Ford Authority Will Make It Easier To Shop For A Used Ford

Shopping for a used car can be frustrating if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for. Shopping for a used car can be even more frustrating if you know exactly what you are looking for, but can’t find it. That’s where two young Ford engineers come in with a website called Ford says that the platform is designed to make it easier for Detroit-area customers to shop for used Ford vehicles.

The website will allow shoppers to search through the inventories of six Metro Detroit dealerships to find specific features that are otherwise difficult to pinpoint on other used car websites. Narrowing search criteria can be challenging on third-party car shopping websites, so Ford hopes that this will be the solution for customers looking for their perfect used car, truck, or SUV.

Find Your Ford was developed to simplify modern auto retailing, says Ford, and it will also help customers build relationships with dealerships to improve the post-sale ownership experience. Once a potential customer finds the vehicle that they’re interested in, they will be able to schedule an appointment at the dealership – all without leaving the website.

Ford is working with dealerships that are trusted members of the Ford network, ensuring that representatives will take the time to show the customer the desired vehicle, arrange a test drive, and (hopefully) complete the purchase.

The idea for came to be when Arnold Kadiu began working at Ford last year. Kadiu, a 25-year-old structures engineer, knew exactly what kind of used truck he was looking for: A long-bed, crew-cab F-150 with two-wheel drive and adaptive cruise control. The problem? He couldn’t find one. Kadiu and Ford hope that this new platform will prevent the same thing from happening to other potential customers.

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  1. Joseph A Linzner

    Since prices are skyrocketing the normal family is finding it difficult to afford new cars, it makes sense to invest in selling used cars. I just wonder how quickly Ford will morph into selling used cars from other makes. Thus making Ford a one stop vehicle shop. TIC.


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