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Ford Motor Company U.S. Sales Decrease 6.6 Percent To 161,143 Units In January 2018

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Ford Motor Company reported 161,143 new vehicle deliveries for January 2018 in the U.S. market, a 6.6 percent decrease compared to January 2017. Sales decreased at both of the automaker’s brands – Ford and Lincoln.

Sales Summary - January 2018 - Ford Motor Company - USA

Sale TypeSalesSales Mix% Change YOY

“U.S. economic factors are very healthy and we’re seeing the effect in the auto industry – not just in strong demand for SUVs and pickups, but in demand for high trim versions of vehicles”, said Ford vice president, U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service, Mark LaNeve. “Our all-new Expedition and Navigator are off to a hot start across the country; Platinum Expedition and high series Reserve and Black Label versions of Navigator are in high demand.”

Ford Motor Company U.S. January 2018 Sales Notes

FoMoCo sales overview:

Sales types:

  • Cumulative Ford Motor Company sales, which consist of Ford and Lincoln sales, decreased 6.6 percent to 151,143 units:
    • Retail sales decreased 4.3 percent to 115,187 vehicles, accounting for 71.5 percent of total Ford Motor Company January 2018 sales
    • Fleet sales, including daily rental, commercial and government segments, decreased 12 percent to 45,956 units, due primarily to order timing. Fleet sales accounted for 28.5 percent of total Ford Motor Company January 2018 sales:
      • Daily rental deliveries accounted for 9 percent of total sales, a decreased of 3.2 percentage points
      • Commercial deliveries accounted for 12.7 percent of total sales, an increase of 1.2 percentage points
      • Government deliveries accounted for 6.8 percent of total sales, an increase of 0.3 percentage points
    • Car sales decreased 23.3 percent to 31,661 units
    • SUV sales decreased 5.9 percent to 55,282 units
    • Truck sales increased 2.2 percent to 74,200 units

Average Transaction Prices (ATPs):

  • Ford transaction prices hit $37,000 per vehicle in January, compared to $32,100 for the industry overall
  • Ford set a new average transaction price record, an increase of $2,000
  • Incentive spending decreased about $200 compared to last year


  • January month-end inventory on a gross stock level, which includes in-transit and dealer stock, was 695,082 units for a 108 days supply, representing:
    • An increase of 65,647 units from the 630,645 units at the end of December 2017
    • An increase of 40 days from the 68 days supply at the end of December 2017
    • An increase of 10,176 units from the 684,906 units at the end of January 2017
    • An increase of 13 days from the 95 days supply at the end of January 2017
  • January month-end inventory on the ground, which consists exclusively of vehicles in dealer stock, was 556,445 units for a 96 days supply, representing:
    • An increase of 37,416 units from the 519,029 units at the end of December 2017
    • An increase of 30 days from the 56 days supply at the end of December 2017
    • A decrease of 6,699 units from the 519,029 units at the end of January 2017
    • An increase of 8 days from the 78 days supply at the end of January 2017

Ford sales decreased 5.6 percent to 154,733 units:

  • Ford C-Max sales decreased 0.32 percent to 943 units
  • Ford E-Series sales increased 55.17 percent to 5,105 units
  • Ford EcoSport sales totaled 500 units, representing the model’s first month on sale in the U.S.
    • Stock of the subcompact crossover continues to build and dealers are very excited about the new model
  • Ford Edge sales decreased 6.29 percent to 8,519 units
  • Ford Escape sales decreased 7.97 percent to 18,947 units
  • Ford Expedition sales decreased 15.38 percent to 3,439 units, with a high mix of Platinum models that represented 29 percent of the model’s sales, pushing transaction price increases of $7,800.
    • Retail sales increased in every region of the country, with the largest market, the Central region, seeing a 46 percent growth
  • Ford Explorer sales decreased 1.89 percent to 15,005 units
    • Retail sales increased 56.8 percent
    • Fleet sales decreased 66.3 percent due to order timing
    • 2018 Expedition is turning in just 11 days
  • Ford F-Series sales increased 1.62 percent to 58,937 units, representing the model’s best January sales performance since 2004
    • F-Series average transaction pricing totaled $47,800 per truck – up $1,400 over a year ago and $140 over December’s record
  • Ford Fiesta sales increased 5.59 percent to 3,775 units
  • Ford Flex sales decreased 19.77 percent to 1,469 units
  • Ford Focus sales decreased 30.98 percent to 6,610 units
  • Ford Fusion sales decreased 33.28 percent to 10,352 units
  • Ford GT sales totaled 10 units
  • Ford Heavy Trucks sales decreased 48.67 percent to 732 units
  • Ford Mustang sales decreased 6.22 percent to 4,732 units; retail sales increased 10.7 percent, with the biggest increases coming from the nation’s larger sports car markets: Dallas was up 39 percent and Houston was up 9 percent
  • Ford Police Interceptor Sedan sales increased 27.04 percent to 700 units
  • Ford Police Interceptor Utility sales increased 26.66 percent to 2,984 units
  • Ford Taurus sales decreased 9.45 percent to 2,548 units
  • Ford Transit sales decreased 3.32 percent to 7,512 units
  • Ford Transit Connect sales decreased 8.77 percent to 1,914 units

Lincoln sales decreased 27 percent to 6,410 units:

  • Lincoln Continental sales decreased 30.16 percent to 815 units
  • Lincoln MKC sales decreased 28.24 percent to 1,197 units
  • Lincoln MKT sales decreased 52.69 percent to 123 units
  • Lincoln MKX sales decreased 38.15 percent to 1,811 units
  • Lincoln MKZ sales decreased 43.73 percent to 1,176 units
  • Lincoln Navigator sales increased 97.55 percent to 1,288 units
    • Sales increased triple digits in every region of the country, with the Western region is up 135 percent
    • Retail sales increased 131.7 percent, marking the Navigator’s best January retail sales in a decade
    • At retail, 84 percent of Navigators sold were Reserve and Black Label models – the two highest trim levels
    • Navigator is turning on dealer lots in just 7 days
  • The Lincoln brand’s overall transaction pricing increased $8,700 compared to a year ago

Sales Results - January 2018 - USA - Ford

C-MAX-0.32% 943946
E-SERIES+55.17% 5,1053,290
EDGE-6.29% 8,5199,091
ESCAPE-7.97% 18,94720,588
EXPEDITION-15.38% 3,4394,064
EXPLORER-1.89% 15,00515,294
F-SERIES+1.62% 58,93757,995
FIESTA+5.59% 3,7753,575
FLEX-19.77% 1,4691,831
FOCUS-30.98% 6,6109,577
FUSION-33.28% 10,35215,515
GT* 10*
HEAVY TRUCKS-48.67% 7321,426
MUSTANG-6.22% 4,7325,046
TAURUS-9.45% 2,5482,814
TRANSIT-3.32% 7,5127,770
TRANSIT CONNECT-8.77% 1,9142,098
FORD TOTAL-5.55% 154,733163,827

Sales Results - January 2018 - USA - Lincoln

CONTINENTAL-30.16% 8151,167
MKC-28.24% 1,1971,668
MKT-52.69% 123260
MKX-38.15% 1,8112,928
MKZ-43.73% 1,1762,090
NAVIGATOR+97.55% 1,288652
LINCOLN TOTAL-27.03% 6,4108,785

Sales Results - January 2018 - USA - FMC Totals

FORD TOTAL-5.55% 154,733163,827
LINCOLN TOTAL-27.03% 6,4108,785
FMC USA TOTAL-6.64% 161,143172,612

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