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Ford Motor Company U.S. Sales Decrease 11.2 Percent To 197,404 Units In September 2018

Ford Motor Company reported 197,404 new vehicle deliveries for September 2018 in the U.S. market, an 11.2 percent decrease compared to September 2017. Sales decreased at both of FoMoCo’s brands – Ford and Lincoln.

However, the comparison to September 2017 is somewhat distorted, since that period included a sales enabler of pent-up demand and replacement demand following Hurricane Harvey that swept through Texas. Meanwhile, September 2018 experienced a sales disabler due to weather-related impact associated with Hurricane Florence.

“F-Series posted its seventh straight month of sales above the 70,000-truck mark in September”, said Mark LaNeve Ford vice president, U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service. “As part of that run, F-Series has exceeded sales of 80,000 trucks three times this year. Ford SUVs are running at a record pace this year. The Expedition turned in a strong 27 percent gain. Lincoln’s Navigator posted a 77 percent gain, with 88 percent of Navigators sold as high-trim series Black Label and Reserve models.”

Sales Summary - September 2018 - Ford Motor Company - USA

SalesSales Mix
Sale TypeSeptember 2018September 2017September 2018 / September 2017September 2018 - September 2017September 2018September 2017

Ford Motor Company U.S. September 2018 Sales Notes

FoMoCo sales summary:

Sales types:

  • Cumulative Ford Motor Company sales, which consist of Ford and Lincoln sales, decreased 11.2 percent to 197,404 units:
    • Retail sales decreased 12.6 percent or 21,311 units to 148,233 vehicles, accounting for 75.1 percent of total Ford Motor Company September 2018 sales
    • Fleet sales, including daily rental, commercial and government segments, decreased 6.7 percent or 3,533 units to 49,171 units, accounting for 24.9 percent of total Ford Motor Company September 2018 sales
      • Daily rental deliveries accounted for 5.5 percent of total sales, representing no change in percentage points
      • Commercial deliveries accounted for 13.2 percent of total sales, an increase of 0.8 percentage points
      • Government deliveries accounted for 6.2 percent of total sales, an increase of 0.4 percentage points
    • Car sales decreased 25.7 percent to 37,112 units
    • SUV sales decreased 2.7 percent to 66,884 units
    • Truck sales decreased 9.9 percent to 93,408 units

Average Transaction Prices (ATPs):

  • Overall transaction prices gained $1,500 during the month, growing at more than twice the rate of the overall industry average.


  • September month-end inventory on a gross stock level, which includes in-transit and dealer stock, was 604,157 units for a 77 days supply, representing:
    • A decrease of 1,694 units from the 605,851 units at the end of August 2018
    • An increase of 2 days from the 75 days at the end of August 2018
    • A decrease of 15,034 units from the 619,191 units at the end of July 2017
    • An increase of 5 days from the 72 days supply at the end of July 2017
  • September month-end inventory on the ground, which consists exclusively of vehicles in dealer stock, was 482,792 units for a 61 days supply, representing:
    • A decrease of 1,116 units from the 483,908 units at the end of August 2018
    • An increase of 1 day from the 60 days supply at the end of August 2018
    • A decrease of 31,046 units from the 513,838 units at the end of July 2017
    • A decrease of 1 day from the 60 days supply at the end of July 2017

Ford Logo 04

Ford sales decreased 11.3 percent to 189,236 units:

Lincoln Logo 01

Lincoln sales decreased 7.2 percent to 8,168 units:

In the first nine months of 2018, Ford Motor Company sales decreased 2.4 percent to 1,887,625 units.

Sales Results - September 2018 - USA - Ford

MODELSEP 2018 / SEP 2017SEPTEMBER 2018SEPTEMBER 2017YTD 2018 / YTD 2017 YTD 2018YTD 2017
C-MAX-85.36% 2201,503-53.29%6,470 13,851
E-SERIES-31.16% 3,3114,810-10.05%36,549 40,634
ECOSPORT* 4,577**38,310 *
EDGE-20.03% 9,17711,476-5.53%98,938 104,727
ESCAPE-20.24% 20,39825,575-10.19%210,050 233,878
EXPEDITION+27.35% 3,6272,848+0.30%40,521 40,401
EXPLORER-0.68% 18,76918,898-1.62%171,416 174,247
F-SERIES-8.76% 75,09282,302+3.09%679,018 658,636
FIESTA-11.72% 3,2933,730+1.05%36,518 36,139
FLEX+25.69% 2,1331,697-3.33%16,158 16,715
FOCUS-38.77% 7,19511,751-19.03%100,267 123,827
FUSION-25.29% 15,87821,253-21.77%124,964 159,742
GT+100.00% 147+108.16%102 49
HEAVY TRUCKS+50.08% 908605-1.10%8,972 9,072
MUSTANG-1.32% 5,7705,847-0.93%61,619 62,196
POLICE INTERCEPTOR SEDAN-31.35% 392571-8.15%5,620 6,119
POLICE INTERCEPTOR UTILITY+11.65% 2,5782,309+2.69%25,454 24,787
TAURUS-23.30% 1,8072,356-17.36%21,718 26,280
TRANSIT-14.87% 11,53213,546+13.45%106,463 93,838
TRANSIT CONNECT+8.59% 2,5652,362-9.30%23,218 25,599
FORD TOTAL-11.34% 189,236213,446-2.07%1,812,345 1,850,737

