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Finishing A Drag Race On Two Wheels Is Cooler Than Four: Video

If you love drag racing then you’ll love this video that we stumbled upon on YouTube. Check out Frank Soldridge launching a very, very fast Ford Mustang and finishing the race on two wheels. Sure, you could use all four wheels, but that’s what everyone does! Where’s the fun in that? Soldridge manages to trap a speed of nearly 196 mph which is insane by itself, but then add in the fact that he’s on two wheels, and if you’re like us you might have to pick up your jaw from the floor. This is a drag race for the history books and we have to recognize the skill it took to keep that thing in one piece.

The driver of the Camaro in the right lane made Soldridge look good when they bogged down at the light, but Soldridge looked very good on his own. Frank, we applaud you. Soldridge ran an impressive 1/8 mile in just 4.085 seconds @ 195.03 mph. Wow. If you enjoying killing time reading YouTube comments, this is a prime time video for you. The video is over a year old, but we aren’t sick of watching, yet.

If you think that wheelies are reserved for motorbikes, you probably don’t watch enough drag racing. Wheelies aren’t unique to Mustangs, either. Check out this “New Edge” Ford Mustang speed down the drag strip on its hind wheels. It’s a standard drag race up until the point where where the newer of the two Mustangs launches, and powers through most of the quarter-mile on its rear wheels.

This probably isn’t the fastest way down the strip, but it sure looks cool. Subscribe to Ford Authority for more two-wheeling Mustang madness.

Austin is an automotive enthusiast from Buffalo, NY with a passion for speed. When Austin isn't writing about the auto industry you can find him racing go-karts, competing in time attack events, or autocrossing his 2017 Toyota 86—with a manual transmission, of course!

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