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The New Lincoln Aviator Kneels To Greet Its Passengers

We know that the new Lincoln Aviator is packed with heaps of state-of-the-art technologies, but the kneel-to-greet feature is one particularly worthy of our attention.

That’s because the Adaptive Suspension in the 2020 Aviator will kneel to greet its passengers – much like a kneeling bus. And it does this automatically. The kneeling feature adds a new level of sophistication to Lincoln’s signature welcome lighting embrace that makes the drive and passengers feel that much more special when approaching and entering the vehicle.

Now, there will definitely be those who might see the Aviator’s kneel-to-greet feature as a party trick, but it is so much more than that – since it allows for easier entry and exit, plus easier access for loading and unloading cargo. In an era of large CUVs and SUVs, this is definitely a welcome feature, and an advantage.

But that’s just the beginning of what the Adaptive Suspension in the new Lincoln Aviator is capable of. For instance, the full-size crossover offers several Lincoln drive modes that adjust the vehicle’s ride, handling and powertrain response characteristics to the prevailing weather conditions. The 2020 Aviator features five drive modes – Normal, Conserve, Excite, Slippery and Deep Conditions. Meanwhile, the Aviator Grand Touring includes two additional setting – Pure EV and Preserve EV – that are meant specifically for its behavior of the hybrid-electric drivetrain.

When Deep Conditions mode is selected, the new Lincoln Aviator increases the ground clearance to its highest position to deliver utmost capability. But once speeds exceed 70 mph, the ride is automatically lowered to a height optimal for efficiency and handling at higher speeds.

The new Lincoln Aviator is promising to be quite the marvel, and we can’t wait to drive it. In the

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  1. Raymond Ramirez

    This is a great and needed feature for seniors who have problems stepping into a higher clearance vehicle. Lincoln should attract the rich seniors and take away sales from the Escalade market.

  2. G. C. Matson

    Great feature, I have this on an 03 Expedition with 59,000mi, but beware of parts availability in the future. Motorcraft has had this airstrut as obsolete for some time now, on a part that is a wear item. Same for my Lincoln-no airstruts available unless you want Chinese junk which has been undependable, dropping to low rider and undriveable

  3. Juanito Ibanez

    “Kneel to Enter” is nothing new here. Both the Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator with Air Ride Suspension had this since at least 1999.

    From the 1999 Ford Expedition Owner’s Manual:


    The air suspension system is designed to improve ride, handling and
    general vehicle performance for static, on and off-road driving conditions.

    • The load leveling feature of the air suspension automatically keeps the
    vehicle at a constant level if a load is added or removed from the

    • The height adjustment feature automatically controls the vehicle
    height over a range of approximately 5 cm (2 inches) based on vehicle
    speed, ignition position and selection of two or four-wheel drive

    • The air suspension automatically puts the vehicle at its lowest height
    when ignition if OFF to provide easy entry and exit. When ever a door
    is opened (including the liftgate) the system memorizes and maintains
    the height of the vehicle until all doors are closed or until vehicle
    exceeds 16km/h (10mph).

    • The air suspension system raises the vehicle to its normal ride
    position when the ignition is turned on, all doors are closed and the
    transmission is shifted into gear.

  4. Gary Sievers

    Unfortunately, the 2022 Aviator does not lower itself when a passenger door is opened. The only way I have found to lower the car for a passenger entry is to turn off the car, exit the vehicle, lock the car with the fob, then unlock it again, with the fob. Then, the car will lower and you and your passenger(s) can get in. Not very convenient for picking up passengers at the curb

  5. Harry Fox

    The Lincoln Aviator is the best car we have ever owned and that includes several 5 series BMW s


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