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2020 Ford Escape Interior Revealed In New Spy Pictures

We already knew that an all-new Ford Escape is coming for the 2020 model year. What we didn’t know is how its cabin will look until now. Our brazen spy photographer managed to capture some shots of 2020 Ford Escape interior as it was undergoing testing with minimal camouflage, thereby giving us our first look at the cabin of Ford’s upcoming crossover SUV.

The photos clearly show a cabin identical to that of the all-new Ford Focus, which (sadly) is no longer coming to the U.S. market. In fact, the entire center stack of the 2020 Ford Escape interior seems to have been lifted straight off the new Focus, along with other elements such as the gauge cluster and the dashboard elements that stretch into the passenger side of the vehicle.

Riding on the new and highly-modular Ford FWD architecture, the 2020 Ford Escape should be powered by Ford’s 1.5L EcoBoost three-cylinder engine making about 180 horsepower and 200 pound-feet of torque. The up-level engine will be the 2.0L EcoBoost four-cylinder making 260 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque will be optional. Both engines should be mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission co-developed with General Motors. Escape hybrid and plug-in hybrid models will be part of the mix.

Expect the 2020 Ford Escape to be revealed in the very near future and go on sale in the second half of the year. The vehicle will retain the Kuga name in select global markets, such as Europe and Australia. Direct rivals will include the Chevrolet Equinox, GMC Terrain, Mazda CX-5, Jeep Cherokee, Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, Nissan Rogue/Rogue Sport, Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage, Volkswagen Tiguan, Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, and others.

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  1. metfanlou

    Exact duplicate of the Toyota 2019 RAV4 interior with that cheap looking display sticking up from the dash. When I saw that on the 19 RAV4 I found a leftover 18 to buy. Look real close, it is the same as a 19 RAV4. PS: how many folks are going to knock into this thing reaching for something. A lot. By the way do you notice how it blocks vision out the front.

    1. MDM

      Yep. The “I left my IPod stuck on my dash look”. Sorry it just smacks of tacked on and not integrated.

      1. Andrew Christian

        I’ve driven in cars that had it integrated into the console and I actually prefer it sitting above the console like this.

        For me, it free’s up center console space and secondly, I don’t have to look down to interact with the screen. Because it’s at eye level, I can still pay attention to the screen while switching songs or adjusting the navigation.

        I definitely understand the aesthetic viewpoint though. I prefer the function here more than the form.

      2. Donald Hayes

        That iPod look as you call it is found on many brands. Looking at last years Kia Stinger GT, I found the infotainment center sticking up in the center of the dash. This look has been around for a while. Ford gets heat from the so called automotive experts about their dated intereriors. To satisfy those in the know. The dash layout has been completely changed. Frankly, I’m happy with my current dash and it’s layout in my 2017 Escape Titanium. But each Escape review it’s always called dated. So get use to the new placement of the infotainment center. You’ll find it in most vehicles offering a Larger information screen.

  2. Andrew Christian

    Looks like a modern, well-sorted interior that is not going to offend anyone, but won’t be winning any interior awards. I wish Ford gave these cars just a touch of the Lincoln-sauce for interior design.

    More than interior materials, hopefully the fit and finish is up to par.

  3. trailhiker

    The front looks too familiar. The profile (from the slight angle we see it) does look nice.
    I am glad they are coming out with the baby bronco as an alternative. I prefer a more trucky looking front end.

  4. gareth furlong

    I also prefer function over form and haveing the screen in line with eye is a lot safer then haveing to look down mostly for use with satnav function.
    I not sure what you would knock as all button function are below.
    Good to see ford sticking with main functions useing buttons.
    So what about flash interiors I personally like ford interiors everything is to hand and fuctional that is the most important thing to me and I have always found them well built.

  5. gareth furlong

    I not sure how this screen blocks the veiw as from the picture taken from the front it shows only little tiny shows above the top of the dash

  6. James2

    The pixelization makes it look like the Predator is driving the car. Also, I hope there’s a fake grille straddling the headlamps, otherwise it looks too fish-faced.

    1. Donald Hayes

      Pixelation is from the recorded view and possibly the camera being used. I’m sure the actual display will be fine. My 2017 Sync 3 with navigate runs and looks great. I’m guessing the resolution will be higher on the newer version. A guess regarding the grill is a similar type and look from the Edge on the finished product.

  7. medtfanlou

    I guess I am in the minority about the screen. My comment about hitting it when reaching for something to me is real. I had a job once where I was on the road about 40,000 miles a year and like a lot of guys would throw my receipts, schedule, up on the dash and gathered them up at the end of the day and filed everything. With that thing I wouldn’t do that anymore. It just spells cheap to me.

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