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Ford Performance Chief Engineer: Ford Ranger Raptor ‘Would Do Really Well’ In The US

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Ford hasn’t said a peep about whether or not some version of the new Ford Ranger Raptor supertruck might become available in the United States. But Ford Performance Chief Engineer Jamal Hameedi, who was instrumental in bringing the original SVT Raptor to market, says he suspects the high-performance mid-size pickup might do well in the market – provided that it has the right powertrain.

The brand-new, 2019 Ford Ranger Raptor was unveiled earlier this month in Thailand, and will go on sale later this year in select global markets, including Australia.

“Raptors are a slam dunk for the US. I think [the Ford Ranger Raptor] would do really well in the states,” Hameedi told Drive.com.au. He went on to call the new Raptor “the best handling pickup truck I’ve driven, and not by an insignificant margin.”

“[With] the watt’s link and everything, I think it would go pretty well in America,” he said.

But were the Ford Ranger Raptor to make its way to the United States, the Ford Performance Chief Engineer feels “most American off-roaders would actually prefer a petrol gas engine, [even though] a diesel is the absolute way to go for the rest of the world.” And of course, releasing some version of the truck in North America isn’t pressing, as America already has the F-150 Raptor, and Ford’s “first priority is to get a Raptor available to everyone on the planet earth,” Hameedi says.

“We’ve got to spread Raptors to the rest of the planet.”

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Written by Aaron Brzozowski

Aaron Brzozowski is a writer and motoring enthusiast from Detroit with an affinity for '80s German steel. He is not active on the Twitter these days, but you may send him a courier pigeon.

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  1. I’m a 100% Ford guy but when I read Ford is “considering” bring the Raptor to America I had to shake my head. Ford is as much of an American as Harley Davidson or Levi Jeans………Can you imagine them introducing there product to another country and then stating ” We aren’t sure if it will be offered in the states”? Henry Ford has to be turning over in his grave !!!

    • I agree.
      Is it possible that they were so stupid so as to not replace the 1983 design ranger and think that their aluminum body big truck would win over small truck buyers???
      And what’s complicated about introducing a jacked up truck that you already have designed?
      GM and Chevy midsized are, and have been, selling at full list price since they came out. Is Ford marketing that backward and misaligned with customers?

  2. I bet they’re going to bring it to the U.S., however, there is a U.S. spec truck that’s not ready yet and they’re just delaying.

  3. Soooo,,,,,,, basically Ford is saying :

    It’s a great truck
    It would sell very well in the U.S.
    We will only produce the Ranger with a 4 cylinder motor
    We really don’t think the USA should have a Raptor and if they do it will be a diesel

    AND……..We will need about $40,000.00 U.S. dollars for the same “new” truck we have been building over seas for the past 3 years.
    Sounds about right…….
    I’m 71 years old and have had Ford blue in my veins forever…. but I might need a transfusion !!!!!!!!!

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