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Ford Exports To China Reportedly Being Held Up At Ports

Ford automobiles destined for the Chinese market are being held up at ports, Reuters reports, citing three unnamed sources with knowledge on the matter. The vehicles, some of which are from Ford’s premium Lincoln brand, are reportedly being subjected to unusual delays, with one China-based Ford executive telling Reuters that Ford is being asked to perform extra checks on emissions-related components.

Many pundits have come to fear a trade war between the United States and China in recent weeks as US President Donald Trump has imposed tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum, threatening further action unless the country takes certain actions to make trade with the US more “fair.” The delays being faced by US-built Ford and Lincoln automobiles, along with many US-made BMW and Mercedes vehicles, could be China’s attempt to deliver a message of defiance to Washington.

“Customs pretends there are technical non-conformities of some nature that won’t allow them to clear these US-made cars through customs, but the US-China trade frictions must be the background to this,” one of Reuters‘ sources – an industry official based in China – said. “Although no one will officially admit it.”

General Motors isn’t as vulnerable to the slowdown at China’s ports, as the vast majority of its Chinese-market automobiles are built locally; the automaker plans to export just 150 vehicles from North America to China this year.

China has grown to become the world’s largest auto market, making it an important one for global automakers. Ford has been floundering in China of late, suffering declining sales even while the market continues to expand. The automaker shipped about 80k vehicles to China from North America last year, more than half of which were Lincolns. All of them were subject to China’s 25-percent import duty on American-made cars.

Aaron Brzozowski is a writer and motoring enthusiast from Detroit with an affinity for '80s German steel. He is not active on the Twitter these days, but you may send him a courier pigeon.

