10 I parked my 2020 F150 XLT Sport in my work parking lot. The truck was locked and unoccupied. At 16:10, I approached the vehicle from the front on the driver side. As I neared the back door to place my items inside, I noticed glass shards on the edge of the truck bed. I proceeded to unlock and open the rear door and noticed an approx. 8 inch by 2 inch gash on the right rear sedentary window, the entire stationary rear glass was “spider shattered”. The glass shards were in the bed of the truck and along the rim of the bed edges. I inspected the vehicle for other damage, none located. The vehicle was not in use, not occupied and no objects to cause damage. Also note, the outside temperature did not exceed 66°F

  162. I was driving.to work this morning with the rear window defroster on when I heard a loud noise like a rock hitting my truck. Took a minute to figure it out, but it was my rear window that shattered,. It is still intact and has not fallen out. I found all these post and thought I would add mine. April 22, 2021. I have a 2011 super cab with sliding rear window.

  163. I have a 2020 Ford Ranger two door super cab with 2,844 miles and rear defrost window. Upon my having placed something on the back seat I shut the rear half-door (passenger side), at which point I heard a metallic tinkling sound—it was the sound of my rear window going chicklet on me and the pieces falling on the bed. Absolutely nothing hit the glass. My Ford dealer was very nice about it but took no responsibility saying they knew nothing about rear window defects. The Glass replacer told me that is not the case. Finding your WEB site tells me Ford dam well knows they have a problem with there rear-windows with defrost—-I got a replacement (at my expense) without the heating tape.


  164. My back window totally shattered after closing the door on my 2021 Ford F-150 XLT. It was 11am, about 68 degrees and sitting in shade. Hadn’t even started the truck. I called my salesman and he said he never heard of this happening. I’ll be taking the truck to the dealer in the morning and parking right by the front door.

  165. The rear window on my 2019 Ford F150 also shattered while in the driveway. I notified a reputable local dealer and notified national customer service. The local dealership said they would replace the window even though I had already started a claim with my insurance company. Great customer service. It would have been easy for them to deny their liability and turn me down. I would have fixed it either way. But I would have thought twice about buying another Ford.

  166. He’s lying to you if he’s never heard of this happening before. Its been going on for YEARS. Yours might be covered and they might fix it but those of us that have been complaining and had to pay out of pocket to replace them. 700.00 If you do it yourself up to 1800.00 for a dealership.Well lets just say FORD sucks on this one!!!

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