New Ford Bronco Delayed To A 2021 Model Year Release

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Rumors had been swirling for years that Ford would reintroduce the Bronco. Once the Dearborn-based automaker confirmed plans to bring a new Bronco to market, we heard that the vehicle was planned to be released in 2020. But now, the launch has been pushed back, and the new Ford Bronco has been delayed to a 2021 model year release, with production now scheduled to commence in late 2020.

Why The Delay?

Based on information from sources familiar with the matter, the original design of the new Ford Bronco fared poorly in consumer clinics. That, in turn, caused project managers to commission a redesign of the front fascia.

As designers worked on an updated front end, the design freeze was pushed back by three months, causing the start of production to be delayed until the 2021 model year.

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What We Know So Far

Here are some of the things we know so far about the new Ford Bronco:

  • It will share the Ford T6 platform with the Ford Ranger, which returned to the American market for the 2019 model year.
  • It will be built alongside the new Ranger at the Ford Wayne plant in Michigan
  • The famous bucking bronco logo will return on the new Ford Bronco.
  • It will be one of a group of five utilities that Ford will be adding to its lineup.
  • 1996 was the last year a Ford Bronco was built and it was based on the same basic chassis as Ford’s F-150 pickup truck.

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What We Don’t Know

Here’s what we are still wondering about when it comes to the new Ford Bronco:

  • Will it offer both a two-door and four-door version, or will it only be available with four doors?
  • Will Ford Performance offer an off-road edition of the new Bronco, perhaps a Bronco Raptor?
  • What will be under the hood?

There’s still a lot of unknowns when it comes to the new Ford Bronco, but one thing’s for sure: we likely won’t see the Bronco hit the market until late in the 2020 calendar year as a 2021 model.

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Written by Alex Luft

Ford Authority founder with a passion for global automotive business strategy.

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  1. Nothing good can come from what’s under that cover. It looks horrible. Broncos are supposed to be squared off, not look like a Toyota RAV 4, or a Chevy Equinox.

    • Do you even know what the first generation Bronco looked like? It is almost the exact same profile. The wheel wells are rounded on the new Bronco, but otherwise it is almost a carbon copy.

      • “almost a carbon copy”, “almost the exact same profile” “the wheel wells are rounded but….”
        My comment stands, yours just fell apart.

        • Negative, my argument is logically better than yours. You compared the “undercover” photo to a RAV4 and Equinox. It resembles neither of those vehicles, period. The front hood and fenders resemble the original Bronco exactly. The angle of the windshield is the same. The roof-line from front to back is the same. I don’t know what you are comparing this to but it sure is not the first generation Bronco. The only major difference from that “undercover” photo is the rounded wheel wells.

        • For the record. I am referring to the official photo Ford released about a year or so ago as the “undercover” photo which can be seen in other articles on this site (it shows the Bronco with an actual cover over it). I just realized you are talking about the test mule. Two completely different bodies. The Bronco will not look like what is pictured above. That is just a Ranger on the Bronco frame, nothing more.

  2. “almost a carbon copy”, “almost the exact same profile” “the wheel wells are rounded but….”
    My comment stands, yours just fell apart.

    • This is obviously a Ranger bodied mutant mule. The final design will not look like the camo mule in the article.

      • This is a test mule. It’s clearly a hacked up ranger sitting on a modified frame and suspension that will underpin the vehicle you thick skulled twizzat.

        • Like I said dimwit, nothing good will come from under that cover, it…looks….like ….sh*t.
          I didn’t say anything about the mechanics.

          • You are not understanding the key concept that this is merely a test mule and not the actual design of the new Bronco. Just stop commenting on this before you make an even bigger ass of yourself.

  3. That’s not the bronco in the above photo…..why these auto pages and websites are saying this is a spy shot of the new bronco tells me they either too young to realize what a retro design is or didn’t pay attention to the “baby bronco” reveal photos. It will be a modern version of the body style first released in 1966

    • It is a test mule for the new Bronco. So it does have Bronco components they are testing. The body is a mule, but not the components.

  4. So you agree with my original comment ” nothing good can come from under that cover”.
    If the Bronco LOOKS like that turd, it’s no good.
    Thanks for agreeing with me, remember, being dense is better than being an airhead, or an asshat.

    • Here’s the thing there Edward. What is pictured above is not what the Bronco will look like and if you did any searching on the rest of you would know that. I mentioned above we were discussing different pictures, which is absolutely the case. You are talking about what is pictured in this article while I am talking about a picture of the actual new generation Bronco under an actual cover (hence the mixup with your original comments). The vehicle above is simply a test mule, not the actual design. You can see Ford has done this in the past (see the new generation Expedition test mule that was a hacked up F-150). Also, you lose credibility when you start attacking the person arguing against you versus the argument itself. Try to be civil behind that keyboard.

      • Jake,
        You seem really slow, but I understand some people are like that.
        I stated in my original comment that my preference was that I didn’t like what was “under the cover”.
        Your response was:
        “almost a carbon copy”, “almost the exact same profile” “the wheel wells are rounded but….”
        You’re all over the place dude.
        I’m talking about this article, this picture, and MY preference.
        The hilarity ensued when you said it looked like the original.
        I know you tried to clarify your error with a follow up comment, and I understand that.
        But to act like you don’t get what my original comment meant is dishonest or an indicator of your intelligence.
        I’ll let you choose which.

        • I have not been all over the place. I have stated the same thing with each comment in reference to what I was talking about versus what you were talking about. It is not my fault you don’t know about other official photos Ford has released. My arguments have been logical throughout. You changed to ad hominem arguments which speaks to your level of intelligence. Next time just try to understand there was miscommunication and move on versus doing what you did.

          • Jake says: “It is not my fault you don’t know about other official photos Ford has released..”

            –Thanks for making my point, you are all over the place.

            My comment, once again, was about this article, these photos, and MY opinion.
            You are a petulant little sh*t aren’t you…

            • Edward you nimrod! Jake is absolutely correct,the mentioned picture above is aTEST MULE and not an indication of the FINAL DESIGN! All Ford is doing here is testing underneath components. Got it now Einstein?

              • “Maestro” (Jake),
                Please stop.
                You’re embarrassing yourself at this point.
                ANY reader can understand my original comment, and ANY reader knows your original response was laughable. “It’s the same, just different ” lol.
                Give it up brother, using a different name doesn’t help your cause.

                • That actually wasn’t me. I would never use a different name, just so you know. I should have stopped commenting after you originally mocked my intelligence when I clearly pointed out we were not talking about the same picture. And for that I apologize to myself. I should never have engaged in an argument that involved someone with little ability to argue a point and instead resort to belittling me in order to make himself feel superior. Have a great life. I hope you enjoy the Bronco when it is unveiled as I know I will!

  5. The article above is painfully misleading and uninformed. This is somewhat misinformation as this is not why the Bronco is a 2021 model now. It was always MY2021!

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