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GM Now Has A Dual-Cam V8 To Compete With Ford’s Coyote

General Motors’ premium Cadillac brand today pulled the wraps off of a sporty new variant of its full-size CT6 luxury sedan: the CT6 V-Sport. Somewhat surprisingly, lurking under the hood is not the torquey, supercharged pushrod V8 that many might have been expecting, but an all-new, clean-sheet V8 with dual overhead camshafts and a pair of turbochargers. The new engine displaces just 4.2 liters, and uses efficient direct-injection rather than squirting fuel at the intake ports.

It also utilizes a “hot-vee” configuration, in which the exhaust exits into the valley atop the V8 engine, rather than out the sides. German automakers like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche have used similar setups to minimize turbo spool time and increase efficiency, all while reducing packaging size.

2019 Cadillac CT6 V-Sport - twin-turbo DOHC V8

With this new engine, General Motors now has a modern, power-dense dual-cam V8 to combat Ford’s excellent 5.0L Coyote – depending on where it’s deployed. For now, the engine is poised to remain exclusive to Cadillac, powering the CT6 V-Sport in 550-horsepower guise, while a detuned, 500-horsepower version is slated to make its way into the regular CT6. But it isn’t at all hard to imagine a larger, normally-aspirated version finding its way into a future Chevrolet Camaro, where it could directly threaten Ford’s latest 460-horsepower, dual-injected Coyote.

Since its introduction for 2011, the DOHC Coyote V8 has been a point of pride among the Mustang faithful, being a much more modern sort of engine than the comparatively crude pushrod small-blocks that have powered V8 Camaros over the years. Now, that point of pride could be destined to become moot.

(Source: GMAuthority)

Aaron Brzozowski is a writer and motoring enthusiast from Detroit with an affinity for '80s German steel. He is not active on the Twitter these days, but you may send him a courier pigeon.

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  1. Andrew Christian

    This should be interesting. I already prefer the power curve of the LS pushrod engines over the Coyote (I have a Coyote). The flatter torque curve yields more engaging driving and better straight-line performance. Should be interesting to see the power curve of this DOHC engine.

    The sad part is that Ford keeps putting the EcoBoost engines in the Lincolns, which is completely and utterly fine. However, Lincoln needs a torquey AMG-style V8 to complete that “effortless luxury” vision that Lincoln is pursuing. A big honkin’ V8 would have made the Continental and Navigator more attractive vehicles than they already are. It’s not like Ford doesn’t already have enough CAFE credits from their other engine lineup.

  2. Vbondjr

    While I’ve been a mustang fan for quite some time, I wouldn’t call any gm v8 “crude” I’m honestly looking forward to a Dohc 5.0l or 5.7l 2019 camaro ss but obviously with a naturally aspirated version with a good exhaust system. Gm normally does very well with Their v8 engines and if they do make a Dohc v8 camaro ss I don’t think that ford is going to fare well against it

  3. vbondjr

    While this is truly just my opinion, I would love to see Chevrolet do a few things with its upcoming Camaro. As is, the Camaro is a world class sports car, the things i want to see most in the new Camaro are a 5.7L DOHC naturally aspirated V8 small block with direct & port fuel injection, a 10-speed automatic, Magnetic ride, electronic differential, a mid-length design stepped Tri-y exhaust manifold with a high flow mini-cat in the collector of the headers themselves, MAP sensor instead of MAF, a revised intake design similar to the MSD Air Force intake manifold, a true factory smooth bore cold air intake system with a closed filter box, a chambered mid-crossover resonator, a high flow “suitcase” muffler out back with the active valve exhaust system tuned to sound more like the ’60’s Camaros with a GMPP /Borla suitcase muffler option and 4″ quad tips, magnetic ride, the current ZL1 Brembo brakes, 20×9.5″ modern variants of the ’70’s Camaro rally 5-spoke wheels (Bullitt-style but for Camaro w/ dark grey spokes & polished lips with clearance for the brembo brakes) a 4″ tall rear lip spoiler on the SS models, modern ’69 Tri-bar sequential tail lamps (red/black smoked LED), full LED headlights, evolutionary style front fascia, a slightly changed hood with more aggressive hood vents more reminiscent to the SS-396 scoops from the 67-68 Era but painted to match, a redesigned trunk lid with a wider opening, battery under the rear seat, a spare tire standard, an Audiophile-level Rockford fosgate speaker, amp and Camaro specific powered sub woofer package, a better designed heated/cooled./Alcantara/leather steering wheel, Hounds tooth recaro seats, auto-tint solar tint glass (just like the new eyeglasses that tint in the sun w/ anti-glare technology), a little more sound insulation, and a host of new colors such as Hugger Orange, fathom blue, British green, Butternut yellow, lemans blue, Cordovan Maroon, Rally Green, Bronze, Phantom Black & Matador red. I also think that like how Dodge has their SRT-392, I think the Camaro should have a hotter SS-396 version return to the streets with a 6.5L DOHC 550hp N/A V8 setup like the regular 5.7L SS Camaro but with a different magnetic suspension, Carbon ceramic brembo brakes, etc. With those two variants plus a twin turbo 850hp 7.0L V8 ZL1 Camaro, Chevy will truly have the baddest Muscle cars/ Pony cars on the planet. Again this is all my thoughts and opinions but i think this would be cool.

  4. vbondjr

    Also, I would love to see the V6 Camaro get and upgraded with a 435hp twin turbo V6/10-speed auto setup. With 435hp and 425lb-ft f torque, the little V6 camaro would have more torque than the current 5.0 Mustang but still being far enough behind the projected 475tq the DOHC 5.7L Camaro would have. The V6 should really be the one to have the 1LE trim and it should be the RS/1LE package and it should have a magnetic ride suspension, brembo brakes, 20″ wheels, improved aerodynamics and styling, recaro seats, alcantara, etc.
    The 2.0T should receive the Berlinetta trim and focus on offering Buick level comfort and luxury in a Camaro. I would like to see the 2.0T bumped up to 350hp with upgrades to hybrid technology so it shouldn’t be hard.


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  6. Sheryl Ellingson

    So you’re comparing GM DOHC engine, which is twin turboed, and the DOHC 5.0L is N/A.
    Put twin turbos on a Coyote 5.0L and it’s pushing 800HP on stock internals.
    Impressive by ANY car manufacturers standards.
    Try not to be misleading about engine specs, next time.

  7. Trey

    Sheryl you’re being an imbecile, you’re talking about big aftermarket twins on a already high compression v8. Duh it’s going to make power. Your comparison was just as bad if not worse….try not to be misleading next time

    1. Sheryl

      Where is my comparison wrong?
      You’re missing the point as well as being insulting to me as well as everyone else here with a shred of common sense.
      I can assure you that the Cadillac engine is impressive by any means, but let’s compare apples to apples. I don’t see any N/A motors from GM, close to the 5.0L range, without turbos that can compete with Fords Coyote motor. Yes the Caddy motor is smaller, but Ford is making 640 HP in their 3.5L V-6 engines.

  8. Zora

    Lol silly little Fords, GM doesn’t have to come up with anything to “compete” with any Ford engine, GM has been dominating Ford engines using old pushrod engines. When GM decides to develop a dual cam engine it will be game over for Ford and it’s lil pony car…..


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