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Lincoln U.S. Sales Decrease 23 Percent To 6,700 Units In February 2018

Ford Motor Company’s premium Lincoln brand reported 6,700 new vehicle deliveries in February 2018 in the United States, a decrease of 23.4 percent compared to February 2017.

Sales on an individual model basis were as follows:

  • Lincoln Continental sales decreased 29.75 percent to 758 units
  • Lincoln MKC sales decreased 20.88 percent to 1,550 units
  • Lincoln MKT sales decreased 52.26 percent to 137 units
  • Lincoln MKX sales decreased 24.18 percent to 1,812 units
  • Lincoln MKZ sales decreased 33.46 percent to 1,380 units
  • Lincoln Navigator sales increased 13.33 percent to 1,063 units
    • Lincoln Navigator retail sales increased 60.1 percent, with customer sold orders outpacing supply
    • The all-new SUV is sitting on dealer lots for just 9 days on average and 6 for Black Label
    • Demand for Reserve and Black Label models is overwhelming, representing 85 percent of sales, providing Navigator with a $19,400 gain in transaction pricing for February

What’s more, Lincoln transaction prices grew $4,600 in February 2018.

In the first two months of 2018, Lincoln U.S. sales decreased 25 percent to 13,110 units.

Sales Results - February 2018 - USA - Lincoln

MODELFEB 2018 / FEB 2017FEBRUARY 2018FEBRUARY 2017YTD 2018 / YTD 2017 YTD 2018YTD 2017
CONTINENTAL-29.75% 7581,079-29.96%1,573 2,246
MKC-20.88% 1,5501,959-24.26%2,747 3,627
MKT-52.26% 137287-52.47%260 547
MKX-24.18% 1,8122,390-31.87%3,623 5,318
MKZ-33.46% 1,3802,074-38.62%2,556 4,164
NAVIGATOR+13.33% 1,063938+47.86%2,351 1,590
LINCOLN TOTAL-23.38% 6,7008,744-25.21%13,110 17,529

About The Numbers

  • All percent change figures compared to Lincoln February 2017 sales, except as noted
  • There were 24 selling days in February 2018 and 24 selling days in February 2017

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  1. Andrew Christian

    They need to hurry and convert the MK#s over to the named and provide the new Lincoln grille and taillight treatment. Honestly, the Continental and Navigator are awesome cars, however, the rest of the lineup is stale.

    For the naming conventions, here’s my take:

    MKC – Helmsman/Shepherd
    MKX – Aviator
    MKZ – Zephyr

    The MKT should be EOL. They should introduce a new long coupe version of the Continental and call it the Continental Club Coupe. The Club Coupe should also be AWD or RWD (I know they don’t have a long wheel base RWD platform, but honestly, would anyone be mad if they converted the Mustang platform for Lincoln as well? Strong driving dynamics and the Mustang platform is already pretty long. Stretch it a little and put it under the Continental and Continental Club Coupe.

    The MKC (Helmsman/Shepherd) and MKX (Aviator) need to be further differentiated. They are too close in styling, price, and intent.

    I dunno, I want Lincoln to succeed, but I guess everyone’s a critic. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. Reply
  2. Benjamin Appel-boarman

    They need to bring back the town car in all it’s glory. This thing they call the MKT is not a town car, it’s a hatchback. Also the continental is a great disservice to its original form. The v8 engine was wonderful, and the long hood with that beautiful Lincoln emblem right up front. I will not buy any Lincolns newer than 2012 until they fix this problem.


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