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Breaking: Ford To Axe The Fiesta, Fusion, Taurus, And Most Focus Models In North America

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Hot on the heels of a report that Ford Motor Company was deliberating whether to continue offering Ford Fiesta, Focus, and Fusion in the US market, the automaker today formally announced that it will “not invest in next generations of traditional Ford sedans for North America.” In short, over the next couple of years, Ford will prune its US car lineup drastically, eliminating the Fiesta, Fusion, and Taurus, while the Focus range will be reduced to just a single model: the crossover-inspired Ford Focus Active.

Ford says it will explore “new ‘white space’ vehicle silhouettes” – or new opportunities to replicate what its Active models achieve, by combining attributes of cars and utility vehicles to offer a higher ride height, more space, and better versatility in a car-like package.

Ford says its decision to axe the bulk of its North American car lineup is rooted in the declining demand and profitability of such vehicles. The Ford Mustang will remain in the portfolio as a sporty halo vehicle, and a Focus Active based on the new, fourth-generation compact car will be brought in as a sort of “crossover lite,” but there will be no replacement for the sixth-generation Fiesta, the second-generation Fusion, or the sixth-generation Taurus.

“The entire team is focused on improving the operational fitness of our business, as well as meeting and exceeding our accelerated 2020 target of 8 percent margin and ROIC in the high teens,” Ford Chief Financial Officer Bob Shanks said in a release. The automaker’s earnings through the first quarter of 2018 are “in line with expectations and consistent with our outlook for the full year, but we know we can, and must, do better.”

Ford earlier this month unveiled an all-new version of the Focus compact car aimed at the European and Asian markets. Previously, it was planned that North America would import the car from China starting with the 2020 model year, with certain, special models like the ST and RS being shipped in from Europe.

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Written by Aaron Brzozowski

Aaron Brzozowski is a writer and motoring enthusiast from Detroit with an affinity for '80s German steel. He is not active on the Twitter these days, but you may send him a courier pigeon.

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    • My feelings exactly, Michael. Ford enthusiast here, and my Fusion will likely be my last Ford ride. I guess I struggle to see how some of these smaller crossovers are much more profitable than a decently equipped sedan. Will be interesting to see how this pans out when gas gets closer to $5/gallon again. I have no desire to roll around in some shorter wheelbase, pregnant rollerskate.

    • Still have an older 2007 fusion. I guess making a good car comes second to their profits. I had a 65 mustang that drove just like this fusion. The fusion is made well, engineered well, fun to spin round,.. no defecs engineered into it. I’m impressed. Kept it.
      I just might consider getting another or a Taurus b4 they halt production. It’s a shame that business and good quality can’t go hand in hand.

      • Go w Taurus. I ordered a 2017 Taurus (Show), I don’t like SUVs or small noisy sedans. This may be my last new car purchase, if I can get 15-20 yrs, w this Taurus.

  1. My Fusion Sport is a great csr. When you calculate prce, utility, comfort, and.performance it is an exceptional vehile.

  2. The lineup is a bit stale. A few years ago dealers wanted a quicker schedule to have new products. Never saw the replacement for the Ranger, but to not have a five passenger sedan is nuts not all of us want a truck or suv. I’m very happy with my Fusion!

  3. With so much competition, there are clearly better car brands out there. Pick-up trucks are Fords bread and butter.

  4. I’ve owned Taurus’s since 1996 with a 2013 currently as well as a 2012 Fusion. It looks like I need to start looking to another manufacturer for my mid-size cars in the future. It won’t be a Ford.

  5. What a bummer! I understand trimming but you’ve now given the American driving public the choice of a sports car that is A) cool but impractical in winter weather as is evidenced during wintertime here in the Midwest and B) too small for many. If I still lived in California, the Mustang would be a solid choice and don’t get me started on the gutless wonder, Focus, albeit a better choice in many ways than the Fiesta.

    Wow, I’m shocked that sales of the Fusion have slacked off that much as they were selling like gangbusters a few years ago. The last 9 cars/SUVs we’ve had have been Fords. If we need a car, we’ll have to go to another manufacturer. Thank goodness it sounds like the SUV line is ok right now as we are Escape fans. We miss the Sport Trac, loved our F150 Platinum and the Taurus has been a staple for many years for us. We are excited to see the reintroduction of the Ford Ranger to the American market.

