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Report: Layoffs Coming To Ford Motor Company’s 70k-Strong White-Collar Workforce

Ford Motor Company is planning to “redesign” its white-collar workforce, laying off an unknown number of its 70k white-collar employees, according to NBC News. While “redesigning” its workforce sounds entirely euphemistic, Ford CFO Bob Shanks says the restructuring will be aimed more at “making different choices about strategy” than cutting costs. Ford wants its white-collar workforce to have less hierarchy and deliver more decision-making privileges to employees, the automaker says.

The number of employees that could be cut as a result of Ford’s global restructuring is unknown, but NBC News reports that Morgan Stanley anticipates a “global headcount reduction of approximately 12 percent.” That would equate to roughly 24k of Ford’s 202k employees and hourly workers worldwide.

Many of those layoffs could come from Ford’s European and South American businesses, which are currently costing the automaker billions of dollars annually. Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford said in May that investors ought to anticipate some “fairly large” changes in those markets as the automaker attempts to cut its losses and improve its financial fitness.

Of course, many of the layoffs could also come from North America, where the Blue Oval has taken a hit from U.S. President Donald Trump’s trade actions. New tariffs on imported steel and aluminum have already cost Ford Motor Company to the tune of $1 billion, CEO Jim Hackett says; even though Ford primarily uses metals that are produced domestically, prices have gone up as a result of the new import duties.

According to NBC News, Ford trails well behind General Motors in terms of vehicle sales-per-head, selling just 32.8 vehicles per employee to GM’s 52.7 per employee.

Aaron Brzozowski is a writer and motoring enthusiast from Detroit with an affinity for '80s German steel. He is not active on the Twitter these days, but you may send him a courier pigeon.

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  1. Larry Love

    Sure BRZOZOWSKI, make it a political story of of this . It’s time the US Manufactures got behind our President Trump and worked with him. Your mindless report didn’t take into consideration all the American Jobe that went over seas and caused a much greater lose of jobs here at home. Europe proved to us, they don’t care about us, all they wanted our money, which they greedily took. We’re getting back on track, jobs are coming back and our economy is do fantastic. Maybe if you found a different job working in a dump until you might see the light. AMERICA FIRST.
    JFK said, “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”(USA). Now get off your mindless rump and do something positive for this country.
    With that in mind

    1. Joe

      It’s a fact that the tariffs will keep costing jobs and force companies to build elsewhere.

    2. Raymond Ramirez

      You forget that “AMERICA” includes Canada, Mexico, and every other nation down to Chile. Our nation is the U.S. of A. or a part of America, not all of it. So any domestic brand that assembles in Canada, Mexico or any other nation in America is still “American made”.

      If the POTUS was to save “American” jobs, then he should apply tariffs to every foreign brand, even if assembled or “put together with foreign parts” in the U.S., because their nations do worse toward U.S. brands sold as exports.

    3. Karen Neely

      Republicans took all those jobs to China to get more profits. I worked for a company where the guy I worked with went to China to train them to make furniture and I sourced and purchased the materials back from China. The Republicans are on trying to write their original wrong and as usual it is all about making money. President Trump was a big part of this.

      1. Fred

        Both parties embraced free trade and, lied to the working class, while doing it. Wall Street thrived and main street withered.

    4. Clarence

      i proudly only own FORDS. They didn’t take tax payer dollars like Chrysler and General Motors. I will never buy a GM product they took us to the cleaners and have moved to China. I hope all Americans will look at what Ford is doing and buy Fords they are keeping American Jobs.

  2. John Q Public

    Stating facts does not necessarily make for a political statement Larry. Import tariffs are costing Ford a lot of money.

  3. Jay Chang

    $1 billion to set up a new campus in the reviving Corktown neighborhood of Detroit to develop plans and technology for self-driving vehicles and other mobility alternatives, as well as electrified vehicles. Really??? Does Ford really need that when their current product line is so stale outside of Mustang and trucks????

  4. Warren Cancilla

    Trump’s Tariff’s have already cost Ford $1 Billion dollars and now they can’t stay afloat without firing their highest paid workers around the world (yup, that translates to “the American Workers”). US CEOs and executives make 70 times the amount of the average worker and in many cases 300x. They’re the ones who need to take a pay cut (or be let go), but companies won’t do that. They’ll start on the lower level and wipe out thousands of jobs. As these people lose homes and stop supporting local businesses, more firings, shutdowns, and homelessness will ensue. Get ready for the next Depression/Recession (even though we haven’t gotten over the last one — you can’t ignore the fact that since 2009 every US city has experienced an explosion in homelessness.

    Unfortunately, with the Fox “News” Republican Propaganda network, 2.5 Million Americans aren’t hearing the truth about what’s going on. They only hear what Trump’s buddy, Rupert Murdoch, wants them to hear. As a result Trump’s voting base are the ones suffering most from his policies and don’t even realize it. Oddly, Business leaders also wanted trump in office and are now suffering Billions of dollar losses because of his and the Republican machinations to crush the rights of Workers, Women, the handicapped, people of color, the economic safety net, and medical support for Americans. If you’re not in the 1%, don’t expect any help when the next wave of businesses shut down after those laid off by Ford can’t pay their bills and lose their homes.

  5. louis smith


  6. Bob OBrien

    tRUMP was a disaster…he imposed tariffs on China and guess what… China did the same back to the USA in droves?

    You cannot win a tariff war… Trump is a nincompoop and clueless when it comes to international trade.

    Anyway, there’s no way he’s going to be president again because he’s going to be in prison for seditious insurrection…

    You people supporting tRUMP need a check up from the neck up

    SMH 🤦‍♂️


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