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2019 Ford Fiesta Sees Minor Changes & Updates For Final Model Year

Thanks to the consumers’ ongoing fascination with crossover utility vehicles, the Blue Oval is discontinuing the Ford Fiesta in the U.S. market. That means that the 2019 model year will become the last year of the subcompact car range in the market. And for its last year, the 2019 Ford Fiesta is getting a few small, but noteworthy changes.

First and foremost, the 2019 Ford Fiesta deletes the range-topping Titanium trim level from the 4-door Sedan and 5-door Hatch. In addition, the 5-door Hatch in the S trim level is now available exclusively to fleet customers, and not at the retail level.

Addition, the 2019 Ford Fiesta now includes the 12-volt rear powerpoint and Ambient Lighting feature only in conjunction with the SE Appearance Package. The model also deletes the following content from the SE appearance package:

  • Aluminum Mini Spare Wheel
  • Charcoal Black Bolster with Red Seat Stitching
  • Driver Seat Adjustable Lumbar Support

Lastly, the Engine Block Heater is now an optional feature in cold weather States, rather that standard.

The rest of the 2019 Ford Fiesta – including mechanical elements, safety and security, exterior, and driver assist – remain identical to those of the 2018 model.

Those looking to buy a new Ford Fiesta should run to their local dealer, because one of the world’s best subcompacts is about to disappear, a rather sad reality for North American dwellers. Meanwhile, car buyers in other parts of the world will be able to enjoy the all-new, seventh-generation model – which is a segment-leading vehicle.

2018 Ford Fiesta – seventh-generation for Europe

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  1. JP

    It IS a segment leading vehicle, but in practically what constitutes another universe.

    It’s the great american conundrum… the car drives so well in itself, but could you stomach the fact you’re in a ‘fiesta’ in America? Forget crossovers; thats what killed this car. – American fear of the ‘small’…

    Doesn’t matter how well it drives or makes you feel , just how it makes you look. Ford started it in the 30s and GM got it down in the 50s , the fact is USA is NOT UK and vice versa. ‘shrugs’

    FYI I LOVE my ’17 Fiesta ST

  2. LH

    NOTE TO SELF: Must purchase a new Fiesta Hatchback SE w/manual by the end of the year – got it!!!
    Just makes me feel so bad to not be spending/going into debt for $40,000+ for 84 months or longer so I can drive something that cannot hardly hit 20MPG just to “keep up with the Jones” i.e. “follow the herd” into never ending payments, expense so as to impress.

    Add-on/build a new garage to accomadate my new truck/SUV too.

    Heck – maybe I should buy 2 new ones this year and still end up spending a lot less than $40,000 and be able to get 35MPG+!

    The logic – the common sense – to much for so many to comprehend/understand.

    It will be so funny to watch so many “squirm” when gas prices go up and yes they will – sooner or later….


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