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New 2021 Ford E-Series Chassis Cab Debuts

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This week, the glitzy 2019 Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland has attracted the attention of the world’s automotive media. Everything from cute new electric city cars to high-priced hypercars and just about everything in between is being shown in Geneva, but there’s a lesser known and potentially more important automotive industry trade show going on this week as well: The Work Truck Show in Indianapolis.

Sure, The Work Truck Show might be an international media event, but the trucks shown at the annual industry trade show are the types of vehicles that help keep America moving forward. Life as we know it would stop dead in its tracks if it weren’t for the work trucks and vans, construction equipment, dump trucks and all the other machinery at The Work Truck Show.

Ford used the show to debut its new E-Series van chassis cab. In a short release, Ford said the 2019 E-Series chassis cab gets “an updated interior features a refreshed instrument panel including new cluster, steering wheel and standard AM/FM stereo radio with Bluetooth functionality and USB ports,” along with a new upfitter interface module for “a more seamless experience with installed equipment.”

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Ford’s new 7.3-liter pushrod V8 engine, which is found in the line of Ford F-Series Super Duty trucks, is also available in the new E-Series. Ford hasn’t said what the 7.3-liter engine will be rated at, nor what transmission it will be paired with in the van. The automaker also promises a best-in-class maximum GVWR of 14,500 pounds, saying this “lets E-Series carry the heaviest van upfits or RV chassis.”

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It’s not clear when the 2021 Ford E-Series will be available, but the 2020 Ford F-600 Super Duty can be ordered in early 2020, with sales and deliveries beginning in mid 2020.

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Written by Sam McEachern

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  1. That new V8 I’m sure will be good but the V10 was a long time tried and true so we’ll see.
    You’d think they would be able to fit the 3.0L V6 diesel in the E SERIES as an alternative.
    The E-SERIES is going to be around for at least 5 years or more so why they never engineered a diesel option who know but it would make sense.

  2. Discontinuing the 6.0L diesel option was the best decision Ford Motor Company has ever made for this model. Not only was that engine a monumental disaster for both the F-Series and E-Series when it was available, it has no longer been compliant with emission standards from 2011 onward.

  3. That’s very true but that’s still no reason not to put another one in as an option.
    Perhaps that new 3.0 V6 would be an ideal option.
    BTW, why are they not using that one in the TRANSIT instead of that 2.0 turbo 4?
    As for the E SERIES, do you buy the idea of the 6.7 POWER STROKE won’t fit in that engine compartment?
    The old 300 6 fit so why not another V8?

  4. Well, seeing as Nissan just dropped the Titan XD diesel, I am sure Cummins would LOVE to offer their 5.0L V8 diesel in E-Series…

  5. FORD prefers to build their own diesel engines but that would have been a nice idea.
    It’s academic since CUMMINS is discontinuing the ISV 5.0L V8 anyway. BLUEBIRD offered it in their VISION school bus for a short time and now if you visit their website, the CUMMINS ISB 6.7L 6 is the sole diesel now.
    I still don’t understand why FORD didn’t want to put the 6.7L POWERSTROKE in the E SERIES since it appears that they are going to build it for several more years. If the V10 fit, why not the V8 diesel?

  6. I remember reading somewhere that the newest clean diesels make too much heat to cool them in the design of the e-series. What I don’t remember is where I read it, or who wrote it. So not sure if that’s the reason but it could be.

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