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Much Of The Lincoln Motor Company’s Lineup Could Be On The Chopping Block

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As Ford Motor Company prepares to start phasing out its entire North American car lineup except for the Mustang and the new, crossover-inspired Focus Active model, the company’s Lincoln luxury division could also see its portfolio downsized rather dramatically. The midsize Lincoln MKZ and full-size Continental are obvious candidates for discontinuation as Ford vows to stop investing in “traditional sedans” for North America, but it might not just be Lincoln’s cars that face the axe; according to Ford Chief Financial Officer Bob Shanks, “most Lincoln products” are “value destroyers” for the automaker, and could potentially be scrapped.

“We’re going to feed the healthy part of our business, and deal decisively with the parts that destroy value,” CEO Jim Hackett told analysts during a conference call last week.

As we reported back in March, sources tell us that the Lincoln Continental – an all-new luxury sedan introduced for the 2017 model year, which Ford spent $1 billion bringing to market – will be discontinued after the current, tenth-generation model reaches the end of its life cycle. The Lincoln MKZ, which shares its platform with the Ford Fusion sedan, seems almost certain to go out of production as its stablemate is terminated in 2019. In fact, out of Lincoln’s entire lineup, only the Aviator and Navigator seem safe. Both are comparatively large, high-margin vehicles, and the Aviator, which will replace the MKT, is due for a revolutionary redesign that will see the full-size crossover ditching its FWD-based layout for a RWD one.

The Navigator, which is all-new for 2018, received its own revolutionary redesign that saw it adopting the Ford F-150’s 10-speed automatic transmission and donning a lightweight aluminum body. Sales so far have outpaced production, with Ford having to invest an extra $25 million at its Kentucky Truck Plant to help speed things along.

(Sources: Automotive News)

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Written by Aaron Brzozowski

Aaron Brzozowski is a writer and motoring enthusiast from Detroit with an affinity for '80s German steel. He is not active on the Twitter these days, but you may send him a courier pigeon.

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  1. Why have a stand alone Lincoln dealership selling just two SUVs? Just call them Ford Navigator and Ford Aviator. I owned a Merc Grand Marquis, the same as the Ford Crown Vic (by the way two of the greatest cars Ford ever made, indestructible!)Merc is gone, so is Pontiac, Olds and I bet it won’t be long before Buick and or Cadillac gone. This is the way of the world. By the way if you think electric cars are here to stay, forget it. Just read my Motor Trend and they tested an all electric vehicle. The guy drove in LA and after 14,500 miles his charging bill from the charging stations was 540 dollars!!! Folks that fall in love with these electric vehicles must think the electricity is free.

    • Ummmm…Lou, if you had driven a gas-powered car for 14,500 miles, that would have cost you $1,500 in gas if your car got 30 MPG. $2,100 if you get 20. So I would say $540 is pretty darn reasonable.

      As for the original article, I would say the Nautilus (new name for MKX, the fancy Edge) is plenty safe too.

      • Kyle, True about the gas costs but I left something out of the article. He did not say how much his “house” electricity cost in addition to the 540 dollars, PLUS for a minimum charge it took 45 minutes. At the pimp I fill in about 3 minutes. When more and more electric cars come to market (in the millions someday) the electric grid will have to be expanded and who is going to pay for that. Homeowners and the folks plugging into the charging stations which will have to be installed in the millions too.

        • Absolutely true on the length of charge, which is going to be a barrier for a while. The overall benefit is already there though, IMO, for people to use them as a commuter vehicles. I’m seriously considering a plug-in or a full electric for my next daily driver.

          • Sounds like you have thought it through and may be a good move. I own a Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and to me a hybrid is the way to go. One thing about an all electric that has me curious. You are driving on the freeway to work and BOOM traffic stops for a serious accident and you sit there in 95 degree heat or 10 degree cold and you don’t move for one -two hours. What will you do? No problem with the Hybrid (unless you forgot to fill the tank and you run out of gas).

            • That’s why the plug-in, like a Chevy Volt or Ford Fusion Energi, makes the most sense probably. Or the BMW i3 with range extender. Gas motor is there as a backup when needed but not being used when it isn’t.

    • Yes, I bought my first Mercury Grand Marquis in 1989 (a used 1986 model) and have never looked back, currently I drive a 2004 Marauder with 137,000 miles that I have owned since January 17, 2005. These were three of the greatest cars Ford ever made (I’m including the Town Car). Ford basically ignored them after 2003, allowing the competition to catch up, which led to their demise. I guess my next sedan will be a Dodge Charger.

  2. Sounds like a plan. Go for it! (PS: the rumor is the Volt is on the chopping block.) I saw a BMW I3 on the freeway. Funny looking but kind of cute.