Sales Results - September 2018 - USA - Lincoln

MODELSEP 2018 / SEP 2017SEPTEMBER 2018SEPTEMBER 2017YTD 2018 / YTD 2017 YTD 2018YTD 2017
CONTINENTAL-23.34% 657857-28.65%6,334 8,877
MKC-8.06% 2,2582,456-5.51%19,270 20,393
MKT-53.21% 131280-25.98%1,784 2,410
MKX-19.45% 1,9792,457-12.60%19,886 22,752
MKZ-7.68% 1,8862,043-28.76%14,921 20,944
NAVIGATOR+77.29% 1,257709+81.91%13,085 7,193
LINCOLN TOTAL-7.20% 8,1688,802-9.00%75,280 82,722

Sales Results - September 2018 - USA - FMC Totals

BRANDSEP 2018 / SEP 2017SEPTEMBER 2018SEPTEMBER 2017YTD 2018 / YTD 2017 YTD 2018YTD 2017
FORD TOTAL-11.34% 189,236213,446-2.07%1,812,345 1,850,737
LINCOLN TOTAL-7.20% 8,1688,802-9.00%75,280 82,722
FMC USA TOTAL-11.18% 197,404222,248-2.37%1,887,625 1,933,459

About The Numbers

  • All percent change figures compared to Ford Motor Company September 2017 sales, except as noted
  • There were 26 selling days in September 2018 and 25 selling days in September 2017, not considering the aforementioned natural disaster-related disruptions in September 2017

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  1. Michael

    Ford stated they are giving up car production for the US. Here is the beginning of the results. People just don’t believe in Ford. Things will get worse. They are going to double and quadruple sales of CUV/SUVs which will more than make up for no (exceot Mustang) for no car sales. Wait until next gas crisis. Okay geniuses, go rant and rave about how the Ford guys are so smart, and I just don’t understand their rationale.

  2. Raymond Ramirez

    How many of these sales are hybrids? If Ford want to maintain a leading position, they have to promote more hybrids, or else GM and the foreign brands will sell more hybrids than Ford.

  3. Matt

    I think Ford has three problems.
    The lineup got old. Hyundai/ Kia and others are rapidly updating their cars. Lincoln has been ignored for way too long.
    The amazing hybrids they have had were not promoted well and no one thinks of Ford if they are considering a hybrid or plug in.
    Dropping sedans was a bad idea and send the wrong message. Toyota is not dropping sedans, Honda is not dropping sedans. They are updating sedans so that people want them. They are updating thier suvs faster so people want them. The Escape/ Fusion updates made the cars less edgy and interesting. The wheel designs need to be better. Put some new cool colors out there to grab attention in the waiting time. Hyundai and Kia have been cheap interesting and absolutely beautiful so they are selling like crazy taking away Ford sales.
    Some people won’t consider Ford because of lingering reliability concerns, the surveys stay at midpack, not good enough.
    I love my Fusion, I have bought two of them. I got my mom buying Lincoln’s she has bought four of them, we love the hybrids 37( Lincoln) and 43 ( Fusion) are amazing for that size car .
    When we tell other people they are amazed and like the cars. They always say I had no idea Ford could be this nice why aren’t they telling anyone? Same for the Lincoln.
    My niece also bought a Fusion and loves it.
    This is a family of GM workers that never bough Fords before.
    The Fusion/ MKZ seats are the best I’ve ever had don’t change them.
    But those sedans are gone soon. We will have to buy another brand.
    The other automakers are going to be happy taking all the car sales away from Ford… start adding it up hundreds of thousands. This is the worst move ever. The CEO needs to be fired.
    They will have to keep them for Europe and China anyway, dumb move.

    1. Raymond Ramirez

      Nice post. I have a 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid that replaced my 1995 Buick Regal. It is better and a bit sportier when driving, yet I get up to 54 MPG when I could only get up to 22 MPG with the Regal.

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