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Dodge Daytona Burnout Ends Badly For Ford Mustang: Video

Whenever burnouts are involved, Ford Mustang drivers just can’t seem to catch a break. Even when they are not the ones crashing at Cars n’ Coffee, they can still find themselves wrapped up in mishap.

For instance, the latest Ford Mustang burnout gone bad video, was instigated by an old red Dodge Daytona. An overzealous burnout sent the old Mopar like a guided missile into the driver-side front-quarter panel of an innocent Ford Mustang, moving slowly through traffic.

The driver of the red Dodge Daytona and its meaty rear tires should have known that when a camera is involved, the odds for a successful show boat moment, for not only friends, but the world to see, is usually not in their favor.

Check out the 12 second video posted above to see where the old Daytona went wrong, and the unfortunate price an innocent Ford Mustang had to pay.

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