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Electric Mustang Crossover Will Spawn A Lincoln EV Too

The forthcoming Ford Mustang-inspired electric crossover will also spawn a Lincoln EV.

Speaking to Automotive News, Ford North America president Kumar Galhotra revealed Ford Motor Company’s electric architecture will also underpin a serene new electric Lincoln model. He didn’t say when the Lincoln-branded EV might arrive, but considering that Ford has already released two teaser images of the Mustang-inspired electric crossover, it seems as though the Ford-branded EV will arrive first.

“You can make beautiful vehicles in different ways,” Galhotra told AN in an interview. “The BEV technology gives us so much freedom to sculpt that vehicle exactly how we want it. We’re going to create elegant Lincoln BEVs.”

Galhotra also said the Lincoln EV will help Ford play-up the luxury brand’s mantra of “quiet luxury.”

“It’s not so much if we’re going to be aggressive (with the rollout) or not,” he explained. “It’s how do we use all those pieces of technology to deliver on the brand essence of Lincoln, which will be understated, quiet luxury.”

The electric Mustang-inspired crossover, which may adopt the Mach E name, will be much sportier and more aggressive-looking than the Lincoln EV. It may also have more power and torque, or simply a more lively and aggressively tuned powertrain.

Ford is spending a combined $15 billion on electric and autonomous vehicles in coming years as it looks as modernize its business and adapt to a quickly changing automotive landscape. In addition to the electric Mustang crossover, the automaker recently said it would be build a fully electric F-150 pickup truck, a surprise announcement that could have been in response to competition from companies like Rivian. It had previously only disclosed plans to build a hybrid F-150.

The Mustang-inspired electric crossover could arrive by as early as next year. It could debut in early 2020 as a 2021 model year vehicle, or later in the year as a 2022 model year. The Lincoln EV should arrive shortly after.

(source: Automotive News)

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  1. Raymond Ramirez

    This is always expected. Ford has done it many time, making a “Lincoln” version of a successful Ford model. Look at the “MK” series!

  2. Ace Spades

    Plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles are extremely popular among the tech savvy Asian Americans in California. Unfortunately their wives are paying a dear price for their husbands’ obsession with BEVs, especially TESLAs. Breast cancer rates among young Asian American women living in California are the highest of this demographic group on the planet, by far. Usually it is the lowest from all ethnic groups in the USA.

    If older people did not leave California for retirement at such a high rate, the entire state would be considered a cancer cluster by now.

    I don’t always understand a lot of things, but statistics I do understand.

    Plus, I just gave a presentation on magnetic levitation using superconducting electromagnets at an international conference, so there is something I understand better than statistics…perhaps even better than the best BEV engineers….and that something is electromagnetism.

    It is disgusting how BEV engineers are justifying their human experiment with political directives. When I became an engineer, I took an oath to protect people’s lives….not to toy with them.

  3. Gary Tripoli

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    I need information on home charging that could charge any car.
    We have a short-term rental home We like to put a charging station on use it for our aviator and any other model can you help.


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