    Hopefully, we’ll see something we like in the future.

  6. Here’s hoping that they still give us the ST and RS instead of telling us that an Edge ST is a perfect substitute. I’m also curious if the Fusion does return, but with the Active trim that resembles the Volvo S60 Cross Country (i.e. Sedan with a crossover ride hight).

  7. I would guess the reason for discontinuing these sedans is because of future EVs…. Most of those will be replaced with an EV on EV specific platforms vs adding the EV bits to an ICE car.

  8. Well they finally pushed it to far. I own a 13 fusion and a 15 f-150 I love both my fords but I have never had a better family car then my fusion! My parents only buy fusions as well as the focus is terrible in the snow and way to small for their needs and the same goes for us. Ford just lost 2 families worth of customers! Toyota or Chevy just gained new customers.

    • I have bought 5 Ford Focuses and they are anything but terrible in the snow. The Mk3 Focus (2013-2018) is capable but nothing special in the snow however the Mk1 and Mk 2 are incredible. The Pirelli tires that came on my Mk2s were pretty bad but after switching them out with some quality all-season tires I never got stuck. The M+S tires that came on the Mk3 were absolute garbage, the Zeons were better than the 2013-2014 Continentals but not by alot. For my Mk 3 SE and ST I use winter tires but I still use all-season tires year round on my 2 Mk2s.

      I am upset by Fords decision but I am still holding out hope we get select performance models from Europe, I refuse to buy a Chinese made car after the issues Ive had with the low quality automatic transmission from Mexico in my 15 Focus.

  9. I think there is more to this than people understand. Ford is finally starting the read the writing on the wall and realize that electric and hybrid sedan type cars are the future and they are trying to sell off as much of their old stock as possible. Even though the current administration is trying to destroy the all of the environmental regulations and the progress that has been made, it’s only temporary, people know that and the rest of the world is moving ahead. People want electric cars and Ford’s competitors are already starting to make them. Ford hasn’t had much to offer yet. I suggest that, some of the lines being shut down will eventually be retooled to produce electric vehicles. But, Ford is not going to say that until they can sell off their current backlog of cars. Ford may have made a huge profit. But, to continue doing so they will have to reinvest a lot of it into modernizing their product.

    • They are going to a less fuel efficient formula in NA buy switching to Trucks, SUVs, Crossovers, Mustangs and a less efficient Focus. Make no mistake this is about playing to their strengths for profit. Ford trucks sell like crazy in the US while their cars get passed over for cheaper knock offs from KIA.

      Also electric and hybrid cars are pretty terrible for the environment. We need an alternative to fossil fuel but I’m guessing when my grand kids get to my age there will be people protesting the strip mining and disposal of the toxic Lithium these cars need to operate.

  10. So 200,000 plus Fusion sedans sold a year isnt profitable? EVERYBODY DOESN’T WANT SUVs! This is stupid to me. Its more of the old “let the Japanese win” attitude that gets them in financial ruin every decade or so. I was raised on Ford and have driven all Fords my entire adult life. But at this time I will no longer support FoMoCo, no matter how nice the trucks are.

  11. This is typical thinking that has destroyed the US auto industry. GM was convinced that they needed to rid themselves of Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Hummer, and Saturn. Now because to their inept moves they made they gave up huge market share to the foreign brands. Ford already closed Mercury, now essentially when they become Ford Truck, and there is an energy crisis, or people decide they are tired of shoeboxes on wheels the foreign competition will finish them off. They never learn.

  12. The CAFE regulations killed these cars. Basically CAFE favors suvs and cuvs because they fall into light truck category. That’s been CAFE’s biggest failure. Instead of fuel efficient cars, auto makers are forced to make CUVs to meet less stringent fuel economy standards. There needs to be a standard where cars and trucks are on equal footing fuel economy wise but the big 3 will never accept it because it will force them to make fewer trucks which is where their profits are made. I do think hybrids and EVs are the future.

  13. I own four Fords! My wife,s 2011 Fusion just passed 70 K miles. Had a set of tires and two batteries. Will need a brake job in about a thousand miles. Likely one of the three best sedans I have owned in my life-time purchase of 75 cars. For Ford to do away with such a great sedan seems incredibly STUPID!. perhaps with the exception of a classic Thunderbird or another Retro Thunderbird I simply will not consider another Ford to own. Management by Ford has taken a backward turn!

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