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2019 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition Revealed

The rumors were true.

For the 2019 model year, the Lincoln Continental will celebrate its 80th anniversary by reviving the iconic coach door configuration. Those center-opening doors that made the Continental one of the most desirable luxury vehicles in Hollywood and beyond, are are otherwise known as the unfortunately slanged “suicide doors.”

The larger rear door doors open 90-degrees, allowing for a more graceful entry and exit by allowing rear seat passengers to turn in to enter, then exit the car by stepping forward and out upon arrival. Rolls Royce is the only other brand that utilizes this elegant door design at the moment.

The doors aren’t all that make the 2019 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition special. Lincoln also added a copious six inches of wheelbase, so as to make the back seat as spacious and accommodating as possible, to where nobody in the segment comes close in terms of rear legroom. In the center of the second row is a rear-seat pass-through console with stowable tray table and tablet holder.

Mechanically, the 2019 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition is the same under the hood, which means there’s sufficient power and torque at 400 hp and 400 lb-ft from its 3.0L twin-turbo six cylinder engine. The front row still enjoys Lincoln’s Perfect Position seats that adjust 30 ways, while the cabin is cocooned in Active Noise Control to drown out the unpleasantries from the outside. The 2019 Lincoln Continental Coach Door also utilizes a Revel Ultima Audio system, and the full suite of Lincoln Black Label perks. After all, this limited-run Conti will be limited to a scant 80 units, selling for roughly $100,000 a pop, and can only be acquired through certified Lincoln Black Label dealers. Availability will begin in summer of 2019.

With this news, it’s also expected that the 2019 Lincoln Continental Coach Door will be the finale for this generation of Continental. After next year, the short-lived Conti will drive off into the sunset, as Ford Motor Company allocates more of its money, technology and direction towards crossovers, SUVs, electrification, and automated mobility. It’s unclear if the Continental will be replaced or given a green light for a next generation on the new CD6 Platform that underpins the Lincoln Aviator.

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  1. Roger

    I believe someone said “If you can’t say anything nice – don’t say anything at all”.

  2. Kolton

    Do you also vote GOP and watch FOX news.?

  3. Vince Ippolito

    I would like to see Lincoln division of Ford Motor Company. Possibly come out with a two-seat Roadster. To possibly compete with vehicles like the Fiat 124 and other small roasters, I believe there’s a market Lincoln can compete in.

  4. vbondjr1

    I would like to see Lincoln do more with the upcoming CD6 platform but also with the hybrid 3.0L twin turbo V6. Something like the revival of the Lincoln Sports Coupe, maybe a Lincoln Mark X with the 3.0TT Hybrid 450hp/600tq AWD and a Lincoln Mark X LSC variant with the 3.5L Hybrid V6 pushing 500hp/680tq AWD. They should both get black label package. Lincoln should also move the Continental to the CD6 platform and get the 3.0L Hybrid setup. Just like people want hybrid/electric versions of everything, there should be high performance/max performance versions of everything! It’s only fair!

    1. MJL1965

      My lease was coming up on my ’16 MKZ Hybrid and the December deals were to good to ignore. Couldn’t locate a ’19 in the color combo and trim level I wanted. The deals were really good and the dealers in my area didn’t have many Hybrids on the lot to start with so I ended up with the new MKC. It’s really nice and amazingly comfortable, but my sedan had more luggage space and I’m really missing the mileage.

      So I agree with you on the Hybrid, though not sure where they would have put the battery in my C without compromising its already limited storage space.

      Problem with a RWD Coupe is they are a hard sell these days and the ROI would translate to unaffordable for those that would be interested. How many Lexus LCs sell outside of Orange County and Miami?

      I think Lincoln is really getting it’s grove back by going back to it’s true American luxury roots. Let Cadillac chase the Germans…Lincoln’s got this.


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