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2013 Ford Escape Under Investigation For Stalling


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating the 2013 Ford Escape SUV after reports of the vehicle stalling.

The government agency received 40 complaints that the 2013 Ford Escape suddenly stalls while driving. According to the NHTSA‘s website, the Escape has a history of 15 recalls and two investigations. The first investigation took place in 2016 over purported door latch failure, and the current vehicle stalling investigation remains open.

The NHTSA claims that the current investigation covers 127,000 vehicles after receiving 40 complaints. The complainants believe that the overheated 1.6L GTDI (turbo) engine caused the Escape to delay or stall.

The 2013 Escape has a fraught history with recalls, investigations, and faulty production. In July 2012, Ford recalled nearly 10,000 vehicles manufactured in its Kentucky plant after an employee noticed a fuel leak. An investigation ensued, and it was concluded that some fuel lines may have been damaged in the manufacturing process.

Later that year, in December 2012, Ford recalled roughly 80,000 Escapes for leaks. These leaks were believed to result in overheating and fires. Ford issued two recalls about a year later in November 2013, but the recall drama doesn’t end there. In 2014 and 2015, Ford issued recalls for faulty engine wiring that could cause stalling in over 140,000 vehicles.

“We take the safety of our customers very seriously and are absolutely committed to launching products with top quality and addressing issues when we see them,” said Ford spokeswoman Elizabeth Weigandt, in an email exchange with Consumer Reports.


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    More problems for this poorly managed company.

  2. Christopher

    i have a 2013 ford escape and the car is shutting off and they told me its not part of the recall where can i report this problem to? with 11 recalls on this vehicle that is very poor business and somebody should be held accountable

  3. Lisa

    I , have a 2013 Ford Escape SE, and It’s been stalling on me quite abit. yesterday it stalled times while driving and today it stalled 7 times, could this be a recall issue?

  4. PENNY

    My 2013 Ford Escape has quit running while driving on three different occasion and has stalled several times once I had my daughter with me pulling out into the highway barely coasting out of the way of traffic then again turning at a intersection. just this week left me stranded out of town pulling out again into a highway then quitting and had to be towed they could not find out what the problem was only changed oil and filter because couldn’t duplicate problem out several hundred $ for tow bill and rental car for four days and I’m scared to drive it please help I should be able to drive what was e expensive purchase and I not fear for my life every time I leave home or to be stranded and out $ and my children has drove my car that won’t happen anymore

  5. Melissa

    2013 Ford Escape 1.6 eco boost stalling out on me every day along with low engine coolant. Ford said they fixed $812 later with a leaky hose replaced. Still having the same problems. Said my vin # was not included in recall. Had a close call yesterday when my son was in the car. Ford needs to step up and own the problem before there are serious accidents or deaths

  6. Lila

    My daughter’s 2013 Ford escape stalled while driving towards a red light, on her way to work. Neighborhood repair shop could not diagnose a problem. 2 days later check engine light came on and Ford dealer advised it had to do with a fuel vapor cap or something like that. Almost $600 later I have the car back. This doesn’t sound like a regular wear problem, but more of a quality one.

  7. Tamara Santana

    Same problem here. My car revs up quiet a bit then just shuts off did it 4 times just today.

  8. Andrew Galla

    My car just did the same thing today. Stopped at a stop sign and when I hit the gas to go it stalled out. I put it in park, started the car and when I put it into gear it just keeps stalling. I even had the transmission fluid flushed not even 10,000 miles ago…

    1. Melissa Funkhouser

      I got a mechanic to listen to me he replaced a flp sensor and a pvc hose and fixed the stalling out. Car still hesitating at idling which we are working on.

  9. Mike Zimmerman

    Have 2013 Escape with 1.6 L engine and 87,000 miles. Intermittantly the car will stall after starting and driven short distance. Sometimes acceleration is not smooth, with a slight surge or hesitation as foot feed is pressed down. Ford dealers in Denver, CO., ignore request for assistance. Several times in slow traffic, car has died. Will restart immediately, but fear that it’s an accident waiting to happen.
    The VIN is 1FCU9GX7DUB17075. Have driven Ford’s for 45 years, but this is changing my loyalty. HELP!

    1. Melissa. Funkhouser

      Sorry to hear I really like the fords too. Just need to get a good mechanic that will listen. I had same problem and I had flp sensor and one pvc hose replaced and fixed the stalling out issues. I still have hesitation on idling which we are working on. I tried the dealership they let me down. I won’t be going back to them

    2. Reply
  10. Lila

    Filing a complaint with the NHTSA
    So that they can add cases to their ongoing investigation. This seems like a quality issue, not a regular maintenance one and puts people in risky situations.

  11. Reply
  12. Michelle

    We have a low mileage 2013 Ford Escape and are having problems with it stalling. We were told by our Ford dealer that it is not part of the recall. After reading all the posts it appears that Ford needs to widen their recall to include more vehicles. This does not appear to be a maintenance problem. I am going to file a complaint with the NHTSA

    If enough people file complaints maybe they will encourage Ford to solve the problem.

    1. Gina

      Please do. I had the same issue and reported it. Nothing can be done until there are more reports


      Maybe it’s time to buy another make (maybe permanently). It looks like service after the sale does not exist for this poorly managed company. Maybe it will come back when the inexperienced unqualified furniture guy is fired.

  13. Briggette Buettner

    I have a 2013 Ford Escape 1.6 liter engine and I took it to the shop and it is going to cost me 750 dollars to replace the fuel pump. Mind you my vehicle only has 68k miles one it. This is absolutely ridiculous and ford needs to do something about this.