  3. Kill Lincoln, Ford Sucks!!!!!!!!!! Most of Ford’s lineup needs to go anyway
    The Continental Failure
    the new Nautilus
    all of these vehicles need to be removed from Ford’s lineup immediately, not only that the Mustang needs a complete redo. Here’s what ford’s lineup should look like
    Mustang-S650 Chassis: get rid of the stupid Ecoboost 2.3L and the 5.0L Coyote completely. Both GM and Dodge are doing big cubic inch engines, why can’t Ford do the same? I’m not saying it has to be a 427ci V8 (would be nice) But a 5.8L (351ci) V8 pushing 475hp & 480lb-ft of torque would be nice for a GT level car. Smaller still than the 6.2L LT 1 in the Camaro but more power and torque. Not to mention a 427ci 530hp Mach 1 Ford currently offers a 5.8L based 427ci V8 so its not an impossible task and that’s with a distributor ignition system and a carburetor. The 5.2L Supercharged GT500 will probably be a decent car but other than that push rods all the way. The Mach 1 needs to compete with the 1LE camaro so handling and all of that is a must.
    Falcon S650 chassis sedan: Same as above but in sedan form with an AWD option.
    Baby Bronco (Maverick):
    Bronco: Ranger based with performance diesel engine options as well as the 400hp/420tq 2.3L hybrid, needs a Raptor version and a modern day Eddie-Bauer equivalent version with top of the line luxuries
    Explorer: CD6 rear wheel drive platform, 5.8L Explorer GT AWD 10-speed auto, GT500 suspension parts and brakes, performance oriented street SUV, 400hp/420tq 2.3L Hybrid base engine
    Expedition: perfect the way it is
    Mustang-II Performance Electric Crossover: 630hp/680lb-ft instant torque AWD regenerative brembo brakes, magnetic ride, engaging chassis and dynamics, sporty comfortable interior “mustang inspired all the way around. NEEDS TO BE ABLE TO DESTROY TESLA!
    Ranger: Same as the Bronco but in truck form.
    F150: Needs a 7.0L Lightning street performance truck and a 7.0L Raptor off road truck, need to be on the Mopar level of comfort but with GM like Technology with a Ford Layout and better seats.
    F-series super duty: Mandatory powerstroke V8 upgrade to 500HP/1000lb-ft torque, needs a Raptor off road version and a 7.0L V8 option.
    Step 2: Kill Lincoln, Bring Back Mercury!!!!!!
    Screw the current Lincoln “quiet Luxury” We need a new car company that both premium comfort and a set of Forged God-Iron Balls! Cars like the Mercury Cougar, the Mercury Cyclone Spoiler & the Mercury Marauder. Three Luxury injected Muscle cars that can do battle with the likes of the European cars and win but with V8 powered engines. Now this would be a good platform to place the DOHC 5.0 and the 5.2L DOHC V8 engines with a bit of added horsepower. The 5.0 should be the Bullitt-Spec 480hp V8 with at least 435lb-ft of torque, the 5.2 should now reach levels of 530hp and 430tq with 9-speed DCT transmissions. Of course, Mercury would need at least 3 SUVs to be relevant along with a hybrid and an Electric Performance SUV. The Electric Performance SUV should be the same power wise as the the Mustang II electric performance crossover, just with more tech and more comfort. An Expedition equivalent Mercury Monterey SUV and an Explorer equivalent Mercury Montego with the 450hp/510tq 3.5L ecoboost in the Monterey and the 400hp/400tq ecoboost in the Montego would do well for both vehicles with better styling and more excitement that the current Buick-level Lincolns that are on the road today. If ford could do that it’s line up would be much better because both Ford and Lincoln should either A.) go to china and die peacefully there if they want to continue on their current path of stupidity and shame (or stay in American and get bludgeoned to death worse than a baby seal or B.) do something like mentioned above, Follow suit with what Dodge and GM are doing (and what GM should be doing which is immediately slaughtering Buick and Bringing back Pontiac with cars like the firebird, the GTO, the Grand Prix, Bonneville and two good SUVs (durango/explorer size & Tahoe/Navigator size) and call it a day. Would be nice to see the new Chargers go to the Maserati frame with a Challenger, a Charger coupe & convertible, a Levante-based Durango, a Jeep Scrambler based Dakota, a Ramcharger and the Ram series pickup trucks

    • Hard to believe they pay people millions and they could have just read this and figure everything out. And how you transitioned from Ford to other brands was nice too.

      • Why Thank you. Now all we have to do is get this out the big three and hope they feel the same way we do. And they can pay me all the big money instead!

        • Although I think the Mercury Grand Marquis name might go better with the Expedition-based Mercury big crossover because people think of something massive when the think of the Grand Marquis so why not.

      • Those guys Ford is paying millions give me the impression they are not qualified to be there in the first place and should be replaced immediately starting with the furniture guy with no previous automotive experience.

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