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Man Trades In 1966 Ford Mustang GT For 2018 Audi S5, Internet Has A Conniption

Imagine that after years of hard work and dedication, you finally land your dream car: a 1966 Ford Mustang GT. Is there any power in the known universe that could make you give up the keys?

For Robert, apparently there was. Car-loving frequenters of the internet had a meltdown last week when Audi Peoria in Illinois shared a photo on Facebook of Robert and his partner Julia next to a classic Ford Mustang GT and a 2018 Audi S5 Sportback, the caption proudly announcing that Robert had traded the vintage pony car, his “dream car”, to buy the European car. “That’s love!” the caption proclaimed.

The response to Audi Peoria’s post was so negative, apparently, that the dealership felt it prudent to remove it from their page. “I just can’t believe Robert traded in that beautiful piece of history for a pile of steaming volkswagen garbage,” one Facebook comment read in part. “I’m pretty sure that Robert should’ve traded in Julia, not his dream car,” read another. The story even inspired a President Trump-style meme, with a photo of the President next to the words: “This has been the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever.”

Of course, it’s Robert’s right to make whatever trade he will, and the 2018 Audi S5 is a perfectly fine machine. Still, if it were our choice to make, there’s absolutely no way we’d ever part with a collectible, timeless classic like a first-generation Ford Mustang GT to buy a brand-new German car that’s going to depreciate like a rock as soon as it’s driven off the lot. We’re sure most folks reading this would agree.

According to The Drive, which reached out to Audi Peoria for comment, the dealership isn’t opening up about the social media post or its subsequent deletion right now due to the “ongoing harassment” of its staff and customers. That we can’t abide.

Aaron Brzozowski is a writer and motoring enthusiast from Detroit with an affinity for '80s German steel. He is not active on the Twitter these days, but you may send him a courier pigeon.

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  1. JRD

    That idiot is a total p-whipped eunuch! Screw her! Buy the w**** a 20 year old Hyundai and tell her to suck it up. No woman is worth that!

  2. Kyle

    I mean, I’d like to know how long he had the Mustang for and what else he has in the garage before I rip the guy. If he needs a daily driver and doesn’t want to have more than one car, then the Audi makes sense. A 52 year old Mustang is a crappy daily driver.

  3. Les Lord

    It took me 36 years to finally get the woman I love her beloved red mustang convertible. Don’t judge!. It is her “forever” automobile. We traded an Infiniti G35 coupe a vehicle that met her size requirement, it was small. I am a Ford guy through and through so finding the right size mustang for her took that long. I know she is completely happy with her Stang even though it is not the speed demon that G35 was because I see it in her smile every time she puts the top down. I suppose this would be the reverse story of the above huh. Mustangs forever!

  4. Ph

    A brand new S5!!! damn, what a trade up.. i would have thought a base level Vw Golf at best for a Ford. To each his own!

  5. Sean

    Youtuber TunnelChaser trader his dodge demon for GT350R!!

  6. Sean

    Youtuber TunnelChaser traded his dodge demon for GT350R!!

  7. Andrew

    That Audi has already lost 30% of it value and in another 2 years will be worth less than the Mustang, which has gained in value. All VW/Audi become endless money pits in 5 years.


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