  14. Danielle Drewry

    This is happening to my 2013 Escape now too. Reporting now.

  15. Mike Zimmerman

    Had the low fuel pressure sensor value replaced and stalling ceased to be a problem.

  16. Mark Patterson

    The door latches on my 2013 Escape are faulty. I had one replaced under warranty, but the second one cost me $500 because the dealership said they couldn’t find any problem. Also, over the past year my Escape has been stalling occasionally at intersections. The vehicle only has 60,000 miles on it, and I maintain it well.

  17. Carol Crawford

    My 2013 ford escape has been stalling out for 2 month took it to the shop and nobody know what wrong with it spend over $1500 for parts that didn’t work

  18. Elizabeth

    I am starting to have the same issue on my Ford Escape it shut off while driving . Please consider this for recall

  19. Paul Mudrak

    2013 Ford Escape Eco. Bought it yesterday. Not even a day I was making a turn into heavy traffic and the car stalled. I was at another place about to turn into a street same situation. This is Dangerous! I was just sitting reading this article and the car stalled out. What the hell is going on?

  20. Evalina Santos

    Here we are, facing the same issue. Brand new transmission so it’s not the issue. Car turns off. Ford dealership and 2 other mechanics cant duplicate the issue. There are no codes. I am scared for my life. Still making payments so I cant trade it in because it would put my down in equity smh

  21. Jean Larcombe

    I have owned my 2013 Ford Escape since December 2019. It has stalled twice in the past, both times were just as I had started the vehicle and was pulling out into traffic – very upsetting. Today it happened three times within a 5 minute period: once starting and backing out of a parking spot, then again as I was going forward out of the parking lot and the third time as I was in traffic and making a left turn. The rest of the drive home was uneventful. VIN # 1FMCU0GX6DUC49885
    Odometer read 87,717KM when purchased and now it is 92,326 KM.

  22. Lucille Cavanagh

    I have a 2013 Ford SE and I’ve had nothing but problems stalling on me with the transmission of the the torque and apparently there’s a recall and I would like some action on this I am a senior and I cannot afford all these bills that this car is causing me

  23. Jean Larcombe

    I left a message May 2, 2020 and today, September 14, 2020, I have still not had a response from you. What is the next step I should take regarding this frightening – possibly dangerous issue? It has happened once more time since that message of May 2.
    Is this a place to leave messages of concern regarding an issue about a possible re-call problem.?

    Thank you,
    Jean Larcombe

  24. Myesha Martin

    I called Ford Customer service and told them about my car stalling after making a trip to the grocery store i come out my car will stall for about 30 mins before i can pull off . i told them my vin number and told me my car is not on recall due to vin number but no light on dash start everytime but stalls after driving it for 30 to 45 mins

  25. Keri Greiner

    My ford escape 2013 keeps stalling this has been an on going issue and I’ve put so much money into this car and its leaking coolant from somewhere nobody can find the issues. I have written to ford and nobody will get back to me very poor service. I’m scared for me and my children safety

  26. David Warren

    My 2013 escape started stalking when you take off . Ford is not able to find a code so it still is not fixed . I am trying now to show them where the wire harness is rubbing and exsposing the wire to short out

  27. Jean Larcombe

    The vehicle only stalled once since May of this year, but I am still very nervous that it might happen again. Good thing is that I don’t drive very often anymore – have only driven another 1000 miles since it was 92,326 in May.

  28. Taneesha Roberson

    My SUV is doing the same. Stalling out in traffic. I called Ford. They say no recall on this type of problem. So angry

  29. Tina Stolze

    my dad has a 2013 ford escape and it is stalling and wont keep charge have to boost all the time it seems…brand new battery ,alternator has been tested and still no answers has stalled on us many times…we dont live in a area where we have interstates that we travel to go places everyday but still very dangerous and we do have very cold weather in the winter and I’ve been so afraid it will do this when it’s cold and not start back up…we have had a few times where we had a hard time to start it back up….

  30. Tina Stolze

    my dads 2013 ford escape stalls and wont keep charge the battery is new and alternator has been tested has stalled many many times very dangerous

  31. Vania Williams

    My Ford Escape is doing the same thing. I was told it was the coolant tower which is $700 for labor and $1100 for the part. I can’t even find the part anywhere and find no mention of the part on Fords.

  32. pam grimes

    I don’t know how we managed it but somehow when the car stalled out I coasted to the side of the road through traffic with my grandkids in the car. It was scary having the kids with me. same thing 2013 Ford escape se. Just stalled out and lost all power. I’m with the guy above. notify the lawyer and when I’m killed maybe they will do something.

  33. Deborah

    My grand daughter coming home from her OB appointment. Her car stalled out locked up and hit a tree at 37 weeks and hit a tree. Needless to say put her into labor. The airbags didn’t go off way she hit they should have. The steering wheel hit her in her belly. To many people are getting hurt possibly even dead Ford needs to fix this and fast

  34. Jean Larcombe

    This has happened way to often and now it is getting very serious. Is Ford waiting for a death to occur before they get serious about fixing this problem?

    My prayers are with the woman who is now in premature labor due to this stalling out. One of the times my Ford Escape stalled out was a very close call. I wish I could afford to get a new car, but I wouldn’t want to sell this car to another “Victim”

  35. Betty Turner

    My 2013 Ford Escape se had been starting really rough and sounds like it wants to die! How do I get any recalls fixed? Who do I call? Any advise would be great!


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