Ford Brand U.S. Sales Decrease 9.6 Percent To 209,248 Units In December 2018

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FoMoCo’s Ford brand reported 209,248 new vehicle deliveries in December 2018 in the United States, a decrease of 9.58 percent compared to December 2017.

Ford sales on an individual model basis were as follows:

In the complete 2018 calendar year, Ford sales decreased 3.31 percent to 2,393,731 units.

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Going forward, Ford sales will no longer be reported on a monthly basis, as FoMoCo switches to a quarterly sales structure. Even so, Ford Authority will continue obsessively covering quarterly sales figures.

Sales Results - December 2018 - USA - Ford

MODELDEC 2018 / DEC 2017DECEMBER 2018DECEMBER 2017YTD 2018 / YTD 2017 YTD 2018YTD 2017
C-MAX-98.87% 161,416-63.66%6,683 18,390
E-SERIES-19.48% 3,1493,911-10.07%47,936 53,304
ECOSPORT* 5,472**54,348 *
EDGE+10.78% 15,13313,660-5.95%134,122 142,603
ESCAPE-23.26% 20,14726,253-11.70%272,228 308,296
EXPEDITION+14.57% 6,2535,458+5.35%54,661 51,883
EXPLORER-22.81% 19,58625,375-4.34%227,732 238,056
F-SERIES-1.80% 87,77289,385+1.40%909,330 896,764
FIESTA+17.83% 4,3093,657+11.85%51,730 46,249
FLEX-21.21% 1,4451,834-9.29%20,308 22,389
FOCUS-67.42% 3,66111,237-28.44%113,345 158,385
FUSION-7.98% 16,05217,444-17.18%173,600 209,623
GT-88.89% 19+41.57%126 89
HEAVY TRUCKS+0.26% 1,1421,139+5.05%12,096 11,515
MUSTANG-43.06% 4,3927,714-7.36%75,842 81,866
POLICE INTERCEPTOR SEDAN+7.41% 725675-7.66%7,382 7,994
POLICE INTERCEPTOR UTILITY-15.17% 2,7073,191+2.31%33,839 33,075
TAURUS+1.14% 2,7502,719-13.65%28,706 33,242
TRANSIT-8.34% 11,34812,380+8.19%137,794 127,360
TRANSIT CONNECT-19.76% 3,1883,973-7.40%31,923 34,473
FORD TOTAL-9.58% 209,248231,430-3.31%2,393,731 2,475,556

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Written by Alex Luft

Ford Authority founder with a passion for global automotive business strategy.

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  1. Ford should not cancel its sedans, especially the Fusion, which is the best seller of the group. Without them, the U.S. market for sedans will fall completely to the imports which mostly are cheaper but at a much lesser quality. Then what will stop the imports from doing the same for the CUVs and SUVs? Of course, they are also killing Ford sales in that market!

    So, what is left for Ford if the two biggest markets are surrendered to the foreigners?

    • I agree with you Raymond. Ford’s brain trust IQ is definitely down. Someday they will be the poor partner with VW. That will doubly insure that I will not buy another Ford.

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