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New Ford Ad Might Contain Sneak Peek Of Ford Mustang Hybrid

A new advertisement from Ford Motor Company starring Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad, Malcolm In The Middle) was released today, titled “Built Ford Proud”, and it contains what could be a sneak peak of the forthcoming Ford Mustang Hybrid. That model was confirmed for future release back in January, 2017, and Ford said at the time it would have “V8 power and even more low-end torque.”

We took this to mean that most likely, the forthcoming Ford Mustang Hybrid would have V8-like power – not that it would actually employ a V8 internal-combustion engine. After all, using a big, raucous eight-cylinder would seem to run counter to the goal of conserving fuel, and a hybrid-electric powertrain would be more than capable of elevating the Mustang’s 2.3-liter EcoBoost I4 to V8 levels of performance.

Click for larger.

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Yet looking at the still frame featured above, grabbed from about the 0:36 mark in the new Ford ad, you can clearly see that it’s the image of a V-shaped internal-combustion engine Ford has generated for the commercial. Look even harder, and you might be able to pick out what looks like two sets of four ignition coils – one on either side of the engine – at the top of the frame. This is no I4 or V6.

Immediately after this computer-generated image of a V8, we’re shown a dark image (below) of a vehicle’s front end, with the Mustang logo brightly illuminated on the nose. The area typically occupied by the grille is mostly blocked-off, with the apparent exception of a small air inlet on either side. That likely wouldn’t provide enough cooling airflow for a V8, but for now, it’s just a manufacturer rendering.

Ford Mustang Hybrid teaser 002 - Future Is Built Ford ad large

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Alternate Theory

Of course, there are possibilities beside a V8-powered Mustang Hybrid for what Ford is trying to show us in this segment of the ad, including: the automaker’s forthcoming battery-electric crossover. To our knowledge, that model won’t have even so much as a gasoline range-extender, let alone a big, proper V8, and we’re sure Ford knows better than to actually slap the Mustang badge on it. (Right, Ford?)

But Ford has said on multiple occasions that the new, 300-mile BEV will be a true performance vehicle, with “Mustang DNA” evident in its styling and performance characteristics. Perhaps that’s all Ford is trying to communicate here with these images; the front fascia in the latter shot looks a bit too tall for the Mustang, and a four-cylinder engine still seems a much more likely choice for the forthcoming Ford Mustang Hybrid than a V8.

Either way, interesting times are ahead.

Aaron Brzozowski is a writer and motoring enthusiast from Detroit with an affinity for '80s German steel. He is not active on the Twitter these days, but you may send him a courier pigeon.

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  1. vbondjr

    Did anyone catch 0:46 though. The sound coming off that Raptor is no Ecoboost. Seeing that they used real sounds for the 1969 Mach 1 and the 2018 GT. That engine design is of the current 2018 Mustang GT as you can see through the 18 grille to the engine and then the concept shot of the new mustang appears. Honestly I do believe that the Mustang is going to do what Hyundai’s genesis did a few years ago. The Mustang is going to become it’s own “line” of performance vehicles with coupes, sedans and performance crossovers which will take the mustang far into the future. I strongly believe that V8 powered mustangs will remain but with technology changing so much, the “Mustang” will be evolved to fit in every niche that’s out there. It’s good in someways but not so great in other ways. For ford and the mustang this is acceptable, I wouldn’t say this so much for the Camaro as the Camaro is an Icon of badass in ways the mustang is not. Now for GM to produce Camaro inspired cars just like Dodge did with the Charger would be a better way to go but the Mustang got its full inspiration from the Thunderbird and the Falcon and the Falcon went from a small car, to a Torino like vehicle to a truck (all in the united states) just as the Thunderbird went from Corvette fighter to luxo-barge. Not saying that the mustang should grow to a luxury flying couch but in it’s evolution, yeah there could be a shooting brake type Mustang, a fastback sedan, the fastback coupe and yeah even a performance SUV that all has the same mustang spirit and mustang DNA which means, comfort, elegance, sportiness, expressiveness and a small V8. Yes there were some mustangs with big block engines such as the 390, 427, 428 and even the NASCAR prepped Boss 429 but the Mustang was designed as a small block vehicle and was an overall better performer when equipped with the 289 Hi-PO, 302ci V8, or even the 351 Cleveland. All this to say that yes, the mustang is evolving into something a bit different than tradition which is okay. The Charger evolved from a big coupe to the world’s sexiest sedan and the fastest for a period of time. Let’s see what Ford does. Dear Chevy, keep the Camaro a Camaro, give it different engines, hybrid V8’s whatever, the Camaro is to stay a Camaro please! Thanks!

  2. Raymond Ramirez

    If the Germans are making hybrid sports cars, the Mustang, Corvette, and Camaro should have their versions, too. I doubt Fiat/Chrysler will make any hybrid sports cars.

    I have driven all three that I mentioned, and loved their big iron years ago. Now it is the Hybrids and Electrics that will dominate the streets and roads.


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