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  1. vbondjr

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now china doesn’t want Ford’s BS products either. Ford is such a failure. GM and Mopar are so much better. If they’d just stuck to the American Market and listened to the American Customer they would be having these problems. Hey GM and FCA are ya’ll watching this??? Focus on the American Market! Give the American customers what they want! Focus on America!!!!!! Since Ford won’t, ya’ll should!!! Give us real trucks, real SUVs and real cars like we want! V8 powered with rear wheel, all wheel drive and 4×4. Give us rugged American vehicles that look American and feel American. Stop copying these overseas companies, we love our American styling, it represents us. When people want an American vehicle we want an American vehicle. You want to know how to make cars profitable again, I’ll tell you, start making them here. People crave American made vehicles. I’ll make it simple here’s what we want
    Chevrolet: The real American brand vehicle
    1.) a Real Camaro lineup: The current Camaro is awesome but we want that Route 66 running Camaro we fell in love with from the ’60’s and ’70’s but with the modern tech. We want an 495hp SS-396, we want another Z/28 that splits the difference between the SS-396 and the ZL1 pushing about 550hp from a supercharged Chevrolet 5.0L, we want a 750hp ZL1, we want a 7.0L Yenko, and we all want a hot RS 5.7L 1LE pushing 420hp and even a base model 2.0T Berlinetta “luxury” Camaro. The Corvette is fine to do its own thing but we want a real Camaro. We also want our SUVs back. We want a big Tahoe-blazer Z71 with a 5.7L V8 and not a 5.3L we want the 5.7L back as the base Chevy Small block with an optional 450hp 6.4L Chevy V8. Same with the Silverado, we also want another SS Silverado with the same 495hp 6.4L from the Camaro. We also want another Trailblazer SS to battle the Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokee. We also want a Malibu SS on the Alpha platform with a 5.7L V8. The colorado needs more of the Silverado styling and also a more powerful V6 and diesel option.
    2.) Buick, Pontiac & GMC: First thing’s first Bring back Pontiac! The Camaro needs a running mate and it should be the Firebird. We need a Base Firebird, a Firebird Formula 5.7L, a Firebird Trans Am WS6 6.4L and a Firehawk 6.2L supercharged. These all need to be more comfortable and more stylish than the Camaro with a bigger trunk and better visibility. Now Pontiac would have an advantage because it would be under the GMC line so Pontiac could be the car lineup of the GMC branch, with the Firebird line, a Grand Prix (Alpha Platform sedan with a 350hp/340tq V6, AWD 10-speed auto, Brembo brakes, magnetic ride, GKN E-twinster differentials, etc) and an Omega platform Bonneville 5.7L mild-hybrid V8 w/ 10 speed auto AWD, magnetic ride, etc. Buick would move to the small & midsize SUV brand taking over with the Buick Acadia, Buick Terrain and GMC would take over the large SUV and truck lineup updating the Yukon and Sierra models as needed.
    3.) Cadillac & Corvette: Corvette is in a world of its own and needs to be with cars of its class so to bring the Corvette under the premium Cadillac umbrella wouldn’t be as far off as it may seem. To give the car a higher pedigree along with everything it has done so far under the Chevrolet umbrella would position it better with the top dogs of the world such as Lamborghini. Cadillac needs to move their look and feel as far from the rest of the General motors lineup as possible and and move everything to the twin turbo V6 and twin turbo V8 power trains with DCT and 10-speed automatics to give them that complete distinction. The Escalade should no share the same profile as the Tahoe/Yukon/Suburban stablemates, it should be sleeker, lower, more angular and share that distinct Cadillac prestige.
    Mopar: The Muscle brand
    Dodge should be the dedicated Muscle vehicle brand that is still relevant to the American Car Culture. The Charger, the Challenger and the Durango should continue their reign and rule on the streets with tweaks and Improvements to their design. The Challenger should move to the ’72-73 body language on a new, lighter and slightly smaller platform with new engine options. The base model should be a 400hp turbo-4 GT model with AWD and comfort being its biggest themes. Next on the list should be a Challenger T/A 5.9L which takes the 5.7L Eagle, bumps the displacement, adds the Apache top end (intake, throttle, heads, cam, exhaust manifold & active exhaust with a valve operated side exit system) Brembo brakes, magnetic ride, rear fender brake ducts, a 4.5″ duckbill spoiler on the back, an actual T/A style black hood, 10-speed Torque-Flite transmission and a T/A specific interior, next should be a 7.0L Banshee powered R/T Hemi with a shaker hood, the new 520hp 7.0L Banshee V8, 10-speed torque-flite, bigger brembos, Magnetic ride, etc. Lastly the Hellcat should remain but with a Cuda-style grille, an actual Cuda style hood, Cuda fender vents, an aggressive Gull wing spoiler, a 725hp 6.2L Hellcat V8, a higher performance 10-speed auto, Hellcat/Demon suspension flared fenders, widebody-hellcat spec wheels and tires, Alcantara-recaro interior, etc. The Charger is next on the list with the same base model GT, an R/T 5.9L a Daytona 7.0 and Charger Hellcat. The Charger should get the ’99 Charger concept styling with a blend of the new charger look but give it the Challenger-style headlamps which would take the whole look back to something like the ’72 GTX. Both of those vehicles should have the Alpine stereo, navigation, 12″ Receiver screen, digital dash boards, etc. Lastly the Durango should be the same rebellious SUV but with more Rebelliousness in its DNA. It should have the 400hp GT turbo-4, a 5.9L R/T AWD, a Durango R/T AWD Super Track Pack with the 7.0L Banshee and a Durango Hellcat. Dodge also needs a hot rod car again that would blend the performance of the Viper with the styling of the Prowler but have a 725hp Hellcat engine and be more of a Competition to the Corvette with side exit exhaust, Dual clutch transmission, and all of the proper equipment a sports car should have and it should be called the Prowler Hellcat. Next on the list is Chrysler. Chrysler has a major opportunity to sell a very premium product. The Pacifica is an almost awesome vehicle yet it lacks an awesome drive train. I’m not saying to turn the Pacifica into a Hellcat (which Ralph Giles would absolutely say yes too.) but a rear wheel drive based AWD 400hp turbo-4 Pacifica Grand Touring wouldn’t be a bad idea along with maybe a slightly hotter 430hp turbo-4 R/T model with AWD, larger brakes, ground effects, blacked out grilles and lights, a scooped hood like the Dodge Dart had, 20×9.5″ wheels, a high flow dual exhaust system, sporty interior, rear spoiler, adjustable dynamic ride, Pursuit brakes and things like that would be pretty awesome. Next the 300 sedan should go back to the sleek look it had in the early 2000’s with the current sleek design the Pacifica has. Being that it shares the underpinnings with the Charger and Challenger it should share the same engines but not the same names, the base should be the Chrysler 300 LHS with the 400hp Turbo-4, next should be the Chrysler 300 Concorde with the 5.9L V8, the top notch Chrysler should be the Hellcat-equipped Chrysler 300M. Jeep needs to cut down to the Wrangler, the Scrambler, the Cherokee, the Grand Cherokee, the Wagoneer and the Grand Wagoneer. Lastly Ram needs a Ramcharger SUV with the 5.9L and a 7.0L V8, a Hellcat powered street truck needs to be born and their needs to be a massive Cummins V8 turbo diesel pushing out 550hp and 1000lb ft of torque through an Allison transmission with Dana axles and Dually rear tires.
    Now, with electrification and hybrid cars coming out, obviously there has to be a lineup of these vehicles somewhere, Here’s the thing, people still want performance with their electrification, they still want to feel connected to the road and involved in the Tesla and Jaguar have already proven that electrification and performance can go hand in hand so for GM to have car such as the FNR-X concept which should be a Camaro inspired electric performance crossover with 500hp and 630lb-ft of instant E-torque on AWD, regenerative brakes and all that kind of stuff with a suspension that gives the vehicle a sporty feel should be no problem, not to mention offerings from GMC & and Cadillac. Cadillac should be the one to destroy everything Tesla had with a collaboration with General Electric for high performance electric motors and batteries. This car should push no less than 800hp and roughly the same in torque with the technology and maneuverability of a fighter jet just on the ground. I’m not sure yet on Mopar for the fully electric cars but a few more mild hybrid options on vehicles like the Charger, challenger, Durango, Rams and the Chrysler vehicles could be a smart idea if done like the Ram 1500 mild hybrid. America would truly be happy. Now as far as the overseas market is concerned, Opel, Fiat, Maserati and the rest of those cars still have their place and i say build upon them over there and expand their lineups but don’t combine the two as global market vehicles. There is no point and it was ford’s failure that should expose this. Except for Australia. Holden has had such a great influence in Australia, especially with their V8 lineup that it should continue and get off of the Opel platform and adopt variants of the Alpha-2 and Omega platforms.
    Another thing both of these companies need to look in to is their accessories and performance upgrades. Factory performance parts often go through a much higher set of standards to ensure proper fitment and performance. Wheels packages, performance, interior upgrades, stereo upgrades, optional glass upgrades including solar tint glass (like the sunglasses), glass protection films to reduce road damage and things like that, lighting options, all of the things people really love to do to cars. If the factory offers it, it would be more opportunities for companies to make money and more sales and differentiate them from other cars on the market.


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