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Trademark Filing Signals New Ford FX4 Max Package

Ford Motor Company has filed an application to register FX4 Max as a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Ford Authority was first to discover.

Filed on September 13th, 2018, the application is assigned USPTO serial number 88116213 and specifies that the mark will be used in conjunction with the following goods and services category: “Motor vehicles, namely, passenger automobiles, trucks, sport utility vehicles, off-road vehicles, and structural parts, fittings, and badges therefor”.

Ford Motor Company FX4 Max Trademark Application - September 2018

The Ford Authority Take

Based on this trademark filing, it would appear that Ford is planning on introducing an even more capable variant of its FX4 off-road package. The Blue Oval currently offers the FX4 Off-Road package on the F-150, Expedition and all-new 2019 Ranger.

On the F-150, package adds the following equipment:

  • An electronic-locking rear-axle
  • Hill Descent Control
  • Off-road tuned front shock absorbers
  • Skid plates for fuel tank, transfer case, and front differential
  • 4×4 “FX4 Off-Road” bodyside decal
2018 Ford Expedition FX4

2018 Ford Expedition FX4

We posit that Ford was pushed into introducing a more capable version of its FX4 off-road package in response to new offerings from cross-town rival GM and its all-new 2019 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss and 2019 Sierra AT4. The new GM trucks started offering a more potent off-road package than Ford’s FX4, which is a direct competitor to the Z71 package on the Silverado (called the X31 package on the Sierra). This state of affairs leaves The Blue Oval without a direct rival to the Trail Boss and AT4 duo.

For the sake of clarity, here’s how GM has structured its Z71 / X31 and Trail Boss / AT4 offerings:

Chevrolet Z71 and GMC X31 package contents:

  • Off-Road suspension
  • Hill Descent Control
  • Skid plates
  • High-capacity air filter
  • Hard badge

Silverado Trail Boss / Sierra AT4 package contents:

  • Contents of Z71/X31 packages, plus
  • 2-inch factory suspension lift
  • 4WD with a two-speed transfer case, locking rear differential and skid plates
  • Special-design wheels and tires
  • Unique exterior trim pieces
  • Badges

Given all that, we imagine that a hypothetical Ford FX4 Max package will be structured in the following manner:

Ford Off-Road Packages
Off-Road Capability Off-Road Package Ford F-150 Ford Ranger
Basic None F-150 Ranger
Intermediate FX4 Package F-150 FX4 Ranger FX4
Advanced FX4 Max Package F-150 FX4 Max? Ranger FX4 Max?
Extreme Raptor F-150 Raptor Ranger Raptor

It’s also worth mentioning that the “Max” moniker fits Ford’s naming convention. The automaker currently uses the name for the extended-length version of the Expedition full-size SUV.

Stay tuned to Ford Authority as we learn more, as well as for more Ford news coverage.

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  1. Vbondjr

    Ford needs to do a lot more if they’re going to stay competitive in the market. Their whole lineup from top to bottom sucks

  2. LA

    If there is an intentional reason for delaying the Ranger Raptor…….I believe that is a grave mistake. It has been said Ford wants out of the car biz and concentrate on trucks and the likes. Well lead the way and dominate all aspects that the new Ranger product can cover. Blow everyone else out of the water from the get go………don’t do this a little at a time bit. That is childish and senseless.
    I purchased a Colorado in 2007 because there was no Ford 4 door mid size. I have patiently waited for the Ranger and now that I have a look see at the Raptor I am even more intrigued. I cannot wait forever since I’m at 220K. So bring it on before I see something else that entices me.


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