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Ford VW Alliance To Be Announced in Early 2019

A Ford VW tie-up could soon be a reality.

According to a new report, the two automakers are set to enter a strategic alliance that may see them share autonomous and EV technology, vehicle platforms, engines, production plants and more.

The automotive giants have been in engaged in talks with regards to the strategic partnership for over a year, with VW CEO Herbert Diess saying the negotiations are quite far along already.

“We are in quite advanced negotiations and dialog with Ford to really build up a global automotive alliance, which also would strengthen the American automotive industry,” Diess told reporters after meeting with President Donald Trump last week.

Ford and VW will likely share autonomous and electric vehicle technology with each other, which both companies are investing billions in. VW may also leverage some of Ford’s unused factory space in the United States, with the two companies allegedly set to share more than one US plant. More factory sharing between the two is likely to occur outside of the US as well.

A Ford VW partnership would likely see the automakers align their marketing and distribution operations. Ford may help VW with its marketing and vehicle distribution channels in the US, while VW would take the reigns in Europe, China and other global markets where Ford may be struggling, according to CNBC.

The two will also collaborate on future product. Ford and VW announced they would jointly develop commercial vehicles together last year, but Ford may now lend VW some its expertise on consumer trucks going forward too.

VW showed off the Tanoak Concept earlier this year – a mid-size unibody pickup truck design with North American consumers in mind. Pickups are big business in the US, but VW has limited understanding of the segment, making Ford the perfect partner on such a project.

VW, for its part, could provide Ford with valuable intel on small displacement engines, compact vehicle platforms, electric cars, performance technology and more.

An official announced on the Ford VW alliance is expected in January 2019.

Stay tuned to Ford Authority for more Ford VW news as it becomes available.

(source: CNBC)

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  1. vbondjr

    This doesn’t surprise me at all as Ford is so desperate to be a European car company. Ford boggles my mind as they truly have the potential to be a great company all around yet, they continue to do dumb decision after dumb decision. The only good thing i could see coming out of this would be for the VW Arteon moving to the CD6 platform, A 480HP/420TQ 5.0L Gen-3 Coyote V8, a 10-speed auto, a variant of the VW 4-Motion and the Focus RS AWD setup, Brembo brakes, Recaro seats, a slightly more aggressive exterior with a larger lip spoiler on the trunk, a better stereo system, etc. (That actually would be a really awesome car now that I think of it. Yeah….. a 5.0L Arteon AWD 10-speed). Take that car, offer some VW performance upgrades such as a cold air intake, suspension upgrades, exhaust upgrades and maybe some tuning upgrades and you have a hell of a car on your hands. Alcantara interior trim, possible 7-speed manual option, digital 12″ LCD instrument cluster and yeah baby!!! Honestly, that would be a car that would be worth buying. a 5-Liter Volkswagen Arteon AWD liftback on the CD6 platform. Now that would seriously challenge a lot of cars out there and make short work of the Kia Stinger and the Genesis G70.

  2. Andrew Christian

    Awesome news!

    I think it’s really a smart move by Ford to partner with another manufacturer in this electric vehicle revolution. Instead of going at it alone and shouldering all the burden of securing product supply lines, single-source engineering, and independent research and development, partnering with VW could be a big way to increase product development speed while reducing costs simultaneously.

    At this point, the market is shifting in favor of hybrid and electric powertrains and it’s better to have a partner revamping your product lineup. Hopefully, on the Ford side, this results in higher quality vehicles and better fit and finish.

  3. charles jackson

    Ford needs to spend as much on quality control…as automous……to many recalls….and mistakes….3.5 ..3.7 front wheel drive engines…they install the water pump behind timing cover…and cam chain puts tension on it and causes premature bearing failure…and water and antifreeze goes right in oil pan….Ford Transit van….plastic coupler on driveshaft…goes out in 30,000 miles …are two examples….of not testing product ….and…they been making driveshafts forever…and engines and do stupid stuff like this….and they think we should trust them to do the driving?….I have always been big Ford guy…70 Mach 1 and 59 Edsel….but they dont need to move cart before the horse….they need some big shake ups in the quailty ,,,dept….at the Glasshouse….


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