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Ford Performance Offers Help For Rookie Mustang Modders

Ford Mustang owners have no shortage of how to personalize and modify their vehicle, but for some, it’s easy to be paralyzed from the variety.  That being the case, Ford Performance have lined out several parts to jumpstart any Mustang owners journey into modding.

Most Mustang owners and potential buyers are always pondering how they can make their rides faster, louder, and/or look better. The staff at Ford Performance have set up a guide of aftermarket parts and kits to answer this question.

Upgrading under the hood

Power packs and Supercharger kits offered by Ford Performance allow owners different levels to gain more horsepower and torque out of their stock 2015 – 2017 Mustang, without breaking their warranty. Here’s what’s offered:

•  GT Performance Calibration Power Pack 1
•  GT Cold Air Intake and Calibration Power Pack 2
•  GT Performance Intake and Calibration Power Pack 3
•  GT Supercharger Kit 670 HP

Upgrading the stance and handling

An easy and low cost way to add a more personalized look to your Mustang is with lowering springs. They will give your 2015-2018 Mustang a more aggressive-looking stance, while providing increased handling. Ford Performance offers the following lowering springs and handling pack:

• Mustang Street Lowering Springs
• Track Lowering Springs
• Street Handling Pack
• Track Handling Pack

Upgrading the sound

Ford Performance also gives Mustang owners a wide range of muffler kit options and cat-back exhaust tips at varying price points, as well as tip designs to amplify the sound of their Mustang. Available kits for the 2015 – 2018 Ford Mustang have three sound level choices to choose from, including: Touring, Sport, and Extreme.

Of course, none of this stuff is free. So it’s up to Ford Mustang owners to explore and weight their best options. Even if it’s not an official Ford accessory, there are plenty of aftermarket parts out there from reliable brands for owners to choose from.


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  1. vbondjr

    The new mustang is without question the best one so far. Excited about the new GT500 coming out but still with there was a Mach 1 package with a 500hp 5.2L cross plane crank N/A V8. Even without that, for the 2018+ mustangs, I’m hoping that Ford starts offering options such as GT350 style Headers & Mid pipe combo along with the FRPP by Borla exhaust systems, new cold air intakes, new Power packs, handling packs for both Magnetic ride and non magnetic ride cars, different wheel options, the ’19 GT350 rear spoiler, interior upgrades, etc.

    1. Ken Rappold

      Waiting for a power pack for 2018 Mustang. Agree with vbondjr. Guessing a power pack will be better than the 2019 Bullitt. Well, hoping it is.


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