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2020 Lincoln Aviator Black Label Introduces New Flight Theme

When it launches next year, the 2020 Lincoln Aviator will introduce a new Black Label theme called Flight that’s unique to the new crossover. The theme “harmoniously combines Luggage Tan and Ebony, further elevating the ambiance of the cabin.”

The Flight theme includes bright engine turn appliqués, brushed in small circles so as to replicate the finish of early aviation instrument panels. In addition, the supple leather of the seats is minimally processed to retain its natural texture. The theme also includes other elements that The Lincoln Motor Company hasn’t shared with us just yet.

In addition to the Flight theme, the 2020 Lincoln Aviator will also offer two other themes – Chalet and Destination.

2020 Lincoln Aviator Black Label Chalet Theme:

  • Evokes the contrasting pleasures of mountain slopes and the inherent comfort of an après-ski lodge
  • Espresso and Alpine Venetian leathers
  • Deep Silverwood appliqués
  • Specialty leather seats with Lincoln Star perforation
  • Alpine Dinamica Cloth Suede headliner
  • Espresso with Dinamica Sueded Cloth accent floor carpet mats

2020 Lincoln Aviator Black Label Destination Theme:

  • Celebrates the art of travel, taking inspiration from vintage luggage, harkening back to a time when travel was rich with excitement and intrigue
  • Mahogany Red Venetian leather interior with an intricate diamond weave on the seats
  • Smooth Khaya wood appliqués
  • Mahogany Red Dinamica Sueded Cloth headliner
  • Mahogany Red with Dinamica Sueded Cloth floor carpet mats

It’s worth noting that the introduction of the Flight theme on the 2020 Lincoln Aviator shows that each new vehicle from the luxury brand offers a unique Black Label theme that synchronizes with the vehicle’s general name and positioning. For instance, the new Navigator has a Black Label theme called Yacht Club that includes:

  • White Washed Teak appliqués
  • Blue Bay/Alpine Leather interior
  • Specialty leather seats with Coastal Blue Venetian Leather with Micro-Perforation Enhanced linear perforations
  • Sand Dinamica Sueded Cloth headliner
  • Blue Bay with Dinamica Sueded Cloth accent floor carpet mats

Those not directly familiar with Lincoln Black Label should know that it’s the range-topping trim level for Lincoln models. Black Label Lincoln models keep the same powertrain as lesser trim levels, while featuring exclusive and unique appointments both inside and out. The trim is “created for clients seeking the ultimate luxury experience, offering premium materials in specially-curated designer themes, as well as a host of membership privileges”, according to Lincoln.

The 2020 Aviator Black Label features several unique elements, including a reverse lattice mesh with a repetitive pattern of strong, bright-finished badge motifs. The signature grille for Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring Black Label features unique Lincoln stars embedded within the quadrants in an elegant chrome finish.

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  1. Andrew

    Looks so lux! I really hope they implement this interior in the refreshed Continental. Putting the Conti on the CD6 and giving it the same powertrain would be a benefit too, but I feel like I’m asking too much from the Ford product cycle lol.

    1. Alex Luft

      Putting the Conti on CD6 was the original plan, before Mr. Hackett decided to cut sedans from the platform plan. Now it’s just this Aviator, Explorer, and next-gen Mustang.

  2. r

    Will Tuxedo Black be offered as an exterior paint option?

  3. vbondjr

    Ford is currently in a very interesting place in the market. I don’t agree with taking out all the sedans but i do think that all of the sedans that they have were a waste. Dropping the Fiesta, Focus, Taurus Ecosport, Escape, Edge & Flex would be really good ideas for Ford. Me personally, I would have the Mustang, a sedan (Ford Falcon), the new Bronco, the Explorer, the Expedition, the Ranger, the F150, the F-Series Super Duty, a handful of Electric cars, a Lincoln Mark-X coupe, the Continental, the Nautilus, the Aviator and the Navigator.
    Personally, I’m curious about this new CD6 Platform that will underpin the new Mustang. The Mustang has a heck of a fight on it’s hands with the Alpha platform Camaro and an upcoming Alpha-II platform around the corner. I currently see the Mustang moving more towards being the American M4 (which isn’t a bad thing as long as the V8 stays under the hood of the car). The new 5.0L Coyote Gen-3 is a very potent technically advanced Modular motor with an out put between 460-480hp and 420tq. While i do wish the Torque output would increase to at least 445tq and the standard output of the GT be 480hp, I’m not complaining. I also wish that Ford would incorporate a more GT350-style exhaust manifold on the 5.0L Mustang V8 along with the GT350 style catalytic converter setup. Another thing I’m curious about is this AWD Hybrid mustang that will be coming along shortly. While I can’t say that I’m a fan of the idea, I could see where it would be helpful in the mustang’s lineup as a performance option. Maybe as an Ecoboost variant with the 2.3L Turbo Ecoboost 310hp as the gasoline engine with a 50hp electric engine pushing it to 410hp and bumping the torque to about 400lb-ft. At that point it would out perform both the 4 & 6 Cylinder Camaro as well as the V6 & 5.7L Challenger & Charger and it would have all-wheel drive. I’d also drop the GT350 for a more potent street Mach 1 Mustang with a 5.4L Coyote based V8 pushing 530hp and 520lb-ft of torque and then have the GT500 above that.
    As far as the other cars in Ford’s lineup, I would definately love to see a Ford Sedan on this CD6 platform with an RWD based AWD setup with a 450hp/510tq 3.5L Ecoboost V6 under the hood, but with an exhaust that doesn’t sound like crap. Under that should be a 2.3L Ecoboost 350hp/350tq and a hybrid 2.3L 410hp/400tq setup. The Explorer should have a V8 option IMO but if not the ST should get the 450hp/510tq ecoboost. The Bronco and Ranger should have the 350hp/350tq 2.3L and the F150 needs a better V8.

  4. stu

    Come on already and get here. I almost bought a Continental 2 weeks ago but I started thinking about an SUV and Bingo! Here’s the one for me. I know I’m hoping but I hope the Black Label is around 65K.


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