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Ford To Launch Second Joint Venture With China’s Zotye, Offer EV Fleet Solutions

Ford’s Smart Mobility subsidiary is working with one of the automaker’s several partners in the Chinese market, Zotye Auto, to bring Ford Smart Mobility to the country. Ford announced this week a memorandum of understanding to establish a new, 50:50 joint venture with Zotye that will work to provide electric vehicle solutions to Chinese ride-hailing fleet operators. This is separate from Ford’s existing joint venture with Zotye, which is preparing to launch a new electric vehicle brand for the Chinese market.

Ford and Zotye’s new mobility joint venture will provide ride-hailing fleet operators and drivers leasing services, data-driven fleet management, in-vehicle digital services, connectivity, and vehicle customization.

“As people and cities across the world increasingly adopt new mobility services, we also need to work together to ensure these services are solving key issues such as accessibility and air quality versus adding to them,” says Ford President of Mobility Marcy Klevorn. “By providing smart-enabled electric vehicles for the ride-hailing market, this new mobility joint venture will be a key part of the solution for China’s cities.”

The new Ford-Zotye joint venture will launch in Zhejiang province with a registered capital of US$20 million, and it will later expand to other provinces. The Chinese government is one of the more ardent supporters of EVs as it attempts to address air-quality concerns across the country, and many ride-hailing operators in China are onboard. In announcing the new joint venture, Ford cited research from Boston Consulting Group, which says that China’s “e-hailing” market could grow by 19 percent each year through 2022. The size of the country’s total fleet of ride-hailing EVs could reach up to 26 million.

Aaron Brzozowski is a writer and motoring enthusiast from Detroit with an affinity for '80s German steel. He is not active on the Twitter these days, but you may send him a courier pigeon.

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  1. Vbondjr

    Dear ford
    After careful evaluation of your plans I conclude the best solution for you and your company would be to part ways and sever ties with the North American market. You’re main focus of the Chinese market has been duly noted and we wish you the best on your endeavors. Your vacancy in the market will be more a value to the America automakers gm and fca and will hopefully add enough room for gm to expand its lineup to cover your consistent failures and hopefully resurrect the Pontiac brand under gmc. Not to mention it will give fca room to expand and maybe bring back Plymouth as well. America is once again in love with muscle cars and pushrod v8 powered trucks and suvs. We have no desire for non pushrod v8 engines outside of what Cadillac is now presenting or your failed ecoboost platform and dainty econobox vehicles or your failed Buick level Lincoln lineup. Once again good luck in your Chinese endeavors but you are no longer needed. Maybe one day you will return to making real vehicles but until then it is best you for both the American automobile consumers and your company if we part ways and you continue your Chinese business over there.
    The real American consumer
    Ps you can return when your car lineup includes the following:
    Mustang: pushrod v8s bigger than 302ci there should be a Mach 1 high performance v8 above the gt and the gt500 above that which should be the only Dohc v8 In this mix. There should be a mild hybrid 2.7l v6 twin turbo engine at the base and that’s it. All on the new s650 chassis
    Falcon same as above but sedan
    Bronco: f150 based 2 and 4 door off road capable suv pushrod 5.8l v8 eco diesel option
    Explorer: rear wheel drive based street suv with high performance v8 pkg
    Expedition: almost perfect just drop the ecoboost and go back to a v8 preferably the 5.8l pushrod
    Ranger f100: bring it on high performance diesels and a 420hp 2.7l mild hybrid v6 twin turbo
    F150: drop all ecoboost everything v8 only unless it’s a diesel. Bring back a lightning pickup with a 7.0l v8
    F series super duty: place raptor here with a 500hp 1000tq powerstroke v8
    Mercury cougar techy luxury mustang without the fastback. 5.0l coyote gen 3 480hp and upgraded 5.2l voodoo v8 pushing 535hp in a cougar eliminator package with the current gt350 suspension and engine power geared for more low end torque
    Mercury cyclone same as above but in sedan
    Mercury marauder Ford Explorer hot rod mercury equivalent with 5.0l gen 3 v8
    Mercury marquis Ford Expedition short wheel base
    Mercury grand marquis Ford Expedition long wheel base 450hp 3.5l ecoboost v6

  2. Michael

    As I said previously since you decided to no longer build real cars with one exception I will no longer buy Fords. Now that you have become a Red Chinese Co I will no longer allow family members to purchase Gord/Lincoln suv or cuvs. Thank you for shpwing your true Red and yellow colors.


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