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Ford Bronco Mule Spied Testing, Masking Suspension Design

The new, highly-anticipated Ford Bronco is on the way, and today we have for you a detailed look at an early mule for the future off-roader.

This Ford Bronco mule seems to be using the SuperCab from the Ford Ranger, while having a placeholder rear end that consists of a very short bed wearing a cap. Don’t mind the funny-looking proportions: since this is an early developmental prototype, everything above the wheels will look substantially different on the production model.

However, do mind the general proportions, such as the short wheelbase and short the front/rear overhangs; we’re told that these general proportions will carry almost exactly to the production Bronco.

Engineers have gone to great lengths to disguise the rear suspension of this Ford Bronco mule, using hanging bristles to hide what’s lurking underneath. Though our spies managed to get a new perspective on the rear suspension design, it’s still too early to tell what kind of suspenders the new Ford Bronco will use.

Expect the new Ford Bronco as a 2020 or 2021 model year vehicle launching in late 2020. The vehicle will fight the Jeep Wrangler and, to a certain extent, the Toyota 4Runner in the dedicated off-road SUV space.

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  1. Charles

    I guess they screwed up again. I have been putting off buying a new car waiting for the Broncos. I guess I dont have to wait any longer. What an odd looking vehicle.

    1. Micks

      Did you not read the article, this is an early test mule. Everything above the wheels will change. The only thing that wont is the wheelbase and the front a rear overhangs.

    2. John

      If you’re really that ignorant (thinking this is in anyway a good representation of what the Bronco will look like, other than wheelbase and overhang sizes), then go ahead and buy the Toyota you already planned on.

      1. Charles

        John I was talking about the overhangs and size.I have owned several Broncos over the years and this isn’t a Broncos. It’s just a bronco by name . I guess your a genius on at home ,this isn’t home genius. I am guessing you are psychic I never mentioned Toyota. I would buy an Expedition instead of a Bronco. Your imagination is comparable to AOC . I guess if you said it, it must be true .

        1. Karl Henry

          I would have been nice if you actually read the article Charles! Ford has said that the Bronco will come with two and four doors..

  2. Paul

    Interesting anyway.

  3. AP

    Pay some respect to the driver and blur out their faces next time.


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