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Future Ford Explorer ST Teased Next To The New, 2019 Edge ST

In case you missed it, yesterday, as Ford Motor Company detailed the veritable onslaught of new products coming to join its North American lineup by 2020, Ford President of Global Markets Jim Farley casually mentioned a performance-oriented full-size SUV that’ll be entering the fray: the Ford Explorer ST. Ford isn’t ready to unveil the new model just yet, but the automaker did release a teaser image recently showing a covered Ford Explorer ST parked near the new-for-2019 Edge ST.

Yesterday’s announcement promptly answered the question “What vehicle will Ford give the ‘ST’ treatment to next?”, although the response is almost sure to irk many a devout Ford Performance fan. With a new Edge ST and Explorer ST now confirmed, and no indication that Europe’s all-new Fiesta ST will ever reach North America’s shores, ST-badged crossover utility vehicles seem poised to outnumber ST-badged hot hatches two-to-one.

Even then, we’re assuming Ford will release a new Focus ST shortly after the all-new, fourth-generation Focus bows for 2019. While there’s no reason to doubt this will be the case, stranger things have happened.

At any rate, crossover shoppers can look forward to an all-new Ford Explorer and the first-ever Ford Explorer ST debuting before 2020, as Ford increases its focus on the truck and utility segments over the coming years. Fans can at least rest assured that the new ST will be an “authentic performance version” of the Explorer, Mr. Farley says, “not just wheels, badges, and some blacked-out trim.”

Aaron Brzozowski is a writer and motoring enthusiast from Detroit with an affinity for '80s German steel. He is not active on the Twitter these days, but you may send him a courier pigeon.

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  1. vbondjr

    all i have to say is it needs to sound like the ford gt and be able to compete with the SRT392 durango or its going to flop. fuel economy be darned!

  2. Kevin

    “authentic performance version” of the Explorer, Mr. Farley says, “not just wheels, badges, and some blacked-out trim.”

    So in other words, they won’t do what GM does to all their cars.

  3. Vbondjr

    They should just put the 480hp Bullitt 5.0 with the 10 speed auto in it make it awd and call it a day

  4. Ron Kaledas

    Oh my gosh, I wish they had “LIKE” buttons on these comments! I would SO be smashing the like button for BOTH of vbondjr’s comments – I’m in total agreement!!!!

    This really needs to not just compete with, but BEAT the Durango SRT! (And also be eligible for A/Z plan!) 🙂

  5. Trevor

    Yea a reliable 5.0 without those built in water pumps would be nice!


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