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Ford Stock Value Climbs 2% During Week Of February 18, 2019 – February 22, 2019

The value of Ford stock rose slightly during the February 18th, 2019 – February 22nd, 2019 timeframe, closing the week at $8.53 per share, which represents an increase of 2 percent or $0.18 per share compared to the opening value for the week of $8.53.

The shares experienced the following movement during the week:

  • Monday, January 18th: market closed for President’s Day holiday
  • Tuesday, January 19th: Ford stock opens the day (and the week) at $8.53 and closed at $8.83
  • Wednesday, January 20th: Ford stock opened at $8.83, and closed at $8.94
  • Thursday, January 21st: Ford Motor Company stock opened at $8.94, and fell to $8.71 at market close after almost hitting the $9 mark
  • Friday, February 22nd: opened at $8.73 and fell slightly to close at $8.71, which is $0.17 higher than last week

Overall, it wasn’t a particularly notable week for Ford shareholders, though a net positive one considering the growth in Ford stock value, however slight. By comparison, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles shares fell $0.02 this week, while the value of GM stock grew for the seventh consecutive week.

Ford Stock Values - Feb 19, 2019 - Feb 22, 2019
Date Open Close High Low
2019/2/22 8.73 8.71 8.75 8.56
2019/2/21 8.94 8.71 8.955 8.7
2019/2/20 8.83 8.94 8.98 8.82
2019/2/19 8.53 8.83 8.845 8.53

It will be interesting to see how Ford stock fairs in 2019 given the recent decisions by the automaker to optimize its business for the long-term by discontinuing all sedans and focusing on more profitable crossovers, SUVs and pickup trucks in the North American market, while at the same time beginning to invest heavily in very costly autonomous vehicles and technologies.

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  1. Donald

    Ford stock is confusing regarding it’s value. I believe the main issue for the low numbers continue to be a lack of direction. Please explain why the Only profitable area of business, North America has it’s car lineup removed? Why keep the newly redesigned Escort out of the US and throw in the towel on a car that I believe once sold close to 300,000 copies per year in the US. Dropped to 173,000 in 2018. The drop is due to maintaining the same basic design since 2014. Customers buying a new vehicle expect change and excitement. Not the same basic vehicle they owned 5 years prior. It works for the decade-old Charger with body mods because of the added performance Models. Redesign the Fusion. Use a new rear wheel drive platform while adding more passenger room and excitement to the younger buyers by adding a true performance ST model. If Ford wants to grow, increase stock values. Revamp and grow the US market. Not the Chinese market where loses are massive. I’m a big fan of Ford. My wife and I both own Ford products but when I test drove a Taurus. I discovered that big doesn’t always mean roomie. I discovered it was a old forgotten car. A nameplate that created sedan success at Ford. The same applies to the Fusion. An attractive, but dated car that’s short on passenger room. Dated Front wheel drive with Awd on the underpowered performance Sport model. Why drop the planned redesigned Fusion for the US. Why hand the competition all the sedan business? Sell the Escort in the US, especially the ST lineup. It Hits the younger market at a lower price point then the Mustang GT. Completely redesign the Fusion and add a true performance version. You can’t tell me that money can’t be made with these two cars in the US if they are new and exciting. My wife and I both ended up buying SUVs because they fit our needs better than the cars Ford offered. I know that’s what Ford wants and have tunnel vision that the SUV and trucks are the vehicles that will take Ford over the top. I love Ford and want their success, but I also enjoy affordable performance. I just test drove a Charger RT and loved it. Yes it’s dated, but FCA keeps it fun to drive offering performance both in appearance and under the hood. They sell performance. A sedan to haul the family yet put a smile on your face when you push the accelerator. After the Ford test-drives. I purchased a new Escape Titanium with all-wheel drive. My wife purchasing an Edge Sport. Just not a fan of Ford’s current vehicles excluding the Mustang which personally would never work as a daily driver. Stock prices are based on many factors and Ford needs to make cuts, but I feel dropping their car lineup in the US is a huge mistake. It reflects a lack of confidence in their designers, dealerships and the American market. Another issue is telling the consumer about new products that seem to be delayed to a point of disinterest. Where’s the Bronco? Where’s the final numbers for the GT500? Income, Profits, receivables, are obviously important for stocks prices to grow but consumer confidence with the company is also very important. So when you promise something deliver on it. And when you have a successful product don’t drop it. make it better. Remember. The US made Fords success. it appears you’re putting all your eggs in one Chinese basket. I know business functions in the global market. But the US should always be at the top of the list.


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